How To Change Business Name On Facebook?


You need to be at the place where your consumers are. Also, it’s an obvious fact that billions of them are on Facebook.

Every month, an average of 2.3 billion active users visit the platform—around 30% of the worldwide population. It’s here that they link with friends and find new brands. Truth be told, 40% of virtual/digital customers state they utilize online media to explore new organizations and discover items to purchase.

That is the place your Facebook for Business page comes in. Regardless of whether your organic posts or web-based media promotions pull in consumers, your Facebook Page must have the correct name and data. Else, you may lose users, befuddle them, or potentially fail business.

The least demanding approach to ensure your Facebook for Business page hits the imprint with users is to name it accurately. This may appear to be an easy decision. Be that as it may, if you rebrand your business, change possession, or discover you got off to a bad start with your page, you may need to change a business name on Facebook.

On the off chance that you know your Facebook for Business page’s name isn’t reflective of your organization, branding, and other digital marketing message, here are the means to make this significant update.

How to change my business name on facebook?

1. Sign into your Facebook account

When you sign in to your Facebook account, find the little navy blue arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the blue toolbar. A dropdown will show up. At the point when it does, click the “manage pages” link.

2. Discover your business page

On the page, the management link will open another menu. Snap-on your business so it takes you to your business page.


3. Edit your business name

Under your pennant picture shown over the head of your business page, you should see the three catches “like”, “follow”, and “share,” trailed by three circles. Snap the three circles and select “edit page information.”

Look to the base and snap the link that reads “See All Information.” Now that you’re here, you’ll have the option to change your business’ name, username, and category.

4. Request to become an admin

Is it true that you can’t discover these alternatives? On the off chance that you don’t see the prompt to edit your Facebook for Business page’s name, it’s likely because you aren’t an admin for the page. You have to refresh your Page Role to Admin to roll out any huge improvements like a name update. Ask an administrator to change your authorizations so you can proceed. Ordinarily, this will be your showcasing supervisor, web-based media administrator, or content creator. Each page has an administrator, so it’s simply a question of finding the correct individual and having them do this switch.

5. Snap “About” on the left side of your page

When you’re an administrator, click “about” on the left half of your Facebook for Business Page. This will take you to the editorial manager.

6. Snap “Edit” next to your page’s name

You should see an option  to “edit” your page’s name in the about part of your profile. Snap-on this option to make changes.

7. Enter a new page name and click “Proceed”

Take as much time as necessary here. You would prefer not to change your Facebook for Business page name more frequently than should be expected. Pick your new page name admirably. This should match across all social media channels and match with your site information and verbiage. If vital, get sign-offs from your marketing team to guarantee everybody is on the same wavelength.

8. Review your request and click “Request Change”

Because of deceitful records and discussion on Facebook, the platform vets name changes, so you’ll need to hang tight for its endorsement. Try not to stress. You shouldn’t have any hang-ups except if you have changed your name on various occasions in a limited ability to focus the change is radically unique. Remember, when your Facebook for Business Page name is transformed, you should refresh your username to coordinate. This requires its means.

Why can’t I change my Facebook page name?

Here are a couple of potential clarifications:

  • You’re not an administrator and need to demand admittance to roll out this improvement
  • You or another administrator as of late changed your Page’s name
  • You may have limits on your page in which Facebook needs to audit
  • If your Facebook Business page is a regional page of a worldwide brand, you won’t have the option to change your name. For this situation, it might be ideal to begin without any preparation for another page. You may get in contact with Facebook for any of these issues to check whether they can be settled.

The benefits of changing a business name on Facebook

Branding Consistency

Branding and consistency are equivalent. Your image—from visuals to informing—ought to be the equivalent across channels. Thus, users won’t be befuddled when they visit your Facebook for Business page, Instagram page, or site. They’ll see a united front that presents a clear representation of your business.

Better UX

Customers utilize web-based media to discover organizations and collaborate with them. On the off chance that your Facebook for Business page name doesn’t link to your site or other social channels, individuals will look for some wrong thing and become disappointed when they can’t discover what they’re searching for.

This poor UX could cost your business deals. Change your business name on Facebook so it’s simple, quick, and straightforward for users to find the information they need—like long stretches of business and contact information.

Better Conversion

Talking about deals, when a client can discover your business on Facebook, they’ll be bound to work with you. If you run Facebook promotions, it’s additionally essential to finalize the negotiation with a reliable name and branding on your Facebook page.

Build Trust and Credibility

On the off chance that your business name isn’t appropriately publicized, incorrectly spelled, or misdirecting, you could lose your users’ trust. Your business profiles should all be buttoned up and polished. That way, you won’t confound users or give them the reason to think your organization isn’t as professional as they perceived or once believed.


Changing your business’s name on Facebook has various advantages: It presents predictable branding, makes it simpler for users to discover you, and improves your credibility. On the off chance that you invest energy promoting and posting organically on Facebook, at that point set aside the effort to ensure the very essentials of your Facebook for the Business page are on point.

Unfortunately, few out of every odd business will have the option to change a business name on Facebook pages. As referenced above, if your image falls under a parent organization that is a worldwide page on Facebook, you won’t have the option to change your local page. You may need to link with the central command to change the name there for the correct stream down impact. That is the reason it’s imperative to take care when naming your business in the first run through around!


If you fall into this pickle, it may be simpler to make another Facebook for Business page. Run a campaign to move your supporters over to the right page. It’s simpler to make a stride back and get your affairs in order than keep on growing a following on the page that doesn’t precisely represent your brand.

Other than the couple of moments it takes to change a business name on Facebook, there aren’t a lot of disadvantages. If you realize you have to streamline your Facebook page, don’t put it off anymore. It deserves the time and better client experience you’ll convey to your users.