Women Empowerment through Impact Investing – Irina Meyer’s Intention to Uplift Others

It is observed that only 2% of global venture capital goes to businesswomen, and these stats worry Irina Meyer. As the founder of Sils Capital and Mama Lion Productions, she desires to see women in authoritative positions worldwide and share the success of women whose efforts pay off.  

Biases against women are not because they are incompetent but due to the systematic and cultural prejudice ingrained in the society that makes women stay behind men in all walks of life – a fact that Irina is familiar with. Irina founded Sils Capital, a venture that financially sponsors innovative start-ups and encourages women founders.

Irina is the epitome of resilience and dedication, as her life was not a bed of roses, and she had to swim against the flow to make things work for her. She has suffered throughout life and wishes to create an opportunity for the vulnerable, which is the most prominent reason why she prefers to invest in minority and disadvantaged women start-ups. 

As Irina is aware of the setbacks women endure while trying to achieve their goals, she makes an effort for those with the heart to dream big. She uplifts women with investment funds and acts as their mentor by offering them professional advice. With her words of encouragement, she builds up confidence in their creative minds. 

Many women hope to achieve a better lifestyle, but their dreams are subject to the vagaries of imagination as some people like Irina take practical steps to shape society. Irina creates a more inclusive society-where innovative ideas presented by women are supported and celebrated just like men. 

Insufficient funds are the biggest bummer for every start-up. Therefore Irina established Sils Capital, which assists women by funding their projects so that they aim for managerial positions dominated by men. She also works with the Russian Speaking Woman Engineer group, a platform that assists in helping minority women build their careers. Irina’s capital investment is heavily tilted toward women entrepreneurs and sees no bias while investing in small ventures. 

Irina not just empowers women-led businesses with financial capital but leads them and acts as their mentor and advisor, especially to those who come from weaker backgrounds and need motivation and confidence.

Sils Capital is not the only way Irina supports women; she collaborates with powerful women like the CEO of Astia, Sharon Vosmek, who work for similar causes. Her objective is to make women successful in business, and for this cause, she continues to create a path and work closely with those with similar intentions to achieve their goals.

Her production house, Mama Lion Productions, creates content that shares inspiring success stories of women. One of the first features is about an extraordinary assemblywoman from Guatemala, a daughter of Lebanese immigrants who saved the family name and business and became a household name in Central America. Protagonists for other films include a British woman who spends all her time helping women and children in refugee camps, a Brazilian philanthropist and a Saudi female film director. Mama Lion is all about inspirational global women.

By sponsoring companies that aim to improve medical technologies, marketing tools, and devices to preserve the environment, Irina ensures to invest in women-led start-ups with a broader impact and far-reaching potential, steadily bringing other women’s dreams to life. And by telling beautiful stories about successful female leaders she is giving us role models that the world needs today more than ever.