Karina Dharma Believes in Creating Wealth By Doing What You Love

“Live your passion. Do what you love. Help people. The money will follow.” – Anonymous

There are so many ways to make money doing what you love. You just have to understand your calling and go for it. You can immediately start making money from what excites you. You can help people through your passions, and they will be willing to pay you for it.

Karina Dharma, a Manifestation Witch, Spiritual Business Coach, & Mindset Mentor believes we are all passionate about something in our lives. But what’s equally important is how can you actually turn a profit off of that passion?


Karina has been a nomad since 2014, traveling to over 45 countries solo, living in Australia/New Zealand, and working as a yacht crew on Superyachts.

She aims to not only help others tap into uncapped wealth but also create a business that she finds comfort in. A business that generates passive income & millions of dollars in the future!

In order to live her dream and afford the life she has always dreamt of, Karina moved to Tulum, Mexico, and became a Full-Time Digital Nomad this January 2021.

She also launched her Podcast this April 2021 – after two years of manifesting it. She had her first 15K launch back in March 2021 with a Group Coaching Mastermind she ran for her first niche (travel & yacht crew coaching). 

Just recently, she had a 30K launch for her new group coaching program, where she infuses spirituality, strategy & energetics to help women start & scale their online businesses.

She has been an entrepreneur since May 2020, when she started to coach women to travel solo and give them the mindset tools and confidence to prepare them. 

While Karina started coaching women, she was still in the yachting industry and wanted to help others thrive on board with the tools that she used. It was a hard industry to navigate, but Karina worked long and hard hours while working on her business as a side hustle. 

Getting fired from her last yachting job in October 2020 was a true blessing in disguise, as pushed her to go all-in on her business and never look back. 

In January 2021, Karina published her first e-book for “Greenies” – yacht crew looking to break into the yachting industry with no experience. She organically marketed it through her Instagram with around 1000 followers and ended up making a humongous sum of over 2K in passive income sales in that first month alone. 


Shortly after, she moved to Tulum, Mexico mid-January 2021, to get ready for her first launch and go full-time into digital nomad life. 

At times she did find it tempting to go back to yachting or a 9-5 job, but she knew that she had to stay in her lane, work hard and get after it. And we are glad that Karina believed in herself, took the aligned action, and is now on her way to scaling to 30K months very soon!

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