Game changing companies & startups of the digital era

The Digital Era promises to be a time full of innovation and accessibility for people at all levels. However, very few companies have been focusing on solving the critical problems of the world. With the rise of new advancements, these particular startups and companies have been focusing on overcoming the recent challenges and making the world a better place with their innovative capabilities.

Illustration of entrepreneurship

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Here are a few companies and startups that have been making a dent in the digital age.


Modern education and development is a must for all irrespective of any boundaries or limitations. However with the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence, much. In order to advance humanity, a startup company called Aiyin has been focusing on adaptive training methods through Virtual Reality for the past few years. Aiyin offers compelling opportunities for last-mile training models that connect education to employment, and enable real-time skill development. Their biggest impact in recent months has been empowering students of all ages with modernized and hands on immersive learning.

VR Aiyin goggles on display

Latest Virtual Reality prototype product by Aiyin

Moreover, Aiyin is now focusing on facilitating a more differentiated and special experience for students that are facing disabilities. This includes workers living in the remote areas who have been deprived of education in their early days.

Aiyin’s immersive technology includes the use of Natural Language Processing, Cloud Computing integrated with easily accessible goggles. The bottom line is Aiyin’s products are easily affordable for all. Aiyin is expected to disrupt the current education system

in the next few years and create an era of connecting humans to machines.


The biggest issue that construction companies and architects face is when the 3D modelling of any building may not be equivalent to the output that was to be achieved. This is not just a problem for any architect but for people who are getting their homes built or any company that is working on their offices. Such problems can lead to loss of critical infrastructure and money.

However, a recent startup company called mimAR powered by Margalla Studios has developed an Augmented and Virtual Reality powered application that enables on-site real time visualization of any building before even constructing it.

This even includes instant future and material virtualization. In other words, say you want to add some furniture or make some changes in your building, with mimAR’s application you can do just that and ensure that your dream house/building will look exactly like as you have seen it.

However, the fascinating thing about mimAR is that you can also enter your virtual building and see it in real time using Virtual Reality. This is a big game changer in the construction industry as it will create an easier time for construction workers and architects to meet the demands of their clients. Moreover, ease and satisfaction from the client’s end and less usage of money and infrastructure.


Luxury and security is the biggest demand in the current decade and Anzen in that regard remains one step ahead. Anzen is a company that is all about “making life simple” for humanity by utilizing the power of Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and micro-electronics to create easy to use, plug and play products. These products vary from smart surveillance systems to internet automated appliances.

Anzen’s smart surveillance products are truly a wonder as they are immersed within your housing and give the user a live feed of the outside and inside of their homes and buildings. What makes these products smart is that they recognize the faces of the people coming and informs the owner of any threats or security concerns even if you’re not there. This includes live feeds, movement alerts and notifying close friends and neighbors of any intruder alert. So best to chuck out your regular CCTV camera’s and go for Anzen’s finest surveillance systems.

Apart from security, the biggest breakthrough Anzen has made is turning automation into a reality. Their products include controlling household appliances through mobile applications, scheduling appliances at what time should the appliances operate and giving a read out on how much power their appliance is consuming. The cool fact is that Anzen’s products are literally the size of a matchbox and can be applied anywhere. In short, say goodbye to human efforts and welcome the age of luxury.

Anzen's IOT automation product

Anzen’s easy to use IOT product which automates various appliances.

Within a few years, Anzen aims to go beyond automating and securing buildings with their innovative products.


According to the United Nations, Climate Change is the biggest high priority issue of our time. From shifting weather patterns that threaten food production, to rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic flooding. The impacts of climate change are global and unprecedented in scale. This also badly affects the agricultural growth and can further lead to health issues for humanity. One of the best ways to counter this crisis is by planting trees at a mass scale.

However, planting manually takes a lot of time and is no longer an ideal method as hilly areas are out of reach. That’s where a brilliant startup called ForresOn comes into play. ForresOn has recently developed a drone that focuses on leveraging agricultural growth by planting trees and plants airborne. These drones are designed in such an intuitive way that they are able to withstand the harshest of weather conditions and still operate. This means more greenery and plantation coverage and less need of any human efforts. With that being said, ForresOn aims to make even greater contributions towards climate change, agricultural growth and much more!


Prototype of ForessOn drone

Seerab Technologies

Geospatial technology plays a very important role in 4th industrial revolution. In most countries its uses and benefits are not reaped. Such technology provides the tools and techniques to view, analyze, provide insights to better understand and make better decisions.

Seerab Technologies is a company that is focusing on helping, supporting and empowering common people with the interactive solutions. This enables people to better visualize and analyze world around them. Moreover, their products enables users to receive insights in order to better understand and make informed decisions. The cool fact is that all of this is accessible on a smartphone.

Seerab has acquired many accolades with their work and dedication towards humanity. Their greatest contribution is the development of Seerab Hajj Maps that facilitates pilgrims during pilgrimage for all their location needs. Their Hajj Maps allows pilgrims to navigate better.

These companies have truly revolutionized the current decade. It’s only a matter of time when new companies arise with an age of flying cars and many more innovations!