80’s Fashion For Men/Boys

It is difficult to think about the 1980’s without conjuring words like  “decadent,” “cheesy,” “colourful,” and “excessive,” and 80’s men’s fashion drifts duly stand. Nonetheless, the decade was about definitely more than its most intense style articulations. To be sure, there is a considerable amount of ground to cover between “The Lost Boys” and “Wall Street.”

In that capacity, 80’s fashion for men/boys can mean everything from Air Jordan tennis shoes to easygoing shirts to loose hip-hop silhouettes, to athleisure wear to preppy trends. As far as the hair was concerned, the decade highlighted hefty metal perms, spiky mohawks, slicked-back hair styles, buzzcuts, and easygoing side-parts. A portion of these patterns have matured ineffectively, while others have not generally grown by any stretch of the imagination.

At the end of the day, the 1980’s resembled any other decade of the last 60 or so years, in that they contained a bit of everything. Obviously, that does not mean you should not go to extremes when thinking of 80’s ensemble or extravagant dress thoughts. All things considered, once in a while is it as amusing to take on the appearance of that era when you are doing it in the model 80’s style. Here are some surefire approaches to do it right.

80s Mens Clothing

80’s fashion has always been something that people have tried to emulate over the years. Following are some important elements of 80’s fashion for men/boys.

80s Casual Fashion

During the ’80s casual fashion for men entailed wearing dad jeans in full power, frequently with a coordinating denim jacket. Loose, baggy shirts and t-shirts were likewise well known during the time while leather jackets, windbreakers, bomber jackets, and sweaters went about as the outerwear of choice. At the point when it came to footwear, white shoes were a definitive easygoing shoe that is ideal for various different looks.

80s Men’s Hip Hop Fashion

Hip-hop was another well known trend in fashion during the ’80s. Propelled and impacted by music stars and rappers, for example, the members of the band Run-D.M.C, Beastie Boys, and N.W.A, the style was notable for its oversized outlines and silhouettes. Apart from loose clothing, hip-hop fashion likewise highlighted subtleties pertaining to active wear, such as tennis shoes and athletic caps, and statement jewelry, as thick gold chains.


80s Preppy Fashion

Preppy style additionally assumed a fundamental role during the ’80s. This fashion was far different from hip-hop trends, and regularly highlighted dark tones, preppy outfits flaunted by brilliant tones, including shades of pink, yellow, and blue. Key elements for preppy style included sweaters, which gentlemen would frequently wear around their shoulders, along with slacks and polo shirts.

80s Workout Fashion

Athleisure might be well known today, however activewear has for quite some time been a most loved fashion look for men. During the ’80s, workout fashion trends were enormous and it saw a scope of active apparel styles being received as ordinary wear, including chunky sneakers, warm up pants, tracksuits, coats, and athletic shorts.

80s Summer Fashion

Summer style during the ’80s was extremely popular. It highlighted splendid, bright tones, abstract prints, and shirts that were short sleeved. 80’s fashion for men/boys also included short shorts. Another most loved thing from the time was the crop top, which was worn square shaped and cut over the stomach.

80s Rock Fashion

Like everything during the ’80s, rock style was about abundance and the whole larger than life experience. The hair was enormous, the attire was wild, and there was a lot of makeup involved. Obviously, likewise with all rock fashion, leather assumed a fundamental role. Accessories were additionally pivotal with jewelry and headbands both getting popular among men.

80s Punk Fashion for Men

While ’80s rock trends regularly took on a more glamorous style, the punk looks of the decade were distinctly edgier. While the pattern actually observed a great deal of leather, it likewise highlighted significantly more hard core and attention grasping hairstyles, including brilliantly hued mohawks and spikes.

80s Shirts

During the 1980s, there were two primary kinds of shirts: business and casula. For business, striped shirts and banker shirts were pretty famous. On the other hand, casual wear highlighted loose, baggy shirts with beautiful, unique prints. Polo shirts were likewise a most loved thing of the decade.

80s Jackets

Numerous coats and jackets that were well known during the ’80s are even now considered to be trendy for men, including leather jackets, bomber jackets and denim jackets. Notwithstanding, in case you are after a bolder look from the decade, you can’t go wrong with a classic sports windbreaker.

80s T-Shirts

During the ’80s t-shirts were worn with almost anything, including jeans and suits. The most mainstream styles were crew neck t-shirts, a considerable lot of which highlighted slogans, logos or bold placement prints. Other famous t-shirt trends included crop tops and baseball shirts.

