Best Smart Home Devices To Automate Your Home

Best smart home devices make life convenient. We’re living in the era of IoT. Check out these top smart home brands for security and complete home automation.

We are talking about a marvellous world of connected homes, cities, and appliances that are straight from a sci-fi flick but have somehow become an acceptable reality. That is the ultimate power of technology nowadays. It is running and governing our lives on so many levels.

From some very intimate personal gadgets to home security and from weather-predictive systems to whole cities running through the technology of the Internet of Things, we are surviving in the era of digitization. We can see newer, better gadgets evolving so fast. That is also why this technology is becoming affordable for the general masses.

There are so many advantages to an automated life. It is limitlessly more efficient and effective than how life was before. We can save some very precious time, money, and the  most crucial resource of all, energy, by investing in making our homes smarter. A few tasks that we can tick off of our list of duties include;

  • Switching on and off the lights daily according to the time and need is very convenient, especially if you travel a lot.
  • A device that creates a temperature-controlled environment inside the house is simply fantastic and one of the most used smart home devices. It makes coming back to your place from the chilly outside very tempting.
  • Virtual assistance can help with various tasks, like turning off/on the music, your smart TV, and all other connected internet of things(IoT). Imagine your virtual assistant helping with the kids’ homework. It can be very addictive.
  • Some gadgets monitor seismic activity and are quite possibly a life-saver for residents in areas prone to earthquakes.
  • A smart home is connected to your smartphone. You can do stuff on the go, never worrying about forgetting the lights, your stove, or the laundry machine.
  • Home security and management are at your fingertips with foolproof tech gadgets that ensure your safety like nothing else.
  • Voice-controlled and protected devices that respond to the homeowner only, etc.

What is a smart home device?

It is an electronic device connected to the internet through a WiFi, landline, or satellite connection which provides feasibility in completing multiple tasks. Since we live in the age of connectivity, IoTs are here to stay. A smart home device can be anything, from an automated doorbell to a pet collar that transmits the location to its owner.

In this article, we shall look at these extraordinary devices that are just fantastic to use, are very relatable, and offer sustainability at affordable rates. You’ll be awestruck because of the unlimited possibilities that are presently available in the market. If you are searching for the best smart home device for your home, you have come to the right place.

Here is a look at some of these gadgets which have brought about the promise of fantastic beginnings and a life that is optimizable at its very core. We will also try to include among them the best smart tech available in the market that has won hearts in previous years. There is something out there among these to amaze someone with its convenience and connectivity.

Devices for the outside

A smart home is where technology meets you on the doorstep or even before that. While people generally do not consider automating the outside of their residence, it is a place that can hold the most useful of all devices. From smart lights to powerful cameras, let’s take a look at the provided list of smart products.

The smart lighting system

Good lighting can do wonders for your outdoor space. It can illuminate the surrounding areas while casting a pretty glow on your favourite spots. With a smart lighting system, you can have motion-sensor-activated lights to save on energy. Or, you can use a voice-controlled interface like Alexa and give commands on your smartphone application.

We suggest the Ring Smart Lighting System. It performs all the necessary lighting functions. However, it also allows you to add more components like step or pathway lights, spotlights to enhance your beautiful lawn, and floodlights for security or when you host an event at home.

The smart doorbell

Out of so many other home enhancement gadgets, the Ring doorbell is one of the most used smart home devices which offers simple solutions. It does what any futuristic bell should, other than ringing that is. It has motion detectors that check on any activity outside your door, even before someone presses the bell’s button. The cameras capture and record video footage, while the microphone allows you to communicate with whoever is on the other side.


Talk about security, ease, and connectivity all in one. Because an infrastructure of IoTs always keeps you connected, this device works regardless of your presence at home. Communicate with whoever is at your doorstep from anywhere in the world. You are all set as long as your smartphone has an active internet connection.

All the components that come with the Ring are attached to a battery power source. You can connect them through a Ring Bridge to create the smart interface. They are otherwise independently working devices. Use the Ring app on your smartphone or control them through Alexa. It can perform functions like illuminating a pathway by detecting motion while the camera starts recording video.

Ezviz DB1C Wi-Fi and Arlo Video Doorbell are some other affordable devices that are promising. The Ezviz DB1C Wi-Fi offers cloud and offline storage and HD video recording. You can control it through Google Assistant or Alexa with voice commands.

