The Best Podcast Listening Apps in 2022

Listening to podcasts has become something normal. Even though the younger segment of the population listens to podcasts more, it has been noticed an increase in users during the last two years. It might be the pandemic that made people search for new ways to entertain themselves. Or it might be the need of people to find out more about specific topics.

Listening to a podcast is like listening to the radio, only you have full control over what to listen to. While on the radio might be news or discussions on topics you do not like, when it comes to podcasts, things are pretty different. There are podcasts on many topics and of different genres. For example, there are podcasts where historical subjects are discussed.

There are podcasts about psychology, politics, lifestyle, health, and many more. So, there are plenty of choices. But because there are many podcasts, there are many podcast apps too. Finding your favorite podcast app

can be a challenge, but exploring different options will lead you to the perfect one for you. Here are the best podcast listening apps in 2022.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts is one of the best podcast listening apps. However, you should know that it is available only to iOS users. Even though access to the app is restricted for Android users, you can connect Alexa to your Apple Podcasts app or vice versa. And thus find your favorite podcast with only a voice command.

Apple Podcasts gives users free access to millions of podcasts. And many of them are exclusive podcasts that are available only on this app. It comes with a lot of nice features users are looking after. For example, you can browse and search podcasts by topics, but also by user’s reviews. You get notifications when a new episode of your favorite podcasts is out. And you can ask Siri to recommend you one.

Google Podcast

Google Podcast is available to both Android and iOS users. On top of this, many of the shows you find on Apple Podcasts, you will find here too. However, it is important to know that there are some differences between these two apps. But both of them are worthy of this top.

On Google Podcast, you can discover some of the best shows. Do not worry if you forget to add to favorites or like some episodes. You can easily discover them in the listening history section. Maybe one of the best features is that you can add podcasts that are not on the platform. All you need is to copy-paste the RSS of the podcast and then you will enjoy it on the app.


Spotify is a popular choice for many people. It is available on all operating systems. So, you can have Spotify on your mobile, laptop, and web browser. They have two submission options: free and premium. Of course, the free version is full of ads and some features are missing. There is the premium version you need to pay for. But Spotify has a nice proposal. You can sign up for a family plan and share the costs with up to 6 members. Then, ads will be gone at no price.

You can find on Spotify many podcasts to listen to. The best thing is that you can easily switch between listening to music to podcasts and vice versa. There are over 2 million podcasts to choose from on this app.


Even though Audible is mostly known as the app for audiobooks, they have recently entered the market of podcasts. So, if you want to listen to incredible discussions, you can use Audible. The number of podcasts available is still small, compared with one of the other apps.

You can choose from about 100,000 podcasts available. However, many of them can be exclusively found on Audible. They also have more plans you can choose from: free, plus, and premium plus. The best thing about this app is that it has a sleep timer. so, if you love listening to podcasts before going to sleep, you can set a timer.

Ending Note

Technology is changing and evolving and it creates the environment for new apps to appear. Podcasts are surging in popularity and more and more people decide to listen to them. Podcasts can inspire you, can give you food for thought, and they can challenge your beliefs. There are a lot of genres and topics podcasts approach, so you have plenty of opportunities.