80s Jeans

Although acid wash jeans are yet to make a rebound, ’80s dad jeans are back in trend. To pull off these exemplary pants today, simply get a blurred mid-blue style in a casual fit. Likewise, select a cut with a tightened leg or consider pin rolling the bottoms for a similar impact.

80s Mens Formal Wear

During the ’80s, oversized suits with wide shoulders were commonly worn and were extremely trendy as far as men’s formal wear was concerned. For those in business, pinstripe suits were a top pick, and men would frequently match them with a shirt, tie, and suspenders. Outside the workplace, pastel hued suits were on high turn and were routinely matched with crew neck t-shirts rather than formal, collared, button down shirts.

80s Accessories

Iconic accessories from the’80s is an excellent way to incorporate fashion from that iconic era into your wardrobe. The accessories you can use can be bum bags, thick, chunky white sneakers, bright and reflective shades, and gold chains.

80s Men’s Hair

During the ’80s, fashion went hand in hand with the phrase ‘the bigger the better’, particularly when it came to hair. Consistently through the decade, long hair and voluminous styles, including the famous mullet, were amazingly popular. Notwithstanding, men who worked in business regularly parted from this pattern and rocked smooth, slicked-back haircuts.

80s Fashion for Boys

’80s design for boys was a lot like it was for men. Numerous men’s easygoing styles, for example, white tennis shoes and double denim looks, were additionally worn by teenagers and kids. Moreover, the neon styles that were mainstream among grown-ups were likewise worn by numerous young boys.

What Shoes Did Men Wear In The 80s?

White tennis shoes and hightop were the absolute most common and popular shoes during the 80s. In the rock and punk world, Doc Martins were the shoes that most people chose to wear, while loafers fit the preppy and office looks.

What Outfits Were Popular In The 80’s?

There were a couple of key looks during the 80s that characterized the period for men’s dressing. Dad jeans and denim were a famous easygoing style, as were preppy polo shirts, sweaters, and pastel pants. Moreover, short shorts, tight tees, and athletic wear were also added to complete the casual clothing trends. Music likewise affected many style decisions. Hip-hop’s loose garments, gold chains, snapbacks, and tennis shoes were very common, as was huge hair, leather jackets, and equipment from the punk and rock scenes. Shirts with slogans matched with denim, bomber, and leather jackets likewise ruled. At the point when it came to men’s formal wear, wide pin-striped matching suits were extremely popular, as were striped button down shirts. Ultimately, accessories like bum bags and bright sunglasses, and hairdos like the life-changing mullet, finish up the 80s style assortment.

How Do You Dress 80s Style?

To pull off the ’80s trends in current times, pick which fashion style from the decade you feel more connected to, for example, hip-hop, preppy or rock. Put resources into key pieces from the time, for example, bomber jackets, faded jeans, aztec jeans, and slogan tees. With regards to suits, attempt a pinstripe style for work and a pastel one for the end of the week. Try not to be hesitant to wear bright tones and patterns. For an unpretentious interpretation of the ’80s pattern, simply include accessories, for example, white shoes and a bum bag, to an otherwise contemporary look.


80s Fashion Icons For Men

Each decade and era has its own fashion icons and so is the case for the ’80s. All through the 1980s, the most classy celebs were ordinarily actors or musicians. Probably the most powerful names included Johnny Depp, David Bowie, Tom Cruise, and Rob Lowe.

From the music industry, there was no bigger icon than Michael Jackson. His style was translated in most of the clothing in the 80s. Leather studded jackets, loose, baggy and oversized tops, flared pants, men’s fashion and trends closely resembled Michael’s unique style. And let us not forget the sparkly glove on one hand look? Michael Jackson did not only make studded leather jackets a thing, but leather bomber jackets were made popular because of him too.

Did Guys Wear Bandanas In The 80s?

Another look that was extremely popular during the 80’s was the look of the hair bands, and it was the complete opposite of Michael Jackson’s style. This fashion trend was mimicked from bands such as Poison or Metallica. This style incorporated t-shirts, leather or spandex pants and torn jeans, often with a bandana around their extremely teased hair, and studded boots on their feet.


Men’s fashion trends in the 80’s were something that channeled their creativity. They wore styles that expressed their own individuality. The fashion scene in the 80s largely varied from one group of people to another, whether this meant a style that was completely their own or one taken up after someone famous. This decade saw fashions unlike any other era, and some of the influences are still seen on men in the modern day.