Meet Dennis Yu, Former Yahoo Search Engine Engineer and Leading Digital Marketing Expert-cum-Mentor

Dennis Yu is a self-made digital marketing expert who has built up a reputable name for himself largely because of his zest for mentorship. Residing in Las Vegas, he is the co-founder of a leading digital marketing academy, Blitzmetrics. 

He is a globally recognized lecturer in Facebook Marketing and has the privilege of speaking more than 730 times in almost 20 countries. Apart from providing mentorship, he has also managed branding campaigns for giant enterprises like Nike, Rosetta Stone, and The Golden State Warriors. 

His amazing skills as a marketer and branding expert have been lauded and featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, National Public Radio, TechCrunch, Fox News, CNN, CBS Evening News. he has also co-authored “Facebook Nation” – a textbook taught in over 700 colleges and universities. Dennis is the ultimate marketing guru with an innate desire to teach and empower the young minds of today and specialize them in the field of branding and marketing. 

Dennis graduated in Finance and Economics from the Southern Methodist University and London School of Economics in 1997. Venturing into the digital world was sheer luck and good timing for him as he says, 

“I knew it as “webmastering” 30 years ago. Then it was called “internet marketing,” “web marketing,” “digital marketing,” and now all sorts of various names that involve social and influencer. But whatever the case, it’s been an odd mix of the “latest tools” plus relationship building. And I’ve noticed that the fascination with tools seems to come first and peter out, while relationships are the stable thing.30 years ago, I wouldn’t have thought this would be a career. Like most of us, it was something I found fascinating and was fortunate to become good at. I’ve made some great friends over the years, which keeps me in the game, no matter the latest trend.”

Dennis has also held executive positions at Yahoo! and American Airlines. In 2018, he was also awarded as the top speaker at the PPC Caesar’s Award. Dennis entered the digital marketing

field when it was not even a mainstream professional like it is today. He is an expert at all things related to digital marketing as he has been a part of its birth, growth, and development. He is well versed in the best practices, trends, and tactics for personal branding and marketing. 

Currently, he is leading Blitz Metrics which provides multiple marketing services for individuals and brands while providing coaching to young adults to become certified digital marketers.