Why Quinton Heck Refuses to Lose, And How It’s Allowed Him To Find Huge Success

Quinton Heck’s resume of experiences at such a young age is rather impressive. After being a tri sport athlete in high school and winning a state championship in football, he joined the United States Merchant Marine Academy after graduation. There, he’s trained to become a military officer and has spent months at a time aboard US vessels at sea. He’s also deeply passionate about entrepreneurship, and kindled this love after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad while aboard one of the vessels.

He also has a passion for photography and videography, and is a talented guitar and piano player. He was even recognized as “gifted in musical arts” at 10 years old by the Ohio Department of Education, and still plays guitar and piano for fun and has even messed around with producing his own music. 


Best of all, Heck grew up in a household that let him foster a strong work ethic and create ambitious goals for himself. Not to mention, being in the Merchant Marine Academy has taught him incredible discipline and accountability, and he’s translated that into his entrepreneurial ventures. His first venture was in e-commerce, and he’s worked for multiple years and through multiple failed ventures to make it a success. Even when those around him thought he could never become successful doing e-commerce, Heck knew it was only because they didn’t share the same mindset as him. He didn’t let any of the outside noise get to him, and he’s become a massive success as a result.

Now, Heck is looking for like minded people to join him on his next venture. He is planning to use his passion for photography to create a small creative agency, and is set to launch it in the fall of this year. The company will assist clients in website development, content creation, marketing, and e-commerce, and the team he plans to build will allow the company to work efficiently and effectively in a number of fields to provide huge value in a short period of time to their clients. 

Heck knows that with his willpower and work ethic that the company will become a success, it’s just a matter of time for him. Through all of his experiences, he credits this mentality to education outside of normal schooling. Online courses, books, and mentors have taught him how to become a fearless, resourceful entrepreneur, and coupling this knowledge with his military experiences have made him a force to be reckoned with in any industry.