30 Best Business Podcasts You Have To Subscribe Right Now

Read along about the 25 of the best business podcasts you can find and listen to. Find out about the different kinds of business podcasts there are available for small business owners to listen and get inspired from. Listen to different entrepreneurs, professionals and artisans of the world describe what they do and how they made it to where they are today. Find out about all the success stories of all the different podcast hosts and their businesses.

Podcasts are a form of entertainment and getting information on a respective topic. Podcasts have become a very common and easy way to get information about several different topics and get to know people around one’s community. There are many different types of podcasts which run on different formats, but all of them have one thing in common, that is, that they disseminate information along with providing episode-like entertainment to its listeners.

Podcasts also depend on the podcasts host, who chooses the topic of their choice to talk about on their podcasts. These podcasts hosts sometimes invite people from relevant groups or industries to talk about the selected topics. This helps the podcasts gain more followers and relevance in the society. Read along to find out more about podcasts in the business world.

What is a podcast?

The proper definition for a podcast is a program which is created on a digital platform for the public to listen to or watch on the internet. It is an efficient way of disseminating information or to use as a medium for promotion and business. It is widely used and listened to because mostly it is free for anyone who has an internet connection. There are many uses of podcasts which are being used by businessmen and women of today to talk about their business activities.

Business podcasts has become a more popular subdivision of the digital phenomena and has been able to cater to many gaps in the digital market for information. Many prominent business men and women have started making podcasts to attract customers to their brand or promote their goods and services. They also talk about their success and failures to inspire the new generation of entrepreneurs and to empower them with their stories.


  • Days of long press conferences are long past because now with just minimum effort business owners can record a podcast or do live podcasts and release information about their business, or announce any upcoming events for the business.
  • It is very convenient for the listener to listen to your podcasts anywhere at any time. The listener can listen to it while jogging or doing some other work.
  • It is easier to send out a podcast rather than inviting everyone to gather around and then letting them know the information.
  • Making a podcast is not very difficult and anyone can make it if they have a recording device, computer and a stable internet. It is easy to make and easy to distribute.
  • It is simpler and easier to get your message out into the world. With good communication skills you can explain your tasks and announcements with much rigor and enthusiasm that will leave a good impression on anyone that hears it.
  • You can have a better connection with the audience since they will be able to understand you with the tone of your voice.
  • Talking about your own business or brand with passion and enthusiasm will generate more loyal customers for your brand and will also increase the brand awareness as consumers will feel connected to you and your brand.


  • There are many people in the world who might not have a stable internet connection which will make it very hard for business owners to reach them with the podcasts. The video podcasts would be even more difficult to get through to people with less internet accessibility because of the large nature of the file and slow internet connections.
  • Another huge drawback is that you can lose control of your own material and content because of over sharing of podcasts. Podcasts can be easily shared with anyone and can be copied. If a business owner is sharing some confidential information which should not be known by anyone outside the company, podcasts wouldn’t be a good choice for communication.

Why do business owners make podcasts?

There are many reasons for making podcasts, the main one being that podcasts are a very easy and convenient way of communicating and spreading information. It is also very cost effective since most platforms are free and can be used as a marketing strategy for your business or brand.

Spread information

For any business to acquire consumers, the first thing to do is spread information about itself and its products to the common people. This is called targeting the markets and people prefer using podcasts since it is the most used platform in the market. It would be very wise to use it to spread your business information to increase brand awareness.

Knowledge accumulation

Reaching the target market and being able to collect their feedback on certain products or services of your business is very important. Publishing podcasts build the road for the exchange between the business and its target market. It is very valuable for a business to be able to access the raw feedback they receive for their products or service.

This way the business can collect the data and work on it by improving the brand or the product to be more accessible or useful to the target market and in turn increase the chances of greater sales and brand loyalty. This could be used as a marketing strategy for brand awareness and sales.

To become relevant and relatable

With the age of growing social media and technological advances there isn’t a lot of time for people to read books or attend lectures. This is where the podcasts become relevant because of their easy access and usage. People can listen to them on the go while doing their tasks and most of the people and listeners actually enjoy them because of the fresh and fun attitude of the podcast hosts.

