How Early Should I Get To The Airport For An International Flight?

For an international flight, a general concept is to arrive at the airport in advance to allow enough time to check-in and other necessary procedures. Keep reading if you want to know the answer to how early I should get to the airport for an international flight. 

The question of how early to arrive at the airport is always a contention since flights became available for large masses, which may be stress-inducing congestion at airports. 

The conventional time to arrive at the airport is three hours before an international flight; however, we will try to figure out whether it still works the same way. As all flyers have different preferences, some people want to get to the airport early to avoid stress, and some want to wait less. 

Different faculties recommend arriving at the airport two hours before your international flight; that would be enough time to get dropped off or even park cars, check the bags and documents, get through security, and get to their gates. 

Getting to the airport too early or too late is quite complicated as it depends on various factors. This article will help you find the elements when deciding how to get to the airport early. Or what happens if I get to the airport too early? 

External factors affecting arrival at the airport

If someone has planned any dream holiday or business trip, they must first consider how early they must reach the airport to catch their flight. 

There could be various external factors, such as traffic on the way and pressure of people near the airport, as thousands of people arrive and depart from airports daily. It is recommended to plan and check the exact time of the flight to make arrangements. 

There are two types of people: those who arrive at the airport hours before to avoid any uncertain situation and those who reach the eleventh hour. Everyone does things according to their perspectives and approach, some are early birds, and some take risks and deal with the pressure quickly. 

Missing your flight could be an awful experience that may easily disturb everything, including the schedule and flight itinerary. One must do some homework on when to get to the airport to avoid inconvenience. 

Some of the following external factors are why you must arrive early for international flights. 

  • Traffic jams
  • Unreliable transport 
  • Extra time in the parking 
  • Busy airports 
  • Road work
  • Unfavorable weather conditions
  • Pack documents 
  • To deal with anxiety 
  • To meet the requirements of boarding the plane 
  • Heading to any wrong airport
  • Have you been to the same airport before? 
  • Language barrier 
  • Third-party ticket providers failed to book tickets 

Traffic jams 

There are chances of rush hours, accidents, road work, and other uncertain incidents. One must choose the date and time to reach the airport. Google map is always a great idea that may provide you with a real-life estimate. 

Unreliable transport 

Usually, people rely on others to get to the airport, so transport is not totally in your control. People take services to taxis, private drivers, public transportation, or shuttles. One should be on time to avoid miscommunication, delays, and problems. 

Extra time in the parking 

If someone is driving alone, they need time to find an available and right parking spot while ensuring the vehicle’s safety. 

Busy airports 

Some people do not like busy and crowded places; nobody wants annoying noise and screaming kids. If someone is traveling during high season, they will face tight traffic and longer lines. Additionally, extra rush can make things more complex and risk unwanted surprises. 

Road work 

Google Maps will not inform you about road work or any diversion; leaving for the airport on time is always better. 

Unfavorable weather conditions

Always watch weather forecasts, as it may affect your journey in several ways. Depending on what season you are traveling, whether rain, snow, or both, it may slow down traffic mobility or even more the chances of accidents are there. 

Pack documents 

One must pack their passport, required documents, medicines, or any essential item. If you reach on time and any paper you need to add, you will have enough time to manage things. 

To deal with anxiety 

One may feel anxious during traveling due to lack of sleep, early morning hours, and long journeys. During traveling, anyone could be a victim of mental hiccups if there is some flight delay or similar trouble. 

To meet the requirements of boarding the plane 

The requirement is usually a return ticket to the destination, and the airline crew may not agree with whatever you read online. You can make arrangements if anything is missing by reaching on time. 

Heading to any wrong airport 

It seems strange, but there could be favorable chances of reaching the wrong airport in other countries. Other countries can have several airports you need to be aware of, resulting in taking you to the wrong airport and wasting money and time simultaneously. 


Sometimes different airports have similar codes, which may confuse you; even Google may confuse you. There could be a lot of information that needs to be updated, or you may need to look into it. 

Have you been to the same airport before? 

Suppose you are unfamiliar with the airport; better to budget your time accordingly. However, if you are going to a particular airport, you are well acquainted with it; then you may manage things easily without any tight margin. 

Language barrier 

In other countries, you may face a language barrier and be unable to guide the driver appropriately, and he may need clarification at several airports. We recommend navigating the driver with a map and pointing to the airport. 

