What Is The Best Time To Post On Reddit? A Guide To Gaining Maximum Traffic on Reddit

You’ve probably heard of Reddit by now – it’s regarded as the first page of the internet. It is also an excellent method to curate material and share it with others, so it’s essential to know the best time to post on Reddit to generate maximum traffic and upvotes for your post. Follow this article to learn how to maximize traffic to your Reddit posts.

Reddit stands out among social media platforms in a world filled with others that offer features similar to Reddit’s own characteristics. It is a jam-packed site where users may express their ideas in front of the entire community. Knowing the optimal time to post on Reddit can help you receive lots of upvotes and attention. Reddit is ideally regarded as the front page of the internet and is a fantastic way to share content with like-minded people.

To know when your content would gain maximum reach on Reddit, marketers should research when content does well on Reddit and then post around those periods. Because if you upload at the correct time, your content will receive hundreds of views and thus boost your business or anything you are trying to promote.

As has been repeatedly demonstrated, the time of day you post on Reddit can significantly impact how many people view your post. The volume of traffic to Reddit varies considerably throughout the day. To maximize visibility, you should post on Reddit when traffic is at its peak so that it can get enough traction and move up the page. Additionally, this encourages early conversation in the comments, which keeps people reading your post for hours after you’ve posted it.

If you are new to the world of Reddit and are looking to market your product or services on Reddit or, in general, want to generate traffic and gain upvotes for your post, then follow this article to get all the necessary information on the basics of posting on Reddit and the best time to post on Reddit.

What is Reddit?

One of the most well-known websites on the internet is Reddit, where you can find groups centered on just about anything. Keep in mind that Reddit might appear to be a bewildering maze of abbreviations, symbols, inside jokes, and other odd content if you’re unfamiliar with it.

Reddit is primarily a social sharing platform. It comprises user-submitted material, images, and links that all users can vote on. Interesting content rises to the top thanks to this meritocratic system, while dull posts sink to the bottom.

Reddit is the source of the majority of internet memes and viral sensations as a result. Reddit is a different universe. Because of this, “Snoo,” the recognizable alien from Reddit, is the ideal mascot for this peculiar community-based platform.

How does Reddit work?

It might be scary for someone still getting used to Reddit’s operations. There is a lot of information on Reddit; however, it looks a little weird and has a complex interface. Reddit is the ideal online forum for those who wish to exchange ideas, get assistance, or connect with a large community. Over 330 million individuals use Reddit each month, according to CNBC. The exact amount of people using Twitter. Reddit, however, does not have a word limit as Twitter does.

Reddit is a massive website split up into countless smaller communities known as subreddits. A board dedicated to a particular subject is all that a subreddit is. Each one starts with, such as Subreddits usually have their own look, rules, and expectations.

You will see a feed of the most popular posts from different subreddits (“subs”) when you visit Reddit’s homepage (when not logged in). You can open a post by clicking on the title to read the comments, view the full-sized image, or go to the link.

Nearly everything has its Subreddit. There are Subreddits for images of Hitler wearing socks and sections on politics, programming, sports, and foreign news. Some Subreddits contain conversations, and each Subreddit serves the same purpose as the main page: to update a list of exciting things per the interests of the people interested in such things.

But Subreddit is more than just a place to dump links; it’s a vibrant community with traditions, dialects, and moderators. It’s where everybody recognizes your name or, to be more specific, your username. Subreddits are auxiliary discussions or sections on the Reddit website. They let users upload content that focuses on a particular interest or topic and can be voted up or down based on relevancy and user preference.


Theoretically, upvoting indicates that you believe a post or remark should be seen by more people or that it advances the discussion. By downvoting a post or remark, you are expressing your opinion that it is not important enough for others to read. Upvoting and downvoting a post leaves a calculated score shown on the post. The posts with the most upvotes will make the content more visible on the user’s front page.

