How Much Is Richard Branson Worth?

This easy going and fun loving tycoon has made his way on Forbes list of the world’s richest people. Keep on reading to find out how much he is worth.

Sir Richard Branson is the ostentatious business person behind the Virgin brand, which started with Virgin Records in 1972. The head honcho is the originator and executive of the Virgin Group, which utilizes almost 70,000 individuals in 35 nations through its 60 or more organizations.

Branson’s organizations incorporate or have included aircrafts, remote correspondences, radio broadcasts, lodgings, gyms, monetary administrations organizations, the dance club Heaven, inexhaustible advances, a Formula One group, and even a space the travel industry company. As of October 2020, the 70 year old Branson’s total assets remained at an expected $4.8 billion, as indicated by Forbes.

So how much is Richard Branson worth and how could he develop his Virgin super brand and become one of the richest and most successful individuals on the planet.

Richard Branson’s rise in fortune

The 1960s

Richard Branson began at age 16 with his magazine, called Student, which talked with famous people and sold nearly $8,000 worth of publicizing for the principal issue. The teen exited school to advance his magazine. In 1969, he began a mail-request record business that utilized the magazine office as a working base. Branson and his group of 20 representatives called the new business Virgin.

The 1970s

In 1970, Branson dispatched Virgin Mail Order Records. After a rough beginning, he developed to possess 14 record stores by 1972. He utilized the benefits from his record store chain to establish music name Virgin Records in 1972, and he procured his initial million dollars in 1973 when Virgin chronicle craftsman Mike Oldfield sold more than 5 million duplicates of his record, “Tubular Bells.”

Part of Branson’s initial accomplishment at Virgin Records came because of his ability to sign the Sex Pistols and other disputable artists. Other mainstream Virgin acts incorporated The Rolling Stones and Ozzy Osbourne. Before the decade’s over, Virgin Music had gotten one of the main six record organizations on the planet, with branches in Germany, France, and Japan. In 1979, Branson bought Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands for $180,000.

The 1980s

Virgin Books and Virgin Video were brought into the world in 1981. Inside two years, Branson’s business domain included in excess of 50 distinct organizations with consolidated deals of more than $17 million. In 1984, Branson matched with attorney Randolph Fields to begin one of his most celebrated organizations yet, Virgin Atlantic. The carrier took off (pardon the quip) because of its fine client support and imaginative in-flight comforts, for example, free frozen yogurt, seat-back video screens, and in-flight rubs.

The 1990s

In 1992, Branson hesitantly sold Virgin Records for $1 billion to keep Virgin Atlantic above water. These were wild years for Virgin Atlantic. Psychological militant assaults shielded individuals from flying, and bigger adversary British Airways occupied with what Branson called “a threatening effort intended to make lasting harm Virgin.” Branson effectively sued British Airways for defamation, with an adjudicator deciding in 1993 that British Airways pay Branson and Virgin $945,000 in harms, in addition to lawful expenses assessed at around $3 million, and convey a statement of regret. In 1997, Branson began Virgin Trains.

The 2000s

In 2001, Virgin Group dispatched Virgin Mobile as a joint endeavor with Sprint, and Virgin-marked remote interchanges administrations are presently accessible in various countries. In September 2004, Branson turned his eyes to the sky again and united with Burt Rutan, an American aeronautical specialist, to dispatch Virgin Galactic, with authorized space apparatus that would take travelers to space. Branson had a dream of giving modest space tourism. A tragic arrangement of occasions, remembering an accident for 2014, rerouted the date of the main business space trips to some vague time in the future. As of 2019, Branson had joined 600 customers.

Branson really has four space-centered organizations now. Notwithstanding Virgin Galactic, Virgin likewise works Virgin Orbit for freight, VOX for government missions, and the Spaceship Company, which as the name infers, assembles spaceships. Branson dispatched social extremist undertakings that included Virgin Unite to battle HIV and AIDS, the Branson Center of Entrepreneurship to show enterprising abilities in creating countries, Virgin Fuels to make cleaner green energizes, and the Virgin Green Fund to help the climate.

Did Richard Branson come from a rich family?

Branson was brought into the world dressed in Blackheath, London, to Eve Branson (née Evette Huntley Flindt; 1924–2021), a previous ballet artist and air master, and Edward James Branson (1918–2011), an advocate. He has two more youthful sisters. His granddad, Sir George Arthur Harwin Branson, was an appointed authority of the High Court of Justice and a Privy Councilor.


His third great grandfather, John Edward Branson, left England for India in 1793; John Edward’s dad, Harry Wilkins Branson, later went along with him in Madras. From 1793, four ages of his family were at Cuddalore. On the show Finding Your Roots, Branson was appeared to have 3.9% South Asian (Indian) DNA, likely through intermarriage. Afterward, he guaranteed that one of his great grandmothers was an Indian named Ariya.

