Why Dr. Suzanne Soliman Is Far From The Average Pharmacist

Although Dr. Suzanne Soliman is a pharmacist by trade, her passion for her field and those that work in it runs much deeper than just her time spent at work. Outside of the pharmacy, Dr. Soliman has several accolades for her work in the American Journal of Pharmacy Education and various other publications, and is best known for starting the Pharmacist Moms Group on Facebook.

PhMG is the largest organization of pharmacists in the United States, and helps over 33,000 pharmacists share questions, support one another, celebrate accomplishments and network with one another. The group grew to over 1,000 members a month after she created it, and Dr. Soliman is dedicated to making it a welcoming, community environment for each and every person in the group.


Two of her biggest passions are helping women and advancing the pharmacy profession as a whole, and her work building the biggest pharmacist group in America filled with female pharmacists has allowed her to live out these passions in a huge way. She’s always believed that pharmacists deserve more recognition for all they do in the healthcare industry, and she has been inspired to tell the story of pharmacists to the public for years. 

Dr. Soliman is just as passionate about helping patients as she is helping the women in her group. In an unprecedented move, she started a pharmacy discount card to offer patients the opportunity to buy affordable medications. She’s seen patients struggle to afford their medications time and time again, and she has always struggled with that. By creating a discount card, she has effectively made some medications cheaper than insurance copays and is able to rest assured that every single person stepping foot in a pharmacy will be able to afford the medications they need. 

One thing Dr. Soliman wishes she knew when she was first starting as a pharmacist is that great teams will always outperform great people. From all of her experiences with PhMG, she’s come to realize that the best work is done surrounded by a group of supportive, like minded individuals and the idea of focusing on individual achievements is limiting. This selfless attitude has brought her tremendous success in her career, and that has translated to the work she does for publications and in running the group. 


Suzanne has also learned to stop trying to please everyone she meets, as she knows that it’s simply impossible to earn the trust of certain people and that is alright. As long as Dr. Soliman continues on the path she’s on with her career and advocacy for pharmacists, it would be hard not to trust her to the fullest.