Third-party ticket providers failed to book tickets

If you never book your tickets directly, be careful with the person providing ticket services. There could be some issues in receiving credit from airlines, and you need time to call customer services or that guy who took responsibility for booking your tickets. 

Other influencing factors at the airport arrival 

Checking in online is always a good idea to save time and allow yourself to cover any missed transit connection or unseen events. 

Estimating the perfect time to leave for the airport could be daunting as we can not guess the check-in queue or how long it may take to get through airport security. Check the following before starting your airport journey. 

  • How far is your living place from the airport? 
  • Are you going by car or using public transport? 
  • Will you go under the check of luggage? 
  • Are you traveling with anyone who needs proper guidelines or assistance? 
  • Whether the airport is big or small. 
  • How far will you have to walk? 
  • Are you traveling in a busy season? 

How early should you get to the airport for domestic flights? 

Domestic flights usually recommend arriving at the airport two hours before your flight. Ninety minutes to two hours is safe to choose before departure of a domestic flight. However, the flexible timings for reaching the airport will depend on the specifics of your travel situation. 

Domestic airports typically have far smaller crowds and shorter check-in lines which could be a pleasant experience. These airports are not major international hubs, so there would not be much hustle and bustle. 

If you are already checked in online, there would be no luggage checking or any other formalities. You would have enough time to roam the airport and shop for gifts or souvenirs. 

To make it a pleasant experience, you must estimate arrival around 2 hours before the flight. On average, you may need:

  • The queue for bag drop or check-in: 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Get through security: 30 minutes. 
  • Get to your gate: 10 to 20 minutes. 

Following such a schedule will provide you a half an hour sitting at the gate, all set to board. Most of the flights start boarding half an hour before the flight, and such time management will make the transaction very smooth. 

On the other hand, queues could be longer than usual if you travel during peak travel time during a holiday or high-rated event. Hence, it would be best to have additional time to avoid disturbance. 

Why do you have to be at the airport 3 hours early for an international flight?

Most airlines recommend arriving at the airport three hours before departure to get into an international flight. This arrival time is suitable due to the following reasons: 

  • There are larger planes for international traveling than domestic ones; therefore, they compete with more people to check-in, security, baggage drop desks, and even assess refreshments near their gates. 

Whereas domestic flights have flexible numbers depending on the situation, one may expedite the process by checking in online and not checking a bag. 

  • It is common for international flights to start boarding earlier than domestic flights. International planes take longer to board due to the higher number of passengers, so they start boarding earlier. 
  • International terminals are often more significant to adjust to massive crowds, requiring more walking to get to your gate. 
  • Depending on the destination, some countries undergo strict security and document checking, requiring more time, and you must reach the airport early. 

Important factors which influence how much time you will need at the airport?

Better safe than sorry in terms of expensive international traveling; reaching in time will take you to the desired place on time. To get things right, checking and then periodically double-checking things such as check-in and departure times is essential. 

You must budget more time for yourself if you are traveling out of a large international airport, as these airports are much busier than smaller or regional airports. One must consider the following influencing factors before reaching the airport. 

What time of the year are you traveling?

The season you are traveling can impact how busy the airport is. Remember that wait times are lower in winter as people only travel a little. In comparison, the demand for travel picks up significantly in the summer. 

What time of day are you traveling? 

The time of the flight is also essential as it may impact the rush at the airport. Usually, the earliest and the latest flights of the day are the cheapest but only a little famous among travelers. 

In comparison, midday flights are more common; at that time, airports could be busier than late-night or early-morning flights. 

Are you traveling alone or with a group? 

If you are traveling alone, it could be easy to move faster than with a group. Consider the situation and time management before deciding on your trip. It is essential to arrange everything before families travel with small children. 

Do you have bags to check? 

If you do not have any checking bags, you can go straight to screening without wasting time at the airport. Moreover, if anyone plans to check the bag, some offer a self-check kiosk that may allow you to drop your bag at the desk. 

If the airports do not provide a self-check kiosk, you must wait in line to check your bags. If you are standing in a queue to check bags, you need to stay with other passengers, and it could be a very time-taking procedure depending on the number of staff. 

There are chances you can wait for half an hour or sometimes get through the queue within five minutes. Therefore, the best way to save time is by avoiding check bags at all. The average time for this process could be fifteen minutes or so. 

