When Art and Science Meet: Dr. Ross Blagg, Plastic Surgeon and Content Creator, Is Creating New Possibilities for Future

It is a known fact that art and science work in different ways. Art is a door to the world of imagination with no bounds. Creativity rules the roost here. This world is more about mirroring the ‘facts,’ jarring or otherwise, rather than explicitly searching the facts following a method. While Science, on the other hand, is a research-driven and solution-oriented discipline that sticks to the facts, keeping fiction out of the loop. But the question is, what if art and science meet? And the answer is Dr. Ross Blagg.

He is a perfect blend of art and science, and what marvels can we expect when both meet? We have met him, so we know.


Dr. Blagg is an esteemed plastic surgeon with a flair for art. In fact, long before pursuing plastic surgery, he was an artist. His passion for science converged with art quite interestingly.

When Ross was born, he was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and had open-heart surgery at nine weeks of age. The surgery was followed by scheduled follow-ups with a Cardiologist until age 5. This period sparked an interest in medicine in Ross’s heart and eventually landed him in plastic surgery.

Well, other things did contribute as well. One of his father’s friends was a surgeon with whom Ross tagged along to the hospital in his teenage years. There, they talked about many things, including career choices for Ross. “You should consider plastic surgery given your interest in arts,” said the friend, and Ross was taken aback when he took a peek into the wonders of plastic surgery. An artist by heart, he was totally hooked.

That was it. From 14-years-old, Ross aimed at plastic surgery, and currently, he’s one of the big fish in the field.

However, Dr. Ross Blagg took plastic surgery to the next level. Being an adventurer, he couldn’t stay in one place too long. He’s traveled to Central America and Haiti on surgical missions for many years.

Came COVID-19 and borders were closed to international traffic. So, did Ross leave his philanthropic adventures?

Not at all. Dr. Ross created the production company ‘Lyfe in Plastic’ and began his first creatively philanthropic project,  ‘Plastic Surgery Road Trip’ or “PSRT”; in which he and a buddy road-trip across the country, find people who need plastic surgery but cannot afford, jump into their lives and bring them to Austin for the surgery. Along the way, this adventure-seeker creates an American road trip adventure that viewers can join in on YouTube.

PSRT has been going on successfully now for a year. Dr. Ross Blagg plans to resume his international pursuits once borders are opened. Dr. Blagg says, “Life is about interacting with our world in the most authentic and exciting way possible. Getting to know my patients and their journeys is one of the best parts of my job. PSRT elevates that relationship and allows me to combine my life’s passion with adventure. I love it.” He doesn’t find it impossible to engage in multiple things simultaneously, but by letting passion drive his life, he’s creating new possibilities.


Follow along on the Plastic Surgery Road Trip YouTube channel, and follow the daily adventures of Dr. Ross on Instagram: @dr.rossblagg.

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