Unlock Blog Success: How to Use Pinterest For Blogging?

Looking to skyrocket your blog’s reach? Pinterest is your secret weapon. Discover how to wield this visual platform effectively. From attention-grabbing pins to smart scheduling, learn the ropes of Pinterest to drive traffic, engage readers, and boost your blog’s success. It’s time to rock the Pin game!

Welcome to your ultimate guide on using Pinterest for blogging to turbocharge your blogging journey. You’re in the perfect spot if you’re eager to amplify your blog’s visibility, engagement, and traffic. Pinterest isn’t just about eye-catching images; it’s a vibrant platform that can be your blog’s closest ally. You’ll tap into a treasure trove of potential readers by crafting pins strategically, optimizing descriptions, and engaging your desired audience. 

Brace yourself to unveil the step-by-step strategies that will propel your blog’s triumph to unprecedented levels through Pinterest prowess. So, go through this article on how to use Pinterest for blogging and revolutionize your blogging endeavors!

Table of Contents

What is Pinterest?

Picture this: a digital board where you gather and sort things you love from the internet. Imagine having a bulletin board packed with your favorite pics, ideas, and inspirations on your device.

  • Pins and boards
  • Find and explore
  • Planning and doing
  • Sharing and connecting

Pins and boards

Pinterest is all about “Pins.” Pins work like tiny bookmarks for things you like—a picture, article, recipe, or anything online. Then there are “Boards.” Boards act like folders to keep your Pins neat. Think of a “Yummy Treats” board where you stash all those recipes you can’t wait to try.

Find and explore

Looking for ideas? Pinterest is a goldmine. Search anything you fancy, and you’ll find related Pins. Whether you’re into home decor or travel tips, it’s a hub of inspiration. Explore categories and stumble upon exciting new finds.

Planning and doing

Pinterest is a planner’s paradise. Dreaming of a vacation? Whip up a “Dream Getaways” board and Pin all those amazing destinations. Got a wedding on the horizon? Craft a “Wedding Inspo” board and save dresses, decor ideas, and more.

Sharing and connecting

You can follow folks who share your tastes. Did you find someone cool? Trail their boards for their latest discoveries. You can also share your Pins and boards—ideal for teamwork or flaunting your style.

In a nutshell, Pinterest is where you collect, sort, and spread the stuff you adore. It’s like your personal creativity haven online!

Do bloggers use Pinterest?

Bloggers utilize Pinterest, and it’s not just about cooking and crafts. You might want to reconsider if you’re a blogger missing out on Pinterest. Let’s dive in.

Why do bloggers prefer Pinterest?

Listen, Pinterest can be a goldmine of traffic for bloggers. Unlike fleeting social media posts, your content can shine for months on Pinterest, driving visitors to your blog. Pretty cool, huh?

The power of visuals

People love visuals, and Pinterest is a visual paradise. Got stunning graphics on your blog? Well, pin them, link them to your blog, and see the magic happen. Your blog post on fashion tips could get way more views than you imagine.

Seamless sharing

Ever shared a link on social media, and it looked all messed up? Not with Pinterest. Pin an image from your blog post, and you’re set. Your followers can re-pin it, and their followers can do the same. Suddenly, your blog is on display for a whole new audience.

Hacks for blogger success on Pinterest

First, create snappy “Pinnable” images for your blog posts. Think big, bold, and eye-catching. Slip in keywords in your image and pin descriptions. Remember, Pinterest is like a search engine.

If you’re a blogger aiming for more traffic and all the good stuff, Pinterest is your answer. Visuals, painless sharing, and a shot at gaining new readers – it’s a win-win. Jump on the Pinterest bandwagon and give your blog the lift it craves! 

How to use Pinterest for blogging?

Want more eyes on your blog? Pinterest can help you out! It’s not just a place for recipes and DIY stuff. It’s a secret weapon for bloggers. Listen up, and I’ll spill the beans on how to use Pinterest to boost your blog game.