The smart security system

When we talk about outside security, we have to consider security cameras. If you want a separately working camera, try the Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera. This camera is optimum for outdoor installation because of its resistance to water and high-resolution picture and video.

The sensors in this camera are sensitive to motion and shine a pointed light at any moving object around your house. It has a perfect night-vision mode, is wireless, and you can install it quickly.

Invest in the ADT command system if you are worried about having the perfect home security. It is one of the top smart home brands. The price is a bit high, but you can rely on its professional monitoring and immediate action. Another security system in the same category is Vivint.

If affordability is your biggest concern, we suggest investing in those available alternatives that you can install on your own. These DIY security systems, however, are not monitored by a professional company. Try the SimpliSafe Home Security System. Any alarm triggered on such a system is the homeowners’ responsibility.

The smart locking system

The August Smart Lock Pro is, by far, the best smart lock device out there. It is efficiently uncomplicated, and the installation is quick. It is simple, easy to use, does what it’s supposed to, and can receive commands through Google Assistant and Alexa.

It offers optimum security and flexibility because of its automatic locking functionality. It has a great design, so it also looks good. The only downside is its price because it is costlier than other available devices. However, look no further if you’re looking for the best smart home upgrade.

Devices for the inside

Let‘s step inside for a moment. Imagine what an automated house should do. You come home from a terribly chilly night and find the house cold. It does no good to you because a home is for comfort. It is the place where all worldly troubles can vanish.

Now imagine coming back to a house that is just perfectly warm or cold according to the temperature outside. It would be just perfect to feel so relaxed and wonderful. It’s where you can depend on the best home automation accessories. They can make life more favorable and comfortable than anything else.

The smart kitchen

Whether you’re an all-time mother, a chef, or a food delivery service enthusiast, a smart kitchen can bring loads of convenience. Let’s make it simple, imagine you haven’t cooked a day in your life. A smart kitchen appliance can help you cook a chef-level meal. Now isn’t that just deliciously amazing? Consider investing in one of the following most used smart home devices for your kitchen to get a hassle-free cooking experience.

The smart display

If you have trouble dealing with metrics and think about converting pounds, ounces, or kilos, all you need is a smart display. Place it on your countertop and find help regarding recipes, put timers on for cooking, and manage your grocery items shopping lists.

Set the mood with Alexa or your Google Assistant by streaming your favorite music, and enjoy cooking in a comfortable, convenient environment.  Echo Show 8 is the device we recommend here. It also comes with a pre-installed Food Network Kitchen, so you can refer to various ideas when you aren’t sure about what to cook for the day. And all of this is coming right from the countertop.

The smart oven

A kitchen is incomplete without an oven. If you want an appliance that completely takes over the cooking process, consider the Anova Precision Oven. It can slow-cook recipes and roast with accuracy. All you need to do is set a timer, and it does the rest itself.

This fantastic kitchen helper even offers suggestions and helps create perfect restaurant-level dishes. It steams, cooks, and bakes, allowing you to preset instructions for time and temperature with a simple touch. Moreover, control the cooking process from the comfort of your bedroom with a companion app on your smartphone.

There is also the GE Profile Smart Built-In Convection Double Wall Oven. It supports WiFi and has a built-in camera that you can use to monitor the cooking process. You can find many other smart devices, like microwaves and air fryers, that can help make the cooking process as effortless as possible.

The smart fridge

There are smart fridges that are available in the market with doors that open and close through voice commands. The LG Signature InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator can be one of the best smart home upgrades you invest in.

Consider the scenario where you come in from the departmental store saddled with groceries. You can simply ask your fridge to open up. Having a smart device that is responsive and efficient can be very pleasing.

The smart coffeemaker

Consider the Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker because it takes voice commands. You can set the strength of the brew according to your taste and select times at which you want it to start brewing in the day.

The smart lounge

Lounges are for coziness, family time, movie marathons, and relaxation. Check out these smart home products for some added comfort.

The smart Tv and sound system

They are the star-studded winners when it comes to smart home entertainment. Most of us already have smart TVs installed in our homes. The same goes for sound bars, which sometimes come attached to the Tv. However, the real fun begins when we connect them with other gadgets inside the house.