Branson was taught at Scaitcliffe School, a private academy in Surrey, before momentarily going to Cliff View House School in Sussex. He went to Stowe School, an autonomous school in Buckinghamshire until the age of sixteen.

Branson has dyslexia, and had poor scholastic performance; on his last day at school, his dean, Robert Drayson, revealed to him he would either wind up in jail or become a mogul. Branson’s folks were strong with his undertakings since the beginning. His mom was a business woman; one of her best endeavors was building and selling wooden tissue boxes and waste paper bins. In London, he was crouching from 1967 to 1968.

Most concur that Branson acquired his Nordic looks along with his adventurous spirit from his mom. So vivacious and energetic was Eve Branson, that she figured out how to fly gliders when not many women drove vehicles. She flew so well, truth be told, that she prepared with the Royal Air Force (RAF) cadets for obligation during the Second World War. The Branson kids were raised to be generous, dynamic, and fearless.

Richard Branson was not adventurous by nature. Out of concern, his mom let him be in the wide open one day, with directions to locate his own particular manner home through the fields of Devon. Branson was just four at that point, and an adjoining rancher in the end found the kid and made the Bransons aware of recovering their child. Youthful Richard, who went through that day pursuing butterflies, was fascinated by the elation of opportunity at a particularly youthful age. A long time later, when his folks selected him at Stowe live-in school in Buckingham, he found the climate excessively prohibitive. He exited secondary school and moved to London, where he made his living as a distributor and later opened a retail record business.

Richard Branson’s net worth during the pandemic

Portions of Sir Richard Branson’s space travel industry startup Virgin Galactic fell over 10% Monday morning, as business sectors responded to the deferment of its exceptionally foreseen spaceflight test in the not so distant future. Virgin Galactic CEO Michael Colglazier said in an articulation that, following “late bearing” from the New Mexico Department of Health concerning Covid-19, Virgin Galactic will be “limiting our New Mexico activities furthest extent conceivable”— which means the organization’s arranged spaceflight test, which had been set for between November 19 and November 23, will presently be rescheduled.

The choice will deny Virgin and Branson the chance to end 2020 on a strict high. A fruitful space dispatch would almost certainly have given uncommon help following a year in which the pandemic pushed Branson’s business domain to the edge of total collapse. It has likewise whittled down Branson’s fortune. Galactic stock dropped to $19.90 per share as of 12:30 pm ET Monday, down 10.9% from Friday’s nearby cost of $22.20, adding to a complete loss of just shy of $200 million from the British tycoon’s assessed total assets. Forbes gauges that Branson is currently worth $4.8 billion.

Virgin Galactic has just been traded on an open market since October 2019, when Branson originally recorded its offers on the New York Stock Exchange, at a cost of around $12 each. The stock took off to $37 in January 2020 as famous people joined and assumptions rose, yet has since returned to earth because of the Covid-19 pandemic. In May through June, with the Covid establishing his Virgin Atlantic planes and scuppering the first venture of his voyage transport business, Branson sold $500 million worth of Virgin Galactic stock to help preserve a rebuilding of the Virgin Group.

Notwithstanding the deferral, Virgin Galactic remaining parts the most energizing arm of Branson’s business domain. A value research note from venture bank Cowen in August supported a “momentous accumulation of interest for business spaceflight” and referred to the future potential income producing an incentive for Galactic’s arrangement for rapid, highlight point travel through space, which Cowen hopefully claims could be a $200 billion market by 2050. Morgan Stanley, regularly bullish, claims that Virgin’s hypersonic P2P travel offering could be valued at $800 billion in yearly deals by 2040.

Dissimilar to the average precious stone ball valuations of room development, similar to Morgan Stanley’s new $100 billion valuation of Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Cowen tried the strength of interest among “high-total assets people” to travel to space at a ticket cost of $250,000 or more. The bank found that 39% of individuals with a total assets of more than $5 million would pay at any rate a quarter million dollars for a Virgin Galactic flight, adding that Virgin Galactic is “extraordinarily situated to profit by the developing customer premium toward extravagance encounters, particularly among high-total assets people.” The organization as of now has 600 bookings for spaceflights, Cowen says, and an enlistment drive that has acquired staff from both NASA and Disney.

There is likewise uplifting news for Branson coming from Galactic’s one-time partner organization, Virgin Orbit. A representative affirmed that the little satellite dispatch business (which is situated in California and was spun out of Virgin Galactic in 2017) has not been disturbed by the estimates taken in New Mexico, and that Orbit is as yet “working away” on the last phases of its subsequent dispatch endeavor penciled in for December this year.

How much is Richard Branson worth?

