How Artist Diogo Snow Brings Miami Vibes to Toronto

Diogo Snow is a multi-hyphenate in the creative world — coming from a background in singing and playing multiple instruments, he ventured into his art career doing graffiti when he was a teenager. From humble beginnings, Diogo Snow started tagging on the streets of Brazil at 14 years old — but then took his art more seriously. He’d ask permission to paint graffiti; and with his Walkman stereo and a couple of cans of spray paint, he’d paint all day and get lost in it. At the age of 21, his mother gave him a choice: either go to the local university or live with his brother in Canada. After being robbed three times in the span of a month — and at gunpoint, no less — it wasn’t a hard decision for him at all.

It was another two years after Diogo Snow’s arrival in Canada before he started playing music again — and after working in construction, playing music in a band and going solo, and working in an office setting over the span of 15 years or so, he realized that he wanted to take up art again. He went to the one place that would bring him peace: the art store — there, he bought art supplies and a canvas. He had never painted on canvas before, and only ever painted murals back home — but he wanted to try his hand at it. Diogo would post his art on his Instagram

and people fell in love with what he created. They showed him love in the comments and commended him in his DM’s – and then he got his first inquiry about a sale. Diogo didn’t even consider selling his work, and let it go at cost. Once his colourful Miami style art began to attract considerable attention, more requests came in asking to buy his artwork, and he began to see the possibilities. 

Then, a request that changed his art career. The owner of  Luxuri Rental — the #1 leading vacation rental in Miami — contacted him to paint a mural for the Picasso mansion. He and the owner planned out what the mural would be and what it would like, and Diogo was there for an entire day painting the mural. It sparked the excitement in him to start painting murals again — something he hadn’t done since he was a teenager. The next day, Tory Lanez asked to shoot a music video at the Picasso mansion — and when the video was released, he had Diogo’s mural in the background. This was the best publicity for Diogo Snow — soon, his name became recognized and well-known by many around the world. He began to develop his signature for colourful and abstract art, and he became known for bringing the life of Miami to Toronto. 

Shortly after, he secured a deal with the Petroff Gallery in Forest Hill, Ontario, Canada, and they displayed his art — never before displaying abstract art like his at their gallery. He painted with his signature style, but still made sure it suited the gallery — and after that, Second Avenue Gallery in Miami made a deal with him, and it was there that he did his first art show where he was the main artist. His mural at the mansion and his art deal with Second Avenue Gallery are the two most notable launching points of his career, and more and more people began recognizing him in Miami — getting him clients and recognition, from celebrities and artisans alike. 

While attending Art Basel — the biggest art show in the world — Diogo painted three lawn chairs to donate to a charity event that the Miami gallery was hosting. He had three art shows at Art Basel in 2019, and it was there that he was sponsored by Full Throttle Exotics to wrap a Rolls Royce and drive it at the art show. The Rolls Royce wasn’t the only luxury vehicle Diogo Snow wrapped with his work. In Toronto, a friend contacted him to spray paint a Ferrari — something Diogo always wanted to do; and being the first to do it, he jumped at the chance. He also collaborated with Pars Moto to paint an Audi R8 and painted a boat for his friend that caught the attention of many as it sailed Lake Ontario. Diogo Snow collaborated with notable artist Daniel Mazzone to create a mural for Electric Tattoo, painted murals for four restaurants throughout Toronto, and well-known coffee shop Coco Espresso Bar in the luxurious area of Yorkville. He recently painted a vibrant, eye-catching mural on the exterior of Prompt Dance Academy, visible from well-travelled Highway 400 by the Yorkdale Shopping Centre. To add even more to his impressive portfolio, he collaborated with Elegance Aroma and custom hand-painted each of their Scenting Machines — giving each machine its own explosion of colour — an exciting prelude to their cologne and perfume launch that’s soon to come. 

Soon, he wasn’t just painting murals. He started painting sculptures and statues too — finding older, high-value ones and painting them with his colourful signature. It brought life to these once stagnant statues and brought happiness to people. That’s the theme of Diogo’s work — other than it being a joyful, creative outlet for him, his art also sparks happiness in others as it does for him. He not only has been able to do that but has been able to continue with it, and create art that’s better than the last. His most recent piece was on one of the trucks from his friend’s transportation company Krome Transportation. He painted a message to frontline workers that was driven across the country; thanking them for their work in helping us fight the pandemic, and affirming that Canada is together. 

Diogo Snow is also proud to have been the Canadian artist chosen by Universal Studios, along with another artist from California, to paint a mural in tribute to rapper JuiceWrld posthumously. These career-milestones — along with creating art for big names like Justin Bieber, Drake, Megan Thee Stallion and Neymar Junior to name a few — create an impressive CV for Diogo Snow. And with there being no sign of slowing down in sight, Diogo Snow is destined to have his name alongside the greats.