  • Pin It
  • Keywords are key
  • Pin regularly
  • Group boards rock
  • Pin to relevant boards
  • Be visual
  • Pin at peak times
  • Be a tease
  • Follow trends
  • Engage and conquer
  • Pin from your blog
  • Optimize your profile
  • Be patient

1. Pin It

Start by creating pins that pop. Use cool images and snappy titles. Pins should scream, “Click me!” They’re like bait for readers.

2. Keywords are key

Pick keywords that match your blog topics. Think about what words people punch into Google. Sprinkle these keywords in your pin descriptions and board names. It’s like magic for search engines.

3. Pin regularly

Pinterest rewards consistency. Pin your stuff often. Fresh pins tell Pinterest that you’re alive and kicking.

4. Group boards rock

Join group boards related to your blog. You get a wider audience, and more repins. Sharing is caring, you know!

5. Pin to relevant boards

Don’t just pin your blog post to any board. Be smart. Pin it to boards that match the content. No fashion pins on a food board!

6. Be visual

Pinterest is all about eye candy. Tall pins work best. They take up space and are hard to ignore.

7. Pin at peak times

Pin when people are scrolling. Evenings and weekends are usually prime time.

8. Be a tease

Make people want more. Your pins should be a sneak peek, not the whole show. Leave them curious.

9. Follow trends

Pinterest shows you what’s hot. Ride those waves. Popular topics get noticed.

10. Engage and conquer

Talk to folks. Comment, save, follow. Pinterest is a social party, so mingle!

11. Pin from your blog

Direct traffic from Pinterest to your blog. Pin your blog posts, not just others’.

12. Optimize your profile

Your profile is your ID card. Use a nice pic and a catchy description.

13. Be patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a blog empire. Pinterest takes time, so stick with it.

There you have it! Pinterest can be your blog’s BFF. Follow these steps and watch your blog bloom.

pinterest blogging

Image Source: Wayfaring Kiwi

What are the steps to use Pinterest for traffic on a blog?

Let’s take a trip through the savvy steps of using Pinterest to boost your blog’s traffic. Just stick with these steps, and you’ll have a handy guide to make the most out of what Pinterest can do. It’s all about tapping into the platform’s power in a way that works.

  • Set up your profile
  • Pin engaging content
  • Create relevant boards
  • Pin regularly
  • Join group boards
  • Craft catchy descriptions
  • Pin at the right time
  • Engage and follow
  • Utilize rich pins
  • Analyze and adjust

1. Set up your profile

 Start by creating a Pinterest account or converting your one to a business account. Fill in your bio and add a friendly profile picture that matches your blog’s vibe.

2. Pin engaging content

Pin images from your blog posts onto your Pinterest boards. Make sure the images are clear and eye-catching. Use bright colors and text overlays to grab attention.

3. Create relevant boards

Make different boards related to your blog’s topics. If you blog about travel, create boards for destinations, packing tips, and more. Pin content that fits these boards.

4. Pin regularly

Pin consistently to keep your followers interested. Aim for a few pins each day, but don’t overdo it. Quality matters more than quantity.

5. Join group boards

Look for group boards in your niche. Joining these boards can put your pins in front of a larger audience. Follow the group board’s rules when pinning.

6. Craft catchy descriptions

Write short and snappy descriptions for your pins. Use keywords related to your blog’s topic, but keep it natural. Descriptions help people find your pins through searches.

7. Pin at the right time

Pin when your audience is active. Evenings and weekends are often good. Pinterest’s analytics can help you figure out your best times.

8. Engage and follow

Interact with other users by liking, re-pinning, and commenting on their pins. Follow accounts that inspire you and are relevant to your blog.

9. Utilize rich pins

Enable rich pins for your blog. They give more info about your pins and make them stand out.

10. Analyze and adjust

Check Pinterest analytics to see which pins perform well. Adjust your strategy based on what’s getting the most engagement.

