Abderrahman Zahid: An Advocate for Students Rights and Best Career Choice

When you select a career, you are deciding on a field in which you will most likely become an expert through education and experience over time. This is a career field where you will most likely work for numerous years. One of the most crucial decisions you will make is to narrow down and choose a professional route to pursue. Before you make a final decision on the job path you want to take, you need to think about a number of variables.

If you want to be happy, you must choose the correct career. If you end up in the wrong job, you’ll be wasting half your energy hating it, which isn’t helpful for your career or life.

You’ll need to investigate several facets of the profession before deciding whether it’s a good fit for you in the long run. Abderrahman Zahid is an empowering individual, who outspokenly talks about students, their rights, and the right career choices for them. According to him, the students must be trained at an early age about the recognition of their passion, dislikes, or likeness towards a profession. He specifically targets Moroccan students because being a Moroccan himself he knows the struggles a Moroccan student goes through during studies and career choices.

Abderrahman Zahid Advocate has helped over 32000 students in his organization “Tawjeeh Consulting”, where students are guided towards their goals and passion. Their minds are awakened by the guidance and counseling of mentors from around the world, who share their experiences and knowledge with the students, hence helping them to be more aware and enlightened. 

The best thing about Abderrahman Zahid’s work is that he himself is aware of all the challenges and struggles a student can face during his education and his career. Being the top student of his school and the student president he has closely assessed the difficulties a student might go through during the time to choose his/her career. He prioritizes his clients (students) to the level that makes them comfortable and important hence they completely open up to their mentors in the organization. 

Abderrahman Zahid felt that he was stuck in the wrong location, doing something uninteresting, and he realized that this will have an impact not just on his professional life, but also on his personal life. As a result, he went out of his comfort zone to make a change and not only targeted his own life but changed the fate of many students with his guidance and counseling.

Having a person like Abderrahman Zahid to guide you during your early years can be a blessing. Many students are already acknowledging his guidance and consider him as his mentor and counselor for life.