Falesha Raquel Shares Her Success Story behind Her Variety of Businesses

Falesha Raquel is a successful and multi-talented businesswoman. She has been efficiently running her business for more than a decade now. Apart from being a well-reputed businesswoman, she is also an internationally recognized belly dancer, entertainer, licensed real estate broker, home builder, and writer.

Falesha attributes her success to various factors including her strong mindset, determination, and perseverance. The life of a serial entrepreneur is not easy, as Falesha puts it. “You don’t have to be an expert in a particular field to become a serial entrepreneur. The idea of owning a multitude of businesses can sound appealing, but studies and business performance over time suggest that serial entrepreneurs have both strengths and weaknesses.”


Falesha explains why she decided to become a serial entrepreneur and the benefits she enjoys. Apart from the possibility of increasing earnings with several ventures, there is also the possibility of serving a much wider market or serving several markets at the same time. As a result, business opportunities are expected to be even greater in the future.

However, Falesha encountered several obstacles when she decided to become involved in different business niches. She started her dance career at the young age of 15 when she founded her dancing company, Diva Diverse, at the young age of 15. Over the years, she specialized in real estate and became a real estate broker and builder.

In fact, she’s one of the few women in North America who fully own a construction company. The company, Falesha Homes, is quite well known. Along with being a licensed broker with RE/MAX Metropolis, she also authored a book called “Her Vision,” which was an Amazon Best Seller.

Moreover, Falesha launched the makeup line “FR BEAUTY” in 2019. In light of her extensive business and coaching experience, her mission is to provide women with the skills they need to succeed in any field.

Thousands of American and Canadian women, especially women of color, have been inspired by Falesha’s perseverance and hard work. Falesha has gained recognition within the industry and is highly respected.


Falesha has a number of business ventures under her belt. Falesha’s businesses are just as versatile as her, like Falesha Homes, which provides everything from permits, architectural drawings, construction, design, financing, and the sale or purchase of the property on the construction site. This is similar to her Dance Company, which offers all kinds of dance styles.

The variety of industries Falesha works in keeps her engaged and fuels her passion.