By following these steps, you can use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your blog and connect with a broader audience interested in your niche.

Using Pinterest images on your blog: What you need to know

Curious about whether you can spice up your blog with images found on Pinterest? Well, it’s not as simple as a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Pinterest is a hub where people share all sorts of cool images, but there’s a catch: those images belong to someone, and you can’t just snag them without a second thought.

  • Respect the creator
  • Scout for the right stuff
  • Watch your step with copyrights
  • Bonus tip: Dive into free image pools

1. Respect the creator

Let’s get this straight – every image you spot on Pinterest was conjured up by a real person. They own that picture. So, if you’re considering using a Pinterest image for your blog, be a champ and shout out to the person who created it. It’s like saying, “Yo, this amazing pic is by [Creator’s Name], not me!”

2. Scout for the right stuff

Pinterest dishes out a mix of visuals. Some come from folks like you and me, while others link to websites or blogs. Hunt down images tied to sources. Click around – sometimes, you’ll stumble upon a link to the image’s birthplace. That’s a solid clue that the creator’s cool with sharing.

3. Watch your step with copyrights

Copyrights act like a fence around a picture. You can’t just hop over it. Copyrights guard some images, and you can’t use them without giving a heads-up. Think of it like asking if you can borrow a friend’s skateboard – you don’t just snatch it.

4. Bonus tip: Dive into free image pools

Feeling iffy about using Pinterest images? Dip your toes into the world of free image websites. These online spots are all about sharing. They’re like those rad pals who invite you to their BBQ.

Summing up, you can toss Pinterest images onto your blog, but there’s a catch. Play by the rules, toss credit around and avoid copyright bumps. It’s like joining a soccer game – only if the gang’s cool. So, jazz up your blog with pictures, but remember, sharing’s caring!

Using Pinterest for affiliate marketing without a blog

So, you want to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest but don’t have a blog? No worries, you’re in the right place! Here’s a super simple guide to get you started.

  • Pin engaging stuff
  • Productive descriptions
  • Link it right
  • Organize
  • Consistency is key
  • Group boards rock
  • Trendy times
  • Be you
  • Pin smartly
  • Stay legal

1. Pin engaging stuff

First, pin eye-catching images related to your affiliate products. Think about what people might want. DIY tips, fashion inspiration, yummy recipes – go for it!

2. Productive descriptions

Write short and sweet descriptions when you pin. Tell pinners what’s awesome about the product. Don’t give a novel, just enough to make them curious.

3. Link it right

Pinterest lets you add links. Bingo! Use your affiliate link here. When pinners click and buy, cha-ching! Just remember, honesty is the best policy.

4. Organize

Boards are your BFFs. Create boards about your niche. If it’s fitness, boards like “Home Workouts” or “Healthy Recipes.” Pin relevant stuff here.

5. Consistency is key

Pin often. No one likes a sleepy account. Regular pins keep your followers interested; more followers mean more potential clicks.

6. Group boards rock

Join group boards related to your niche. They have more eyeballs. More eyeballs, more chances of clicks. Simple math, right?

7. Trendy times

Stay in the loop with trends. Seasonal stuff, holidays, whatever’s hot. Pinners search for trending topics, and you want to be there!

8. Be you

People dig authenticity. Show your style. Pin what resonates with you. When you’re genuine, people connect – and that means more clicks.

9. Pin smartly

Peak times matter. On evenings and weekends – folks are scrolling. Be there when they’re there.

10. Stay legal

Read Pinterest’s rules. No one likes a rule-breaker. You don’t want to lose your account over some tiny text.

Alright, superstar, you’re all set to rock affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog. Get those pins going, and let the clicks roll in! 

How to use Pinterest for your food blog?

Let’s unveil strategies and tips to take your culinary content to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen enthusiast, discover how to make Pinterest work its magic, enticing a wider audience to savor your delectable creations. Just dive in and sprinkle some Pinterest charm on your food blog.