Podcasts hosts maintain a friendly and easy going attitude and that makes them relatable for the listeners. These podcast hosts are also entrepreneurs and start up businessmen who have had experience in starting a new business from the scratch. All this makes them more relatable and relevant for the listeners as they can learn from their experience.

Marketing and promotion

Some podcasts hosts use this platform to promote their brand or business and disseminate information about their business to the world. This is a very cost effective and efficient way of letting people all around you know about the brand and the business. Many influencers and community leaders use this method for promoting themselves.

Influencers who have brand deals and sponsored content also use their podcasts to market and promote the brands that are sponsoring them. Community leaders use these podcasts to influence their society and spread awareness for the causes they support.

Penetrate new markets and find gaps in the markets

Having all that information out in the markets will lead to new markets being created and they will be very easily penetrated by businessmen and create opportunity for people with existing business too. Making and listening to podcasts was also a new market at a time, and it created so many opportunities for different people from different fields. Business podcasts create markets for business men and entrepreneurs to get to know each other and fill in the gaps in the markets.

Different types of podcasts

There are many different types of podcasts used by different podcasts hosts. There are as many types of podcasts as there are influencers and community leaders. Everyone and every person has their own styles and format that they like to stick to. However, there are a few commonly used formats and methods hosts use to convey their message with utmost authority and finesse.

Interview podcasts

This is when the podcast host invites other people or businessmen in this case, and interviews them. The invitees are questioned about their businesses and their work and how they have changed their model and how far it has been successful. Most entrepreneurs are invited to speak and tell the world about their business through these types of podcasts.

Conversational podcasts

These podcasts have a conversational format where two or more people sit down in a panel to discuss and convene about the topic of the podcast. There could be two hosts or multiple guests in this format and the conversation can either be on a formal topic or an informal one. This is the most widely used format for video podcasts.

Monologue podcasts

This type of podcast is where one person speaks for the entirety of the podcast or the episode. These podcasts are more stable in their topic choices and content since the person talking is an expert in the topic he or she is speaking about. These are very efficient podcasts since they are full of expert opinion and short in nature.

Story-telling and investigative podcasts

This is the most immersive and interesting podcast format in which two or more podcast hosts tell a story in an episodic format. These formats are most popular for video podcasts for youtube where a couple of friends or influencers investigate a past event to spread awareness about it or discover any new aspect to that event.

These podcasts took youtube by storm and many viewers prefer this format since it gets really into the nooks and crannies of the topic. This is best for documentary style podcasts but if the hosts are trying to tell a story of fiction or which is not based on real events, the research for it must be very extensive.

Round table podcasts

These podcasts have a number of hosts who take turns to talk about various topics which they have expertise in and experience in. They go one to explain and talk about all there is to talke and even sometimes discuss it within themselves to make the podcast interesting. This is usually done under the name of the podcasts rather than under the name of the influencer or the podcast host.

The best reason to do these types of podcasts is that there is no full responsibility on one person. It is divided equally among the hosts to share and build a friendly community. There is one drawback that the long standing jokes and friendship might not feel welcoming to new listeners as they wouldn’t know the inside meaning of things.

Theatrical podcasts

This is the most creative way to create a podcast. This format can involve theatrical voice artists and sound team or it can be more of a storytelling format. Anyway, this is the most fantastical and creative way to send or promote a message or a brand. This requires a great level of creativity and can be a very immersive experience for the listeners.

Transforming Print and TV Content into Engaging Podcasts

Repurposing content from print and TV into podcasts offers a dynamic way to connect with existing audiences. Podcast hosts can leverage existing research and content to tap into established listener bases.

However, navigating this approach requires finesse. Existing fans may scrutinize the podcast’s authenticity and tire of repeated material. Hosts must balance content reuse with fresh insights to maintain audience engagement and credibility.

Repurposed content podcasts serve as an informative bridge to reach broader audiences, but careful curation and innovation are key to sustaining interest.

Hybrid podcasts

Mixing and matching different styles and podcasts format to make up your own style and find your distinct format is what having a hybrid podcast means. Hybrid podcasts, just like the word, mean that it is a mixture of the aforementioned types of podcasts. Hosts use this to make up their own styles and perform for the audience to keep the interest high.

This opens the door for the podcasts host to be more creative and give them the freedom to think and create. This may take a downward spiral when the audience might get confused as to what the actual format of the show is. It might be confusing because of the ever changing format of the podcast.