This straightforward system and a few invisible algorithms determine what becomes popular on Reddit. A post might appear on the front page of Reddit if it accumulates enough points in its own subreddit. You have a feed on Reddit, and your feed adapts to your interests and only displays the best content for you. The main page will only display the Subreddits you need when you join the ones you like and unsubscribe from the ones you don’t.

What is karma on Reddit, and is it important?

You gain karma when people upvote your posts and comments. Karma is a score in numbers that shows up on your profile page. Although it claims to indicate how much a user has contributed to Reddit, this is merely a figure with no real significance.

While you might not profit financially from it, a sizable number of Karma will let other users know that you contribute to the community. In other words, the most popular material will always be found at the top of the page. Reddit also uses a time decay mechanism, which lessens the importance of older posts and makes it simpler for fresh ones to gain traction.

How to create a post on Reddit?

To begin with, you must register for a Reddit account. A “sign up” button is visible at the homepage’s top right corner. If you already have an account, you can simply sign in to your existing The “login” button is located in the exact location for sign-up.

Creating a Reddit post

A post can be created in two different ways. You can click the “make post” icon in the top left corner if you want to create your subreddit or aren’t sure which subreddit to post to. It looks like a pencil sketching a line and is located on the taskbar at the top of the page.

By clicking on this, you’ll be taken to a new page where you can get creative and add text, links, photos, polls, and anything else you like. If necessary, you can add spoiler and NSFW (Not Safe For Work) tags.

Reddit’s panel features four tabs at the top which include posts, images & videos, links, and polls. You can add a different element using each tab. You can drag and drop an image from another window onto your desktop to upload it to Reddit, or you can choose the images from your computer. You can include several pictures and videos.

Posting on a subreddit

You must make a post to a subreddit; you cannot simply let your post-float without being anchored to a category. Following the subreddit you wish to post first is advised. In this manner, you may simply add your post after you’ve finished writing it.

You may also use the search box to locate the subreddit you want to add to. The “create post” box is located in the top right corner of the page once you are on the feed. This will enable you to contribute to this subreddit, but be careful if you post in the incorrect subreddit; you’ll receive bad karma!

Posting on Reddit using a mobile app

Reddit has its app, so you can access it from anywhere, just like many decent social media platforms do. You can go to your app store and look up “Reddit.” Once within the app, sign in by tapping the profile button in the upper-right corner. Then, you may either look for a subreddit or navigate to the one you have already subscribed to.

It is similar to posting from a computer to a post made using an app. Click the orange pencil in the screen’s center to add a post. The program also lets you add a wide variety of pictures and links. Then all you have to do is click the post in the top right corner, and you can publish your post on Reddit.

How to create positive karma-producing posts on Reddit?

For your posts to stand out and get noticed by Reddit users, it’s not only necessary to post them at the right time, but your post must be created to catch attention and upvotes, which leads to positive karma. So before we get to the best time to post on Reddit, let’s consider how to construct the perfect post.

Headline of post

Instead of using clickbait titles, create personal and welcoming headlines. Redditors dislike clickbait. Don’t follow blog headline patterns. Examine the headlines that have received a large number of upvotes and mimic their methods of headline creation. Keep in mind that different subreddits favor various styles of headlines.

Body of post

On Reddit, original material is the only way to go. Reposting from your website or other social media sites is not permitted. Make posts tailored to the Reddit audience. Make sure that the information you offer is valuable. You must demonstrate that you are an active part of the community. You can put a few internal links within the body of your text if the subreddit allows it.

You can even add gifs, photos, videos, and AMAs (ask me anything that invites Redditors to ask a person any question they want; users or brands in suitable subreddits can host them). After putting up your post, try to be active and reply to all the queries and concerns of people that are responding to your post.

Reddit users are highly protective of the communities they’ve built and despise people or corporations who try to take over a subreddit for personal gain. Users in Reddit groups gather for various reasons – interests, social aspirations, or simply for fun – and you must respect this if you want to be successful on this social site.

Best time to post on Reddit

Reddit has enormous potential for digital marketing experts; thus, it’s a very effective social media platform for people trying to get their brands recognized or for people trying to get themselves recognized. However, with such a loyal community of users, organically integrating Reddit into the overall social media strategy implies barriers and challenges. Instead of attracting new leads, you might end up disappointing the community.

