Your First Million Dollars – All You Need to Know about Vittorio Rigato’s 1:1 Coaching Program

Meticulously designed and carefully prepared, Vittorio Rigato’s 1:1 coaching program via Stoic Money is turning heads in the investment industry. Many have claimed to know the road to achieving financial freedom, but only some have experienced it – Vittorio being one of them. Stoic Money is a company that seeks to provide investors with healthy and profitable investment choices, helping them pursue a comfortable and financially stable life.

What is astonishing is how Vittorio was able to coach beginner investors across the world in 2022, accumulating more than 100 video testimonials of the success stories of his students – which are all available on his website

Through 1:1 coaching, Vittorio helps employees and professionals with no time create a strategy to achieve their “First Million Dollars.” Believing lack of knowledge, strategy, and mindset to be markers in unprofitable investments, Stoic Money focuses on providing profitable information, compounding strategies, and bulletproof confidence. In his six-week-long coaching program, Vittorio focuses on three key features. Here is how he breaks it down:

Week 1 & 2

Providing ways to attain profitable information, Vittorio coaches his clients on how to move into the stock market and find suitable investments. Covered in the first two weeks, he teaches his students to analyze different products, with a particular focus on ETFs, while also covering stocks, bonds, and crypto. Moreover, he imparts viable knowledge on ways to find the safest broker, optimize taxation and minimize fees.

Week 3 & 4

Vittorio teaches clients how to create a Compounding Strategy when investing in order to maximize their portfolio growth. He insists on the importance of creating an effective investing plan and designing a solid portfolio. The plan becomes a customizable and personalized blueprint to help clients reach financial freedom, while a strong portfolio is created by including the appropriate investments carefully analyzed. Lastly, in this mid-week, Vittorio provides a tracker for you to monitor your investments and gains over the years.

Week 5 & 6

Last but not least, Vittorio believes that the mindset is what sets apart the average investor from the great investor. He claims that strategy is nothing without an appropriate perspective and vision to build bulletproof confidence in his client. To do so, he helps his students to develop a winning mindset and overcome the fear of a shifty market. In the last week of this 1:1 coaching program, Stoic Money refers back to the stoicism philosophy and aids clients in adopting the ten stoic investing principles when investing.

More in practical terms, Vittorio teaches you how to behave in each market condition: for example, you will learn what investments work well when there is a period of high inflation.

Vittorio has carefully planned a 1:1 coaching program to help individuals reach their financial goals. In six weeks, he aims to equip his students with the necessary knowledge and skills they can use in their life.

We wish Vittorio all the success as he continues to teach people and help them earn their First Million Dollars over the years.