The Many Talents of Model and Fighter Jessica Lewis: Superwoman Behind the Shipibo Market

Many at times we come across personalities so diverse and versatile, who see the world through a different lens. They are so passionate and driven that nothing that comes their way can overwhelm them. One such woman is Jessica Lewis from London, who has learnt to live life differently. Where there are people stepping out of their comfort zones only to make their ends meet, build up a career and make money, she has chosen a different course in life. She has the looks of a model, strength of a boxer, iron will power of a fighter and heart of gold. She started off her career as a model but has embarked on a completely different journey today as a healer and supporter of the ones who need support. She is currently the owner of

The Shipibo Market, which empowers the craftsmen of indigenous societies in South America, helping them prosper.

Jessica Lewis is a woman of many talents and there is good enough evidence to validate this fact. She started off modelling in the UK as a young woman and gained a lot of appreciation during her career as a model. Travelling across the world helped her explore her choices better and made her feel she could do so much more for the community. Being always passionate about fundraising and community work, she entered the boxing field to raise money for the ‘holiday of a lifetime’ for less privileged kids of a children’s home. She trained to fight along with the other boxers and the final event was a complete sell-out. She won her fight and the children won their first ever holiday to African Safari. After this, her boxing career kick started and she had shows as a presenter all over the UK. She interviewed Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and a lot of other boxing champions. She then trained for the cage, and had two successful fights. Along with this she also achieved victories in her majority of fights. 

Like all good things that come to an end unfortunately, her boxing career was short-lived after the guy she was dating, Michael Norgrove died after a boxing match, Jessica fought two weeks later for the final time. She continued with the cage and was sponsored by Gracie barra for Brazialian Jiu Jitsu, but then was forced to quit a year later when she developed arthritis and was restricted from fighting. While suffering from this emotional blow, she was introduced to Shamanism and the healing powers of meditation. From experiencing the glamour of modelling, to the thrill of the boxing field she was amazed to discover the newly found peace and tranquility she experienced from Shamanism. She rediscovered herself and adopted meditation as a lifestyle and promised herself to help people heal the way she did. 

Today Jessica Lewis is a well known Shamanic Practitioner in the UK, helping people heal and also owns her own shamanic shop, The Shipibo Market. When inquired about the philosophy behind the business and how it stands out from the rest, she summed it perfectly. “ My business takes into consideration the people who are making the items. The goal is to provide them work and a decent income”.