You are to blame for not having a healthy breakfast

It`s morning again, a busy time for the parents to prepare their kids to school and rush off to work.

But for many of us, we often forget the most important part of every morning.

What is that you may ask? Well, it`s the breakfast.

Many at times, and I`m guilty at this, there is simply no time to prepare a decent meal in the morning.

In most cases, we either leave empty stomachs or grab some junk foods to tide us over lunch time. Somehow, in one way or another, we manage to survive the ordeal.

But is it healthy?


But there are other quick, healthy breakfast alternative if nutrition and time is the essence.

Let`s explore.


Smoothies or “shakes” have a nearly-undisputed place at the top of the quick and healthy breakfast pantheon.


Healthy breakfast smoothies are the ideal breakfast option to start your day.

The benefits of smoothies are that they make it a lot easier to add more veggies, and fruits to your morning diet. Many kids love delicious smoothies so ensure you make the best for them to enjoy else you will have to make multiple breakfast meals for everyone in your home.

Though satiety might be a real nightmare with smoothies for breakfast, adding at least 13 grams of proteins (adding an 8-ounce glass of milk) does wonders and will keep you full for longer

Muffins and Bagels

If you have a sweet tooth, having an occasional homemade muffin or bagel is a delight. Depending on your nutritional needs, you can selectively choose the constituents of your English muffin.

However, for the ideal calorie requirements, it`s advisable to make them with whole wheat flour, prepare with low sugar jelly, and top with apple or pear butter for variety.

The best part of having muffins or bagels for your breakfast is that don`t have to visit Deli`s or Muffin House to get your Bagels; with the best waffle makeryou can get your muffin right away.

This is unsurprising since the waffle irons do more than preparing brownies, but also muffins, bagels, bacon, grilled cheese, cornbread and more.

Fruit Salads

Undoubtedly, solid foods are more satiating than the liquid options.

If you feel your smoothie does not make you fuller as you wish, a fruit salad might be the perfect alternative you need for your breakfast.

With plenty of fruit salad variations, they are great any time of the day, and not just for breakfast.

The fruit salad is lip-smacking and nutritious, especially with some non-fay yoghurt dip.

Breakfast Casseroles

There’s a gamut of casseroles for breakfast options ranging from veggie Supreme Egg Bake to Potato Breakfast Casserole.

Regardless of the breakfast casserole you choose, it`s important that you add plenty of veggies to your daily intake to make it healthier.

If you`re focused on having a healthy diet for your breakfast, here are a few breakfast tips you should follow;

  • Prepare the foods a night before: Rather than grabbing a hot muffin straight from the waffle iron, let it cool overnight and you can either warm or have or as it
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  • Don`t eat just because you have to: Though your taste buds will be yearning for high-fat food selection, it will pass with time

Bottom Line

Health is Wealth,” and breakfast plays the most important part of your diet.

So, don`t make an error of skipping breakfast.

Stick to the above breakfast ideas and tips, and you will be in for a great day.

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