Most of Branson’s fortune is gotten from his control of firmly held Virgin Group, a venture organization situated in the British Virgin Islands. The very rich person gathers pay from the Virgin brand through organizations, affiliations and some straightforwardly controlled organizations, with more than 40 Virgin organizations gathering yearly total income of about $22 billion, a Virgin representative said in December 2020. Branson is the sole investor of Virgin Group’s definitive holding organization. Branson licenses his image through Virgin Enterprises.

He’s gotten more than $3 billion from profits and resource deals, in light of organization filings, news reports and an examination of Bloomberg information. Branson said in an open letter to Virgin Group representatives in April 2020 that he has reinvested most of his returns into the organization, which doesn’t distribute merged outcomes.

His public resources remember a 32% stake for space travel organization Virgin Galactic, a 13% stake in British bank Virgin Money and about 20% of unique reason procurement organization VG Acquisition. Branson additionally possessed 10% of the aircraft Virgin Australia before it entered organization in April 2020. Firmly held speculations remember a 51% stake for West Sussex, England-based aircraft Virgin Atlantic. Different resources remember his home and lodging for Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, a chalet in the Swiss ski town Verbier, and an African game safeguard.

As of February 2021, his total net worth is $6.4 billion according to Forbes.

Is Richard Branson the richest man in the world?

Elon Musk has become the world’s wealthiest man, as his total assets crossed $185 billion. The Tesla and SpaceX business visionary was driven into the top rank after Tesla’s share price expanded on Thursday. He took the position from Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, who had held it since 2017. Mr Musk’s electric car organization Tesla has surged in value this year, and hit a market estimation of $700 billion (or £516 billion) unexpectedly on Wednesday. That makes the car organization worth more than Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, GM and Ford consolidated. The tycoon’s fortunes have been floated by governmental issues in the US, where the Democrats will have control of the US Senate in the impending meeting. Daniel Ives, an investigator with Wedbush Securities expressed: “A Blue Senate is extremely bullish and a potential ‘game changer’ for Tesla and the general electric vehicle area, with a more green-driven plan now absolutely likely to work out for the following not many years.” Expected electric vehicle tax reductions would profit Tesla, “which keeps on having an iron hold available today”, he added.

What does Richard Branson own?

The rambling business realm that makes up Richard Branson’s Virgin speculation bunch comprises around  400 tasks, a tangled snare of ventures claimed through a convoluted arrangement of seaward trusts and overseas holding organizations.

Branson’s funds are hard to infiltrate as a result of their unpredictability and murkiness, with not many of his huge organizations completely claimed by Branson himself. His enormous marked firms, for example, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Money, Virgin Media and Virgin Trains have other significant investors. Sometimes, he basically licenses the brand to an organization that has bought an auxiliary from him, and these incorporate Virgin Mobile USA, Virgin Mobile Australia, Virgin Radio and Virgin Music (presently part of EMI). Consequently, as the permit holder of the Virgin brand, he gets yearly or third expenses that can add up to many millions over the long run.

By manufacturing organizations with money rich partners, Branson has set up new organizations without exhausting the gathering’s stores and spending little to build up new pursuits in areas, for example, versatile telecoms. Yet, activities come directly from Branson, who values his capacity to recognize a hole on the lookout. He isn’t a numbers or a subtleties man and leaves the regular running of his organizations to a gathering of lieutenants.

As per a representative for Branson, “marked income from organizations that bear the Virgin name” beat £13bn a year ago. Branson himself is assessed to be worth more than £3bn.

He started a new business in 1966 in the wake of leaving school at 16, distributing The Student magazine from the cellar of a leased level. He quickly ventured into the universe of popular music, beginning a mail-request business that sent records through the post to a huge number of young people, and set up Virgin Precedents, a chain of shops, with the first opening off London’s Oxford Street in 1971. After two years he dispatched the Virgin Records mark subsequent to securing the rights to Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells and pulled in a developing list of specialists that incorporated the Sex Pistols, Genesis, and the Rolling Stones.

In 1984, Branson broadened, renting his initial 747 to travel to New York from Gatwick, bringing forth upstart carrier Virgin Atlantic, which was before long rivaling British Airways at Heathrow.

BA’s purported “grimy stunts” crusade against Virgin shook the business in the mid 90s: BA contended that Branson’s fights against it were an exposure stunt. Branson sued BA for criticism. BA privately addressed any outstanding issues when its attorneys found the lengths to which the organization went to attempt to execute off Virgin, and had to pay considerable harms.

In the midst of bits of gossip that Branson required money to support portions of his business at the turn of the thousand years, he declared in 2000 that Virgin Group had sold 49% of the aircraft’s holding organization to Singapore Airlines for more than £600m.

In 2005-06, Branson was caught up with amassing the Virgin Media bunch that today rivals BT and Sky for amusement, telephone and broadband clients. The development of Virgin Media is an exemplary Branson undertaking: he possesses a minuscule stake in the business that is recorded on the Nasdaq trade in New York, yet determines several millions by authorizing the brand name. He isn’t on the Virgin Media board and the organization is controlled by CEO Neil Berkett.

