Meet the Talented and Inspiring Nhut Cao


I came. I saw. I conquered.

The ancient Latin quote of celebrated statesman Julius Caesar was coined about 2000 years ago but is still applicable to the lives of many individuals who share the zeal and zest of Caesar. Life is a constant race and throughout history, a few people have had the power to emerge, fight their battles and conquer their dreams. Nhut Cao is one such man, who might not have conquered vast regions of a foreign land, but has been able to achieve his dreams in a foreign land and make a name for himself.


Born and raised in Vietnam, Nhut has seen the bleak side of life. He came to the USA 7 years ago and had nothing to his name. He didn’t even know English properly. All he had was a fire burning deep inside him, telling him to achieve something in life. He was academically sound and was a student of pure sciences with a knack for STEM. He was among the first international students to receive a STEM scholarship during college. 

Despite being extremely smart and earning a scholarship, he desperately needed to work for his tuition fees. After trying his luck with different odd jobs, he began reselling garage sale items locally which for the first time introduced him to eCommerce. Initially, he was skeptical of the potential of eCommerce but within two years of working on different projects, he was able to create his own business. With his determination and willpower, he was able to turn the period of pandemic into a period of blessing for himself. His product hunting skill was tested during the time when all businesses were affected by the pandemic. The decision of the product to be sold was the one that led him to astounding heights of success.


Today, Nhut Cao is not just a 7 figures amazon seller but also is the owner of  2 eCommerce companies. He is also an Amazon FBA Mentor who is working tirelessly to help individuals learn the art and science of a successful amazon business. He believes in giving back to society and mentoring and inspiring youngsters is one way he is doing just about that.

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