Do you have a TSA PreCheck? 

Getting through security could be the biggest time saver more than anything else. TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) PreCheck is a Trusted Traveler program under the Department of Homeland Security, which allows approved members to undergo a streamlined security process. 

The TSA comes up with shorter wait times for the people who have signed up for TSA PreCheck, and you will save the exact amount of time. The site TSA Wait Times can give travelers a rough estimate of the current estimate of waiting across the country. 

Under the TSA PreCheck, you do not need to remove a laptop or liquids from your bag, shoes, jacket, or anything else. One may sign up for five years with signing up fees of $85 with a background check and an interview. 

Do you have priority check-in or airline elite status? 

People who have airline elite status or manage a co-branded airline card usually undergo priority checks which may speed up the process at the airport. The elite-status traveler has a dedicated line that allows them to move to the front. 

To get the airline elite status, you must follow the conditions, which may vary from airline to airline. However, most airlines offer priority check-ins for their members. 

Sign up for clear 

Clear is also a famous security expedition program, but it is a private operation that may cost $189 annually. It may expedite the ID check portion of the security process; after verifying the identity, one may go right to the front of the general security line. 

Signing up for Clear will let you skip the front of the security line in certain airports. One may pair it with TSA PreCheck for the fastest security experience. 

Are you planning to visit an airport lounge? 

After reviewing basic requirements like bag checks and airport security, you may visit the airport lounge. Airport lounge access one can avail with a credit card which significantly enhances the experience of waiting for your flight. 

Instead of waiting at the gate or overpaying at some expensive food court, the airport lounge could be a nice place to relax and charge up your devices while enjoying complimentary food and drinks while waiting for your flight. 

We suggest our readers get a credit card with airport lounge access and lounge networks. Additionally, some cards offer many packages while traveling with any specific airline. 

Can you check in ahead of time? 

Airlines offer to check online 24 hours ahead, which may reduce the chances of getting bumped from your flight. 

Online check-in 

Almost all airlines offer the option of online check-in, with the possibility of 24 hours before the flight’s departure time. One may complete the procedure even on their mobile or any other device, which may also suggest some time to arrive at the airport. 

Checking in online is like the same document as a boarding pass. People need to reach the airport before the scheduled departure time of an international flight. In the case of major airlines, the flight bag drop closes around 60 minutes before departure, and it takes 45 minutes for short-haul flights. 

How early to arrive at small airports? 

While focusing on some key factors, you can get to the airport at the right time. When planning to travel from minor airports, determine how big or busy the departure airport is. Travelers should monitor current travel situations and allow themselves more time than usual. 

For domestic or short-haul flights, one must check in two hours before your gate and one hour before the departure. We can determine the airport’s arrival time by knowing the flight’s departure time. 

Ask yourself whether you can access faster queues while gaining some benefits from airlines. Are you traveling with family or alone, and what would be the cost if you miss the flight? 

A rule of thumb for a short-haul flight at a small airport is getting to the airport 2 hours before departure. Such time will ensure to make it through security checks smoothly and get to the gate. 

Whatever you plan to go anywhere you want, whether on holidays or any trip, you will get enough time to eat or browse the surroundings. Boarding for domestic flights usually begins 45 minutes before departure time, and boarding gates close about 30 minutes before the scheduled time. 

The current situation at airports is unprecedented as hundreds and thousands of people travel and may be affected by crowds and delays. 

We suggest you always follow your airline’s travel guidelines as if every passenger comes early, the airport will be more crowded and messy. A domestic flight can take off without you, whether your checked baggage is on the plane or you are losing track of the time. 

To avoid any unusual circumstances, one may lose time tracking at the airport, and if you are in some checked baggage queue, it can take more time. Rush hours may extend bag drop lines; therefore, the concept of reaching the airport before 40 minutes for a domestic flight is unfavorable, and you won’t be able to make it on time. 

How early should I get to the airport for an international flight covid? 

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was mandated that passengers ages two and older traveling to the United States have to show a negative Corona test. 

According to airline guidelines, they were not accepting the negative test taken more than one calendar day before departure. Additionally, if you are not a U.S. citizen or entering on an immigrant visa, you must still show proof of vaccination. 

It is obvious that airports are always busy, and there are higher chances of getting into the queue, so one must consider this while planning your airport. Covid checks were always strict; however, how many countries eased up restrictions. 

