Aanchal Vash Shares Insight on the Importance of Safe Spaces to Create Open and Honest Discussions about Mental Health

“Those who make conversations impossible make escalation inevitable.”

― Stefan Molyneux

Humans are social animals. There exists a need to understand and be understood in return. Life can sometimes be complicated, and it is essential to realize that while we all have chances to express ourselves, it won’t always be that way. Renowned global speaker Aanchal Vash realizes this more than others after unexpectedly losing her brothers and implores people not to wait until it’s too late to help family and friends feel like they belong.

Aanchal is a three-time Amazon bestselling author, professional speaker, trainer, and entrepreneur. She is the Executive Director of a Canadian not-for-profit, Reach Out Together Foundation, which provides mental health resources and training to students, young professionals, parents, and corporate leaders. As a professional self-resilience speaker, she inspires audiences worldwide with tips for well-being and success. Through Aanchal Vash Training, she radiates her passion by lighting the path for others through experiential and engaging self-help training. Her latest book,

‘Ongoing Success and Wellbeing: A Daily Guide to Cultivate Fulfillment in the Pursuit of Achievement,’ released on June 29, 2022 and created ripples in the book community for its exceptional insights surrounding mental wellbeing and its corelation to the pursuit of success. It managed to top multiple best-selling lists on Amazon. 

Aanchal’s dedication for creating mental health awareness is rooted in her personal experiences of loss and tragedy. Having lost one brother to malaria in Nigeria and another to suicide, it took Aanchal years to process the trauma of losing the only siblings she had. She realized how the social stigma around mental health issues restrained her twin brother from seeking help and compelled him to take an extreme step — changing Aanchal’s life forever. 

Aanchal decided to devote herself to creating awareness about mental health and providing support in every way possible. She recalls, “I became mental health first aid certified and realized the lack of mental health education in my community. That was the start of a journey I had never thought would be a part of my life.” 

In an often intolerant world, with the constant fear of judgment and restrictive cultural mindsets, having a safe space is essential now more than ever. According to Aanchal, countless people crave stigma-free zones where they can be true to themselves and have no fear of speaking their minds. In order to facilitate people and provide them with a space where they can communicate and have honest conversations, she is constantly involved in setting up these safe spaces. By doing so, she is helping people feel connected and inspired to reach out for professional help. She hosts regular community events, speaking engagements, and workshops to discuss mental health and raise awareness. 

She also founded World Reach Out Together Day (WROTD), celebrated every year on July 12 to raise mental health awareness and spark a flame of hope. This year, Aanchal called on everyone to celebrate the day with full vigor and urged people to spark a flame of hope by lighting a candle and placing it by the window. The aim is to let others know they are not alone, and as far as the light travels, they all have a safe space where they can talk, share, and heal.

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