Bad credit rating? Can’t get approval for things you need? You can fix it – Jasmine Nichole can show you how.

A bad credit rating can hold you back from doing so many things in life, like buying a house, getting a loan or a credit card. It is like your financial reputation and it follows you around, every time you want to buy something without paying the full amount up front. Basically a good credit rating gives you the freedom to do the things you want to do.

All sorts of things can affect your credit rating and if you thought it was impossible to do anything about a bad one, you were wrong.

Jasmine’s company, J. Nichole, The Money Coach LLC, will teach you how to repair your credit score and get approved for your future loans. 

She has been in the industry for a long time and knows lots of the secret tips for repairing your credit.  She is passionate about helping people to reach their financial goals and is willing to share all her knowledge and secrets with her clients.

Most people have no idea that you can repair your credit score and even if they did know, they would have no idea where to start.

But it can be done.. J. Nicole, The Money Coach LLC, will discuss your finances with you on a one on one basis to discover your current situation and what your financial goals are for the future.

This forms the basis of the strategy going forward.  This is not a cookie cutter approach, your strategy has been designed only for you to work through your financial issues.  

Jasmine is a credit expert, whose knowledge of the finance industry has allowed her to help not only individuals with their credit problems, but she is also a business mentor as well. Many businesses run into problems with the finance needed for setting up a business or keeping it afloat under difficult conditions.

Obtaining business credit, which is almost always needed when starting a new endeavour, is not always easy to do and J. Nichole, The Money Coach, can get approval in the shortest time possible and help you to get on with your new business, allowing you to make money sooner.

Or, if you want a collection removed from your credit rating or just to improve your credit rating, her company can help. It can be frustrating and even embarrassing to be turned down for something you really need or want, just because of your credit score. 

Most people really don’t understand about the credit system and how it works, which is why J. Nichole is happy to spend time with her clients explaining how it works and showing you ways you can overcome the obstacles of a bad credit rating. 

Her strategies have been widely used and her company is known as a full service credit restoration and business consulting agency.

Their highly personal and individual approach helps their clients achieve their financial goals without being burdened with a poor credit rating.