How Elon Musk Powerfully Affects Millennials

While there are many people in the world who like to speak about the future, there is only one man who is creating a future that is unforeseeable to most.

His colossal vision includes a reality where everyone globally, for generations to come, can rely exclusively on renewable energy. Any consumer that has purchased one of Elon Musk’s many advanced products view it as an investment in improving the future.

This particular approach attracts many millennials easily into his projects since this demographic demonstrates a sizable interest in making the world a better place. Marketing to millennials in particular takes a great deal of empathy, which Musk has tastefully mastered. We see that he relies heavily on social media platforms to spread his vision in an accelerated pace. 

We sat down and interviewed 3 Entrepreneurial millennials on social media who often look up to him and incorporate his revolutionary advancements

Here’s what they had to say:

Arne Giske, runs a facebook group of over 150,000 Millennial Entrepreneurs where they build, connect, and grow together in a supportive community.

“Millennials love Elon Musk because he represents a few of our key ideals. First off, he’s a visionary with no concept of limitations. We’re always looking to push the limits and he’s definitely a leader there! If he wants to build a rocket to go to the moon and back, he finds a way to do it!”

Arne continues to press on how Musk is also building for the future and creating technologies that push the limits on society such as the Hyperloop. For Millennials as a whole, this generation is eager and excited to celebrate the modern day Einstein and support his seemingly crazy ideas!

One of Elon Musk’s ‘seemingly crazy ideas,‘ that is being referred to is the long-term goal of his company, Space X, which is to put humans on Mars permanently. It’s a vision that’s more ambitious than NASA’s own plan to send humans to the Red Planet in the 2030s. For NASA’s plan, they only intend to head to Mars solely as a part of a research and exploration mission. By that time, Musk hopes to already have a permanent settlement under construction.


“Millennials can learn so much from Elon Musk, most of which has to do with sticking to you guns and being true to your vision. For example, Musk has had so many naysayers, even from within his own company, telling him that his vision is going in the wrong direction. Despite of that, he remains steadfast and stays committed to his vision. He understands that there are going to be peaks, yet it doesn’t deter him or allow him to change course. Often times as millennials, we have the tendency to get discouraged and turn away – but through Elon’s example, we can always remain true to our visi on.”


Musk himself brings a tremendous amount of value to all his ventures. Just take a look around the automotive and space sectors he operates in; there are no other comparable charismatic leaders to build a brand around. When it comes to building a personal brand, especially on social media, Desislava Dobreva knows how to best harness them.

“Regardless of how anyone feels about Elon personally, every Millennial should follow what he does closely. Why? Because while we’re all screaming about wanting to change the world, he’s actually doing it right in front of our eyes. Nobody wants to wake up 20 years later and go “Darn, they were right… I should have listened to him!

Musk is by far one of the most celebrated living business leaders in history.  All of his achievements has been via very unorthodox means, which really captures the attention of millennials.

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