Select the voice assistant that suits your home requirements, like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, as they support most of the top smart home brands. We suggest investing in some state-of-the-art smart speakers. They don’t just get commands for creating the atmosphere inside your lounge. They bridge connections with gadgets and then can communicate with them through voice commands.

Some of the best home devices include Echo Studio, Amazon Echo, and Nest Studio.

The smart light bulbs

Investing in a smart light solution can save energy as well as money. Smart light bulbs come with voice support and a smartphone application. You simply have to use your voice to turn them on or shut them. They last longer than ordinary incandescents. It is that one upgrade that will keep you hooked forever.

We suggest the Wyze Bulb Colour. It is WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, and you can control it from its app on your smartphone. It works with both Google Assistant and   Alexa. Just replace your ordinary bulbs and lights with this smart bulb. And you get access to a wide range of functions it can perform. You can select multiple colours and light tones and set the mood for any occasion.

The smart thermostat

Ecobee Smart Thermostat With Voice Control, Nest Learning Thermostat, and Nest Thermostat is among the most used smart home devices for temperature control. They allow you to preset temperature according to the weather outside. You can save up on your bills by turning off the thermostat or putting it on low usage/temperature when it’s not in use.

Control the smart thermostat from your smartphone, or you can use voice commands. All of the top smart device brands manufacture devices that synchronise well with your smart home system. Smart thermostats like Nest Learning Thermostat can also learn their user’s preferences and make a personalised schedule that is quite convenient.

The smart plug and power surge protector

A smart plug can turn any regular electrical device, like a lamp or a heater into a connected device, controllable by voice, a remote, or your smartphone. Try Wyze Plug if you want a more affordable choice or the TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini. However, we suggest ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2 if you aren’t too worried about getting a pricier gadget. It allows two devices to work simultaneously, has a USB port, and also tells you about the power usage of the devices plugged in.

If you want to plug in multiple devices simultaneously, TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip HS300 is the best option. You can control all the attached devices simultaneously while the strip keeps monitoring the power usage. There is also the option to connect six different devices, and they are separately usable through your smartphone.

The smart bedroom

Bedrooms are very personal, and you want them to be very comfortable. Let’s look at some smart devices that can create the tranquil and peaceful environment we all seek.

The smart bed

A bed should be cloud soft and comforting. It should have the ability to invite you for a restful sleep. We now have intelligent beds in the market that can do wonders for your hours-long weary body. They can remember your preferences and advise you about your sleep schedule.

There are options where a couple can sleep on the same bed with varying degrees of softness/hardness. If you prefer a hard mattress due to a back problem, but your partner loves a soft mattress, you can enjoy this comfort with Sleep Number’s 360 i8 Smart Bed. It is one of the best smart techs available.

While it is an expensive option, if you are dying for the best sleep buddy and willing to invest a substantial amount, this bed will be perfect for you. The smart thermostat will take care of the temperature, and the bed will take care of your body, allowing you to be as snug as a bug. It’s the best experience that money can buy.

The smart air conditioner

Air conditioners can be pricey and put a lot of burden on the monthly bills. The regular air conditioning unit doesn’t run a check on the health of the environment. You can end up with many allergies as there is no air purification. Investing in a smart air conditioner can ease all such worries.

It can save up on energy, saving you a lot of money at the end of each month. If you do not have a centrally air-conditioned house, try the Midea 8,000BTU U-shaped Air Conditioner. It is fairly easy to install and perfectly cools down the surrounding area. Moreover, it’s as quiet as a mouse for a window unit.

The smart air purification system

If you have pets in the house and are sadly burdened with allergies, getting a smart air purification system may help loads. Allergies are so common these days. A person prone to changing weather, smoke, dust, etc., can feel quite sick and low.

We suggest the Dyson Purifier Cool TP07 air purifier. It keeps a quiet check on the air quality of your room, so if you are someone riddled with allergies and asthma, it can help you breathe easier.

The smart lights

The right light can set the mood for anything. It can be turned low and dreamy for a romantic night in or dark and spotty for when you’re watching a horror flick. It can relax and alter your psyche, lift your spirits and make you whole after a long tiresome day at work.