Branson has likewise had something reasonable of failures. There was a progression of them during the 90s, including Virgin Brides, Virgin Cola (envisioned) and Virgin Cosmetics. He has never been a companion of the City. The relationship soured in the last part of the 1980s when he recorded his Virgin music business on the financial exchange, and the offer cost bombarded. A shocked Branson took the organization private, purchasing out institutional investors who he asserted didn’t comprehend the business. In 1992, he made a mint when he sold the organization for £560m to EMI.

Virgin Trains was dispatched in 1997 and Branson has braved a period when traveler grumblings took off. Not untypically, Virgin Trains is 49% claimed by another vehicle gathering, Stagecoach. Virgin Active, which runs 122 UK fitness centers, is 49% possessed by private value firm CDC, following an arrangement a year ago. Branson doesn’t sit on the leading body of any of the organizations inside the Virgin gathering – supporting his case to be a business visionary instead of a financial specialist in the customary sense.

Richard Branson Island

Necker Island is a 30 hectare (74 acre of land) island in the British Virgin Islands only north of Virgin Gorda. The island is completely possessed by Sir Richard Branson, director of the Virgin Group, and is essential for the Virgin Limited Edition arrangement of extravagance properties. The entire island works as a retreat and can oblige up to 30 visitors, with extra space for six youngsters. Necker Island is situated at scope 18.55 north and longitude 64.35 west in the eastern part of the British Virgin Islands. It is about 5.9 kilometers (3.7 mi) north of Virgin Gorda and north-east of Prickly Pear Island and furthermore Mosquito Island (now and again spelled Moskito Island), which is additionally possessed by Branson. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are a gathering of islands around 1,815 kilometers (1,128 mi) south-east of Miami, Florida, 184 km (114 mi) due east of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and around 175 km (109 mi) north-west of St. Barts.


The island was named after the seventeenth century Dutch group officer Jonathan de Neckere. It stayed uninhabited until the late twentieth century. In 1965, the picture taker Don McCullin and writer Andrew Alexander, went through 15 days on the island at the command of The Daily Telegraph paper for which they worked. The magazine proofreader had trusted that they would endure their castaway experience for in any event three weeks, yet as McCullin later related, “due to our social occasion shortcoming … out of temper, and out of water, we lifted the warning and were required off in the early hours of the fifteenth day”. As per McCullin, there was nothing pure about the remote location: “The mosquitos and different insects were more venomous and constant than any I had come across in Vietnam or the Congo.”

Richard Branson was made mindful that a portion of the islands in the British Virgin Islands were available to be purchased in 1978. Branson not long after visited the British Virgin Islands for a vacation to research the imminent land. On first noticing the islands, he imagined utilizing them to set up demigods for his record mark. Upon appearance, they were given an extravagance manor and went around islands available to be purchased by helicopter. The last island he saw was Necker Island, and subsequent to climbing the slope and being staggered by the view and untamed life, chosen to buy the island. Subsequent to causing a lowball offer of $100,000 for the island (because of his moderately unobtrusive assets around then in his vocation), he was turned down and accompanied back to the terrain. After a year, the proprietor, John Lyttelton, eleventh Viscount Cobham, needing momentary capital, in the end made due with $120,000. Notwithstanding, the public authority forced a limitation on outsider landholders: that the new proprietor needed to build up a hotel inside four years or the island would return to the state. Branson focused on building a resort on the island.

At the point when Branson purchased the island, it was uninhabited. He bought the island at 28 years old, only six years subsequent to beginning Virgin Group. It required three years and some $10 million to transform it into a private island retreat. Utilizing neighborhood stone, Brazilian hardwoods, Asian collectibles, Indian carpets, workmanship pieces and textures and bamboo furniture from Bali, draftsmen and architects made a ten room Balinese style estate at the highest point of a slope over the sea shore. Every one of the ten rooms has open dividers, giving a 360 degree view. The island has convenience for 40 individuals and rents out altogether at US $102,500 every day. The expense of remaining incorporates admittance to two sea shores, private pools, tennis courts, picturesque perspectives, an individual culinary specialist, a group of around 100 staff and a wide exhibit of water sports equipment.


Branson ascribes his prosperity to karma, speed, and difficult work that included evenings and ends of the week. His books and accounts refer to his adrenaline junkie thoughts, inventiveness, eagerness to buck standards, and determination. Branson never permitted naiveté to deter him from being a dynamic and challenging business person. Truth be told, he named his organization Virgin since he and his workers were all new to the business. His uncommon support of his workers and customers appraised him as the United Kingdom’s big name dream manager in an assessment of public sentiment by Cancer Research U.K. His philanthropy acquired him honors as the most respected entrepreneur in the course of a very long time in The Sunday Times in 2014.