During COVID-19, one has to provide negative Corona tests, have to follow strict SOPs, or may undergo COVID tests at the airport. Even after easing restrictions, airport security still may ask you to show proof of vaccination or a passenger locator form. 

While standard airport procedures, including checking bags and going through security, some new approaches might look different during the pandemic. It could be time-consuming as you must show vaccination proof, a negative result, and other relevant documents. 

At the same time, during security checks and other things, one can undergo some extra questioning; therefore, everyone used to be on time at the airport to be safer. 

The people seeking answers to how early I should get to the airport for an international flight in 2020 must know that COVID-19 slowed down the normal process of getting on the flight. Checking in to your flight, checking bags, and security were the same, though almost all airlines added a new health-screening process. 

Post-pandemic traveling 

In the post-pandemic era, most of the documentation is digital. Frequent travelers and savvy fliers are well aware of some travel hacks, such as they prefer to carry only hand-carry luggage to avoid check-in queues. 

Moreover, they do light packing and print out boarding passes at home or use mobile boarding passes. Check your airline luggage drop-off instructions or whether online check-in is available, which may save you time. 

Now things are pretty relaxed, and people do not need to undergo any traumatic or uncertain contact with the pandemic virus. Avoiding crowds and taking precautions is always a better idea. 

The pandemic has no more prolonged impact on how early I should get to the airport for an international flight, even though there is no more extended requirement to wear a mask in United States airports, onboard flights, and other forms of transportation. 

When is the best time to avoid crowds at the airport? 

If anyone has the flexibility, they must choose off-season for traveling during the year, and slower periods in the week, which would be better. Such adaptations will help you to get the best off-season deals and avoid crowds. 

Keep the time of the day in mind when booking flights, so choose the early or mid-morning instead of 7 to 8 am as it could be a heavy traffic time at airports. Additionally, you will find less crowd in the late evening, around 9:30 pm and later. 

How often may one check their flight status? 

Whatever time you reach the airport, a delayed or canceled flight can ruin everything. Thus, we suggest our readers check their flight status frequently before leaving for the airport. 

Generally, airlines have apps that will keep informing you of any potential delays or changes in boarding time or gate number. 

What happens if I get to the airport too early? 

When you reach the terminal on time, you may have ample time to get to the airport and avoid any traffic delay in the very first place. It would be accessible when you see a longer line while checking a bag line or if the screening line is busy. 

Reaching a time will allow you to not rush through any step and go through things comfortably. Many people love to roam around at the airport, making reels for their social handles, getting coffee, and having a good time. 

Traveling by air can be stressful for various reasons, most of which are out of your control, and showing up early may avoid the stress of running out of time. Getting to an airport on time will ensure the flight is completed on time, as it could be a stressful practice. 

Many airports are full of artistic distractions and exhibit exciting shops, eateries, and historical shops. One may bring any book, work, a list of phone calls, etc. 

On the flip side, airports usually have a time limit on how early you can check in, as you can only check bags up to four hours before departure time. Even at some airports, the check-in windows are shorter and will not allow you to check in, so always check the airport and airlines policy before departure.


Knowing how early I should get to the airport for an international flight will help me invest extra time, decrease the risk of missing a flight, and gain peace of mind, especially when the journey to the airport is longer. Most airports offer free wifi, and you can find various ways to entertain yourself longer before the check-in, or you may keep books with you to entertain yourself. 

How early to arrive at the small airport? International flyers should arrive at the airport earlier than domestic flyers, as they have additional check-in requirements, before receiving boarding passes. Moreover, international flights begin their boarding process 15 to 30 minutes before domestic flights due to the larger size of the plane. 

Whether you are traveling domestic or international flight, give yourself extra time, and always best as a caution or avoid the torture of missing your flight. Be considerate of the factors you can not control, and do not weigh your schedule against your comfort level, which may cause anxiety. It is better to reach the airport before time as the rush comes with its burdens. 

Why do you have to be at the airport three hours early for international flights? Following two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before the global flight arrival rule at the airport can ensure plenty of time before boarding, and one may avoid any unusual inconvenience. 

Travel is back, but the post-pandemic era could be full of long airport lines and cautionary measures that may disturb the timing of getting through any airport. One must be cautious rather than risk missing a flight, as traveling can be unpredictable.

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