Valentin Bărbulescu: A Business Coach Transforming the Way the Coaching World Works

Running a business can feel pretty lonely at the turbulent times when you need advice about making some big business decisions. Of course, you cannot involve your subordinates in the process, so what do you do when you need some critical business guidance? In such times, all you need is an experienced mentor who can help you with personalized advice when you have to make some difficult choices to run your business successfully. However, what if the business coach

you turn to is not competent enough and makes it even harder for you to perform your entrepreneurial tasks?

For educating the coaches and business consultants, Valentin Barbulescu, a business coach from Romania, started his business coaching startup on 22th October 2020. The goal of his startup is to coach the business coaches in a manner so that they avoid making rookie mistakes and save valuable years of their lives. 

Valentin Barbulescu was born in the countryside to a low-income family. While his parents were busy making money to run a household, his grandma used her retirement money to keep Valentin in school. Initially, he went to a theological high school to become a priest. The desire to be the right person to be with forever led Valentin to leave theology and study psychology, seduction, and social dynamics. 

With his growing interest in seduction, Valentin finished university with a psychology major but struggled with his void. The search of finding what’s missing took Valentin on the quest to become a certified business coach. He got training in public speaking and performance communication and became an NLP Practitioner and NLP Master. 

Working as a dating coach for five years, Valentin made many mistakes such as using lower prices, working with unqualified clients, and having no return on his business because of the low client profiles. Considering his mistakes as the best master, he incorporated all his learning into his coaching business. He chose not to repeat his mistakes and dreams to help other business coaches to avoid the same mistakes. With sheer hard work and focused efforts, Valentin generated over €50k in 5 months from his coaching startup and enabled his clients to generate around €100000 from their coaching businesses. In a nutshell, Valentin Bărbulescu is a fantastic mentor for the business coaches, empowering them to earn more than €10000 a month.