With a smart lighting system or singular device, it can all happen with a few touches on our smartphone or through voice commands to your virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri. Try the Govee Lyra, a smart floor lamp. It comes with 16 million colours and presets. It also has dynamic music nodes which react to the music you’re listening to.

We’ve already covered smart speakers, smart displays, and light bulbs, so with the lighting done, you’re all set to indulge in the ease of an intelligent bedroom.

The smart baby monitor

Life can get tiring when you have to juggle work with a baby. Having a baby entails sleepless nights, a troubling routine, and the need for constant monitoring. You can manage to check on your baby remotely by investing in an intelligent baby monitor. That is possibly the best home device for new parents.

Our suggestion would be the Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System. It can help you monitor and soothe your baby as it lies in its crib from anywhere in the house. This system observes your baby’s sleeping patterns and records activity until the last minute. If you are a parent, you must have heard about sudden infant death syndrome. You can get alerts from the Nanit Pro if your baby’s breathing is troubled.

The smart bathroom

Bathrooms are such an integral part of the household. It is the first place you rush to every morning and the last place you need before going in for the night. While it may seem a little unsafe to have gadgets around water, you can find quite a few options in the market from some of the top smart home brands.


The smart toilet

An intelligent machine increases productivity and is time efficient. While many of you may just sweep through this one, a smart toilet is a great gadget. The Kohler Veil is our recommended choice. It comes with a lot of options like a hands opening and closing of the toilet seat. No worries if everyone forgets to put the toilet seat back after each use.

It has a self-cleaning system that uses UV light for sanitization, a self-heating seat, and a night light, and allows 100 flushes in case of a power failure.

The smart bath system

Anyone would love a bathtub that fills and drains on its own with a simple voice command through Alexa. Add to it the comfort of this tub being user-friendly, offering a separate user profile for each person in a household, and you are sold. The Kohler PerfectFill smart drain and bath filler does it all with simple commands, and we believe it is just fantastic.

The Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi with the Kohler PerfectFill makes a perfect pair for any bathroom. They may be expensive, but they are an impeccable addition to the rest of the WiFi accessories for homes.

The smart scale

QardioBase2 and Wyze Scale are at the top of our list for smart scales. The Wyze Scale does not cost as much as the QardioBase2 and is an optimum smart device. It doesn’t only track and measure a normal individual’s weight but also offers safe weight tracking if you are pregnant.

Moreover, it can track the weight change for people with pacemakers without any worries. They both are good if you want to measure heart rate, the amount of protein, body fat and water percentage, muscle mass, and BMI.

The smart tooth cleaning

Save up on your dentist costs by investing in a smart tooth cleaning system. Try the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected. It comes with its smart app, and while it is very costly, it does offer a timer and a brushing guide.

There’s a sweet little gadget for kids to instil good oral habits early on. The Colgate Magik is an AI toothbrush that comes with an integrated app. It makes brushing time fun for the little ones as they play fun games while brushing their teeth.

The smart garage

Last but not least are the options you can avail to turn your boringly simple garage into something from a tech movie. You can invest in a belt-driven smart door and control it by voice commands through Google Assistant or Alexa. If you forgot to check it before going in for the night, control it from the comfort of your bedroom anytime.

The smart garage door

Try the Genie SilentMax Connect Garage Door Opener for its affordability and excellent service. Connect it to your home WiFi, use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and control them through your smartphone or tablet. It can be programmed to work for various users and their specific requirements. Preset it according to your home and demands and you’re good to go.

The smart shelves and water sprinkler

As your garage holds most of your tools and knick-knacks of all sorts and sizes, you can try some built-in automated shelves. It will utilise the space optimally. Additionally, we recommend using automated water sprinklers for your lawn.

Check out the Rachio 3 smart sprinkler and you don’t have to worry about not remembering to water the lawn. Preset everything according to the weather and as per your need, and you will be the proud owner of a lush green space.


With every passing year, these smart devices are becoming more intelligent. The developments in recent years, from 2018 to 2022, have been revolutionary. We have selected the best smart home devices that have changed the lives of millions around the world. Some of them may be costly but if they can bring the required ease, consider it an investment.

We also focused on those which had minimum installation hassles and can be a great smart home upgrade. We hope you find at least some you can appreciate and make a part of your daily lives.

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