The site has a lot of feeds, and the user interface can be confusing for a beginner. Most people may not know how to post on Reddit because there are many community rules, subreddits, and post restrictions. Thus it was necessary to go over all the steps of the basics of Reddit. Reddit is easy to use, but understanding the platform, its etiquette, and the best time to post on it can be tricky.

It’s simple to assume that the busiest times are the ideal times to post on Reddit. However, marketers should research the best times to publish content on Reddit and then do it. You might potentially acquire thousands of views for your material in just a few minutes if you upload at the right moment.

Reddit posts can be made at any time of the day, anywhere, and on any subreddit that you have access to. However, there are undoubtedly better and, in terms of statistics, “optimal” times to post content to reach your intended audience.

The ideal time to post on Reddit, in general

The ideal time to post on Reddit is between 6 and 8 am on Mondays, from 7-9 am, and 8 to 12 pm on Saturdays and Sundays (timings are as per US central time), respectively, at the other end of the week. You can get the most out of your Reddit efforts if you post early in the morning and on Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

The good news is that you can post to Reddit whenever you want and are not required to follow the guidelines. To assist you in determining the ideal times to post for you, we’ll go over some basic recommendations and the optimum time to post on Reddit.

  • The best time to post on Reddit on Monday is 6 AM to 8 AM
  • The best time to post on Reddit on Tuesday is 6 AM to 8 AM
  • The best time to post on Reddit on Wednesday is 6 AM
  • The best time to post on Reddit on Thursday is 4 AM to 8 AM
  • The best time to post on Reddit on Friday is 4 AM to 10 AM
  • The best time to post on Reddit on Saturday is 12 AM to 2 AM and 6 AM to 4 PM
  • The best time to post on Reddit on Sunday is 6 AM to 10 AM

Most Reddit users are based out of the United States; therefore, if you want your Reddit material to be effective, you need to consider when they are online the most. The timeframes mentioned above make it evident that Monday mornings are ideal for posting, as are weekends on both Saturday and Sunday.

A study on the best Reddit post timings found that posts published on the weekends outperformed the posts published on weekdays by a wide margin. The primary cause of this is that users prefer to visit Reddit on weekends since they may interact with other users at those times.

What are Reddit peak hours on a daily basis?

Reddit’s busiest times are from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM EST. Since the majority of Reddit users will be online during these hours and viewing material, it makes sense for you, as a marketer, blogger, or content provider, to publish your best work during these busy periods.

Why does posting at the best time on Reddit matter?

Posting at the best time on Reddit matters because once you know when to upload your posts, you can navigate the content overflow. When browsing through their feeds, people will pause to view your content; it’s up to you whether you want to use the information to determine the slower periods and take advantage of the busiest times to maximize traffic to your posts on Reddit.

Why does Reddit’s best time to post differ so much from other social platforms?

The ideal time to publish on Reddit is frequently thought to be similar to that on Facebook or Instagram. Contrary to popular belief, the middle of the workweek is not the ideal time to upload to your Reddit account.

During the workweek, many users are undoubtedly logged into their Reddit accounts, but relatively few will have the time to connect with other users. Because Reddit requires time to be appropriately used, the real action happens on the weekends when individuals can sit back, unwind, and check their feeds.

As people have the entire day to upvote and interact with it, posting on Reddit in the early morning hours is helpful. Additionally, it gives room to spark debate about your content. By posting in the morning, you can be sure that people in all six US time zones and the four nearby continental time zones will have the entire day to view your Reddit posts. They’ll have a better chance of seeing your post multiple times if they frequently visit that particular subreddit post.

When should we post on Reddit on weekdays?

Despite what we just witnessed, some data suggests that posting content to Reddit on weekdays is a good idea. Reddit receives the greatest traffic on weekdays, which explains why.

