Meet Reco Jefferson, A Top Ecommerce Mentor

Reco is an iconic figure who started a business with only $3.67 having been honourably discharged from active Air Force duty. He has previously graduated from Penn State and began working as a software engineer, building up his skillset. Starting his business with what people call a humble beginning, Reco managed to grow to a 7-figure ecommerce company gradually. He now teaches more than 700 students how to dropship on Amazon.


The Heroic Story behind His Entrepreneurial Journey

In a recent interview, Reco tells us how the ‘make money online’

is full of people flashing their newfound riches around. Unlike them, Reco, the esteemed online entrepreneur, ensures that he does not hide from his students on how work hard to acquire all the beautiful things he has. He ensures that he comes out clear and mentions the real numbers behind everything that he does. This enhances the understanding of the people so that they can be more expectant but also realistic.

Delivering Value

Reco had always admired being the founder and CEO of a big company. However, all odds were against him. He gathered his wits and bits then decided to start an ecommerce business. He did not start it with majestic capital like most of the companies out there. His situation was among the few who starts businesses with little capital – $3.67. However, he did not allow the size of the capital to determine the growth of the ecommerce empire.


Building Long-Lasting Relationships

Fast forward, Reco is now running an ecommerce empire and also helping people to make 6 to 7-figures in their income. He has an Amazon automation service that allows people to generate passive income. He runs the Amazon seller account for his clients, and they collect the profits. Additionally, he has a course that he h as developed based on his experience in various ways to make money dropshipping on Amazon or running the Facebook Ads.



Avoiding Burnout

Let’s face facts; burnout is a pain in the neck. Whenever we experience this, we go through a state of mental and physical exhaustion. And as an entrepreneur, this can cost us a lot and reduce our overall output.

In light of this topic, Reco recommends that you focus on just a few tasks per day. What Reco does is that he writes out his task the night prior to the next day and includes a couple of goals that he should reach for. It’s not a must that the goals should be achieved, rather, they can be used as something to focus on rather than throwing your thoughts all over.


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