  • Create mouthwatering pins
  • Pin regularly
  • Organize boards
  • Keyword-friendly descriptions
  • Join group boards
  • Vertical pins work best
  • Use hashtags wisely
  • Direct pins to your blog: 
  • Engage with your audience
  • Pin fresh and seasonal

1. Create mouthwatering pins

Design eye-catching pins when using Pinterest for your food blog. Combine high-quality images of your delicious recipes with an easy-to-read text overlay that tells the dish. This grabs attention and makes people want to click.

2. Pin regularly

Stay active on Pinterest by pinning regularly. Pin your blog post and content that fits your niche. Consistency matters to keep your audience engaged.

3. Organize boards

Arrange your boards in a tidy manner. Group similar recipes together, like desserts or healthy meals. This helps visitors find what they’re craving easily.

4. Keyword-friendly descriptions

  1. Craft descriptions for your pins with relevant keywords.
  2. Think about what words someone might use to search for your recipe.
  3. Keep it short and sweet but packed with keywords.

5. Join group boards

Find group boards related to food, recipes, or your niche. These boards have a larger audience. By pinning your content there, you expose your recipes to more people.

6. Vertical pins work best

Pinterest loves vertical pins. They take up more space and stand out better. Aim for a 2:3 aspect ratio.

7. Use hashtags wisely 

Hashtags help people discover your content. Mix generic and specific ones. For example, #QuickDinner and #VeganPasta.

8. Direct pins to your blog

Ensure each pin links directly to your blog post. This drives traffic to your site, where visitors can get the full recipe.

9. Engage with your audience

Interact with pinners. Reply to comments, follow users interested in your niche and reciprocate re-pins.

10. Pin fresh and seasonal 

Pin content that matches the current season or trending topics. This keeps your profile relevant and up-to-date.

Pinterest can be a powerful tool to grow your food blog’s audience. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to making your recipes go viral on this visual platform.

How to use Pinterest for your fashion blog?

Are you into fashion blogging? Pinterest can be your secret weapon! It’s like a virtual corkboard where you can pin your fashion ideas and get noticed. Here’s how:

  • Pin trendy images
  • Create boards
  • Pin regularly
  • Craft catchy descriptions
  • Link your blog
  • Collaborate with group boards
  • Pin at peak times
  • DIY and tips
  • Engage with others
  • Be consistent
  • Inspire and get inspired
  • Quality over quantity

1. Pin trendy images

Start by pinning stylish outfits, accessories, and fashion inspiration. Visuals rule on Pinterest!

2. Create boards

Make separate boards for fashion themes like “Summer Vibes” or “Casual Chic.” It keeps things organized and makes your profile look cool.

3. Pin regularly

Pin fresh stuff often. Pinterest loves activity, and your followers will too.

4. Craft catchy descriptions

Use short, catchy phrases to describe your pins. Use keywords like “vintage dresses” or “streetwear style” to be search-friendly.

5. Link your blog

Connect your pins to your blog posts. This drives traffic to your fashion paradise.

6. Collaborate with group boards

Join group boards with fellow fashion enthusiasts. More exposure for you!

7. Pin at peak times

Pin when people are scrolling. Evenings and weekends are prime time.

8. DIY and tips

Share fashion DIY tricks or style tips. Everyone loves some helpful advice.

9. Engage with others

Like, comment, and re-pin others’ stuff. It’s a give-and-take party.

10. Be consistent

Keep at it. Consistency pays off in Pinterest land.

11. Inspire and get inspired

Be a trendsetter, and let others inspire your fashion journey.

12. Quality over quantity

A few awesome pins beat many mediocre ones.

Now, you’re set to rock Pinterest for your fashion blog. Pin your heart out and watch your fashionista tribe grow!

How to use Pinterest for a mom blog?