Different types of business podcasts

Marketing and social

Businesses have to use different media mediums to prompt and place their product or brand in the market. The best way to penetrate the market or even create a new market is to spread awareness for the product or the brand. This task requires a new age technique to get to the target audience and be able to disseminate information about the company and the brand so that it will help increase the demand for the brand or the products.

Podcasts host introduces the business and does marketing for them and creates a social platform for the business to showcase their services. This can also be done by the business themselves but using an already popular podcast host would make it easier for them to get to the target market.

Business promotion

Many influencers dive into making podcasts to introduce their businesses and products that they endorse. This brings in brand deals and promotions which benefit them immensely. Influencers also use podcasts to prompt other businesses which sponsor or support them, this can be also said about some not-for-profit organizations which partner up with these influencers to increase the awareness for their cause.

Strategy management podcasts

Different business people coming together to talk about and spread information about different technical things and strategies they applied and what became successful and what not. This is critical information and can be used for inter-department communication or disseminating the information publicly.

This can be done in accordance with the strategy of the business and the objective the business wants to achieve. There can be many advantages for this and can help the business gain demand for their products and services. It can also help them increase their profits and help them achieve a good brand image in the market.


Usually business owners try to inspire other small businesses to become successful and motivate them by different strategies and plans for their own business and experience. This is done by huge companies who try to help and support the new and small entrepreneurs in the community. This has increased a lot after the pandemic and many big businesses are opting for this kind of podcasts.

This spreads information about the business and improves the brand image and the company image. This may also increase the demand for the product or services as the consumer would think that it indirectly supports small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Business men and women come together to share information in the business world and discuss important business events happening in the world and how it might affect their business or industry. This is a very common format, earlier used on TV programs to talk about news and business matters. Now with the change in routines and technology these TV shows have changed into podcasts since people don’t have time to sit in front of the TV, but can listen to a podcast anytime and anywhere they want.

Best business podcasts

  1. Entrepreneurs on fire by John Lee Dumas
  2. The goal digger by Jenna Kutcher
  3. The Tim Ferris show by Tim Ferris
  4. The $100 MBA show
  5. The BizChix podcasts by Natalie Eckdahl
  6. Masters of scale
  7. Online marketing made easy by Amy Porterfield
  8. The indicator from planet money
  9. The mind your business podcasts by James Wedmore
  10. Brown Ambition
  11. TED Business
  12. This week in startups by Jason Calacanis and Molly Wood
  13. We Study Billionaires – The Investor’s Podcast Network by Stig Brodersen and Trey Lockerbie
  14. The smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn
  15. The RISE podcast
  16. Business casual by Nora Ali
  17. My first million
  18. Side hustle school
  19. Youpreneur: The Profitable Personal Brand Expert Business by Chris Ducker
  20. Outside In with Charles Trevail
  21. As told by nomads
  22. Nerd marketing ecommerce podcast
  23. RISE AND GRIND with Daymond John
  24. The Brainy Business, Understanding the Psychology of Why People Buy, Behavioral Economics
  25. The Creative Empire™ Podcast
  26. Startup Stories – Mixergy
  27. The Jason & Scot Show – E-Commerce And Retail News
  28. Creative Rebels – The Podcast for Creatives
  29. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
  30. The Best Business Podcast With Daryl Urbanski

Are podcasts important?

Spreading information and having access to it anytime and anywhere is very important in a fast paced world like ours. With information technology on the rise and new things being introduced everyday it is highly important for everyone to stay updated on what is new and what is obsolete. With everyone on very busy schedules and routines it is impossible for people to sit and watch TV programs on the television.

This is why podcasts are an efficient way of disseminating information and letting everyone know what is in and what is out of the market. This method can help people, communities and even businesses to flourish and promote their brands and products. This is why podcasts are very important and have become undeniably an essential part of business planning and strategies.


To thrive, businesses and individuals must adapt to evolving technology and societal changes. This ensures they stay connected with markets and consumers, offering tailored products and services. Utilizing mainstream podcasts for promotion can boost product demand and uncover new market opportunities.

Technology continually transforms how information is accessed and shared, demanding businesses to stay current. Embracing trends like podcasts is crucial for businesses to remain relevant and responsive to market dynamics.

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