Since many people are huddled around computers and other devices during the workweek, marketers may have a “captive audience” of users and visitors. Still, many of them have little time, such as during their lunch break, to actively participate by upvoting as well as browsing and staying longer on the site.

Reddit is a social networking service based in the United States. As a result, the platform’s traffic relies heavily on US visitors. According to studies, these users come to Reddit first thing in the morning. The volume of traffic increases at lunch breaks and towards the end of the day when individuals have finished their job. Thus, these are the best times if you wish to post during the week.

The best time to submit content is 9 a.m. Eastern time. It is advantageous since you can catch consumers in the Central time zone before they leave for work and in the Pacific time zone when they wake up. This time is good because it is not too late for the post to appear before users in the Eastern time zone go to lunch.

For example, suppose you post content at 1 p.m. Eastern time, and your previous postings are older than this one. It will allow you to climb to the top of a subreddit and stay there all day. According to these statistics, the best time to submit to most subreddits is between 8.30 am and 10.30 am Eastern Time on working days.

Posting content on Reddit on weekends

Despite the misconception that since people would be at work using computers, they will have more time to read Reddit posts. That may not be the case, though, as people may find it challenging to take a break from their busy schedules to vote or read on the website.


According to experts, people can spend more time online on the weekends. They have more free time and can surf the site, comment, and upvote. It has been seen as a favorite weekend activity for many people.

Your post will benefit from being seen by Americans all day if you post in the early morning hours. The user will have a greater opportunity to participate in a conversation, which will draw more attention to your news item on Reddit. It is always advisable to respond to people’s inquiries and comments. It will guarantee that the remark on the post may be found if any other user searches for this subreddit in the future.

Best time to post on Reddit according to other subreddits


Sharing scientific research subjects and talking about the most recent developments in fields like astronomy, physics, social science, biology, and more are the main focuses of this subreddit. This subreddit’s prime posting hours are Friday at 4 AM, Sunday at 8 AM, and Monday at 7 AM.


This subreddit features everything gaming-related, including board games, card games, and video games, but not sports. Statistically, it turns out that the best times to post here are Tuesday at 8 AM, Wednesday at 2 PM, and Thursday at 5 PM.


This subreddit features memes and humorous videos. It contains a wealth of humor. People posting humor can find this subreddit very useful. According to our analysis, Wednesday noon, Friday noon, and 11 AM are the greatest times to post.


This Reddit subreddit is perfect for movie lovers. On Reddit, you can find any kind of movie-related information. The greatest times to post content on movies are Monday at 9 AM, Monday at 11 AM, and Tuesday at 4 PM.


One of the platform’s earliest subreddits is r/Askreddit. It is intended to elicit thoughtful questions from readers. On this subreddit, the ideal times to post are on Friday at 8:00 AM, Monday at 7:00 AM, and Friday at 1:00 PM. Each subreddit needs to be covered at least once a day; hence one should look at the weekly results to comprehend this.

One thing to keep in mind is that there may be post-popularity elements that are difficult to detect through numbers. You should carefully consider and adjust your posting schedule to fit in with subreddits dedicated to TV series, sports, gaming, or other topics with a regular activity cycle.


Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms where you can read content, comment, and join discussions. Posting on the platform can be challenging for beginners, but it gets easier with time. Even though we tried our best to equip you with all the basics about the best time to post on Reddit, it’s still hard to understand it without just jumping in and starting to post on Reddit frequently.

But, once you start, you will never look back, as Reddit offers an organic reach, and you’ll not be disappointed by the feedback you receive. You don’t have to enter content marketing blindly; a quick analysis can provide knowledge that will help you and save you a tonne of time. You’ll notice that the “best time to post on Reddit” window increases, and your posts will perform better if you produce quality material and establish a solid reputation on the relevant subreddits.

The unassuming digital juggernaut is Reddit. After Google, Youtube, and Facebook, Reddit has the fourth-highest Alexa traffic ranking among US websites. Reddit is one of the online gravitational centers for millions of individuals in the United States and worldwide. So try and post quality content and become an active member of the community you are trying to influence.