Cameron Farthing’s Advancement from a Professional Diver to a 7-figure Business in the Digital Marketing Industry

‘The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks’ is a famous saying that perfectly summarizes the importance of taking risks in order to succeed. It is considered vital to believe in your goals and establish the pillars of your career accordingly. Every successful business has started with an entrepreneur who was not afraid of uncertainty. Similarly, 17-year-old Cameron Farthing took the leap of faith and dropped out of college to discover his path in life and now at 25 is the co-founder and CEO of The Normal Company, a global digital marketing agency. 

Cameron Farthing believes it was his passion that led him to his perfect destination. He lived in rural Scotland, and at 17 he started struggling with bad grades at college. He felt his determination to continue had started to fade. There was no right answer to what he wanted from life. He was eager to make it on his own, and so he dropped out of college. He had discovered commercial diving was a well-earning job and followed the footsteps of a relative. He loaned 12,000 pounds from his father for the training course. The job was extremely dangerous and not rewarding contrary to what he had expected. Additionally, the job was also difficult in terms of locality and hours, requiring Cameron to stay away from home regularly. After 3 years of hard work, he decided this was not his calling, and he was meant to do something different in life. 

The realization of a different life led Farthing to explore a variety of different businesses. He started with a Youtube channel. This was followed by a business to sell Instagram accounts and then later affiliate marketing and reselling sneakers. Whilst on his search, he discovered dropshipping and e-commerce. Within his first few weeks, he earned a profit of 4000 pounds. This made it evident that Cameron had stumbled in the right direction. He strategized his business model to accommodate the growing sales and profits, and in 10 months his profits began surpassing 6-figures. This acceleration drove him to finally quit his job as a commercial diver. A single e-commerce store led to the development of several stores each generating a substantial profit. This profitability was a huge sign of success, and his determination towards e-commerce and digital marketing grew remarkably. 

Cameron Farthing finally discovered his passion and needed to combine this with his profession. He learned from the various top digital marketers he was working amongst. The experience and his comprehension led to the development of The Normal Company. This company is a remarkable digital marketing agency that is functioning on the grounds of everything Cameron Farthing believed in. They have aimed to help brands achieve excellent growth. One of the examples being that the company has helped a brand that was previously earning $40,000 in monthly sales to make over $250,000 in monthly sales within 5 months. Their achievements are increasing day by day, and they continue to prove that e-commerce is their bread and butter.

Cameron Farthing often speaks about the importance of personal development in his successful career. He believes that it is necessary to build yourself up and find ways to expand your knowledge. Being an entrepreneur is a demanding path to take and your mental and physical well-being is vital to keep your business afloat.