Are you a mom blogger looking to boost your blog’s reach? Pinterest is your new BFF! It’s user-friendly and can help you share your awesome mom’s wisdom. Here’s how to make it work for you:

  • Pin like a pro
  • Picture perfect
  • Keywords are key
  • Consistency wins
  • Group boards for the win
  • DIY & how-tos
  • Pin it button
  • Show some love
  • Short & sweet
  • Analyze and adapt

1. Pin like a pro

Pin your blog posts, tips, and DIY ideas on Pinterest boards. Create boards for parenting hacks, easy recipes, or kids’ crafts. People can follow boards that interest them, helping your content reach the right eye.

2. Picture perfect

Pinterest loves eye-catching images! Use high-quality pics that show off your tips or crafts. Bright, colorful visuals grab attention. A cute snapshot of your messy kitchen while baking cookies? Perfect!

3. Keywords are key

Think like a searcher. What words would you use to find your blog? Use those words in your pin descriptions and board titles. If you’re sharing a toddler-friendly recipe, say so!

4. Consistency wins

Pin regularly to keep your audience engaged. Fresh pins show your blog is active. Don’t flood all at once – steady wins the race!

5. Group boards for the win

Join group boards with similar themes. You can share your pins there, reaching a wider audience. More eyes, more readers!

6. DIY & how-tos

Mom’s life is all about learning. Create pins for DIY crafts, home organization, or quick recipes. Everyone loves easy solutions!

7. Pin it button

Make it simple for readers to pick from your blog. Add a “Pin It” button to your posts. Sharing should be a piece of cake.

8. Show some love

Engage with other pins, too. Comment, like, and re-pin cool stuff from fellow mom bloggers. It’s a give-and-take world.

9. Short & sweet

Pinterest is a quick-scroll platform. Keep your descriptions short, sweet, and to the point. Grab attention in a flash!

10. Analyze and adapt

Pinterest offers insights. Check what works – which pins get clicks? Tweak your strategy as needed.

So, dear mom blogger, dive into Pinterest like a boss. Spread your awesome mom magic and watch your blog bloom! 


Image Source: Green Queen

What’s the simplest blogging platform to use?

So, you’re ready to dive into blogging? Awesome! Now, let’s find you the easiest platform to get started on.

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Medium

1. WordPress

I bet you’ve heard about WordPress. It’s like the popular kid in school; everyone knows it. Tons of cool themes and plugins. But, fair warning, it might need a bit of fiddling around.

2. Blogger

Google’s in the game, too, with Blogger. It’s like that comfy pair of sneakers you love. Quick setup, especially if you’re on team Google. Keep in mind, though, it’s not the flashiest.

3. Wix

Imagine playing with digital building blocks. Yep, that’s Wix. Drag, drop, and ta-da! It’s a visual treat. But, sometimes, too much drag-and-drop can have its limits.

4. Squarespace

Dream of having a super stylish blog? Squarespace is your hero. It’s like that trendy café you always wanted to visit. Pretty simple, but it can be a bit pricey.

5. Medium

Just want to write and nothing else? Medium’s got your back. It’s like your personal journal but with a world wide audience. It’s a breeze, but remember, you follow Medium’s rules.

The easiest blogging platform depends on what feels right for you. If you’re up for a bit of a learning curve, give WordPress a shot. If you’re all about the words, Medium is calling your name. Your blog, your rules – conquer the internet!


In conclusion, Pinterest stands as a potent tool for elevating blogging success. By tapping into its visual allure and vast user base, you can drive substantial traffic, amplify brand visibility, and connect with diverse audiences. Employ the strategies outlined here to harness Pinterest’s potential fully, cultivating an engaged readership and fostering a vibrant blogging community. 

Consistency is key, so curate compelling content, optimize descriptions with keywords, and collaborate with fellow creators. Monitor analytics closely to refine your approach to adapting to the evolving digital landscape. Integrating Pinterest into your blogging arsenal gives you a competitive edge, propelling your reach, influence, and impact to new heights of accomplishment.