What Is Scientology? What Is The Ultimate Goal Of Scientology?

Scientology is a belief system created by L. Ron Hubbard in the 1950s. It’s like a religion where people follow certain teachings and ideas. Let’s explore the ultimate goal of Scientology further in this article.

In Scientology, people believe that we are spiritual beings called thetans. According to this belief, thetans are like our true selves and are not limited to our physical bodies. Scientology teaches that these thetans can improve and overcome challenges through spiritual practices, helping them reach a better state of being. So, it’s about understanding that there’s more to us than just our bodies, and by following Scientology’s teachings, people aim to connect with their spiritual selves.

Scientology believes that past experiences, especially the bad ones, can hold us back spiritually. They call these experiences “engrams.” These engrams are like memories stuck in our minds and can cause problems. Scientology teaches people techniques to get rid of these engrams so they can become spiritually stronger and happier. It’s like clearing away obstacles from your path to feel better inside.

Before we learn about the different divisions of Scientology and explore its ultimate goal, let’s first understand its nature in detail.

What is Scientology? 

What Is Scientology

Scientology is a belief system and religion created by a man named L. Ron Hubbard long ago. In Scientology, they believe that deep inside every person, there’s a special and immortal spirit called a thetan. This thetan has been around for a long time, even in past lives, but it might have some bad memories from those times, like when something scary or sad happened.

They call these bad memories “engrams.” They think they can stop the thetan from being as happy and powerful as it should be. To help, people in Scientology do something called auditing, where they talk about these memories while holding a special device called an E-meter. They hope that by doing this, they can become Clear, which means they’ve gotten rid of all those bad memories and are much happier and better.

In Scientology, people can work to become even more spiritually aware by reaching higher levels called OT levels. These levels are like advanced lessons that teach Scientologists special things about their spirits and existence. As people learn and practice these things, they believe they gain more spiritual power and knowledge. 

The Church of Scientology, the main group for this religion, provides classes and special auditing sessions to help people move up to these higher levels and understand more about themselves and their spirituality.

This belief system, the religion, has faced a lot of problems and criticism. Some people worry because the organization keeps many things secret, and claims of mistreatment and control over its members have been made. 

The Church of Scientology has been in legal fights and has been looked into by governments and groups that protect people’s rights. Despite these issues, Scientology still has followers, and there are Scientology churches and groups all around the world.

People have different feelings about Scientology. Some people feel happy and learn from it, while others worry about it because of its problems. Some think it’s helpful, and others are unsure and concerned about the things happening within the religion. 

Because of these different opinions, scientists and experts study Scientology to understand it better. It’s a topic that people talk about in the fields of religion, sociology, and psychology to learn more about why people feel the way they do about it.

What are the main divisions of Scientology? 

In Scientology, different parts show what it’s all about. These parts represent different aspects or sides of the religion. It’s like how a gemstone can have different facets that show its beauty from various angles. Each division in Scientology helps people understand and practice different things within the belief system. Here are the main divisions of Scientology:

  • Dianetics 
  • Auditing 
  • Operating Thetan (OT ) levels 
  • Church of Scientology 
  • Sea organization (Sea org)
  • Free zone Scientology 


Dianetics is like the very beginning, the starting point of Scientology. Imagine your mind as a big book filled with stories. Some of these stories are happy, but some are not so pleasant. Dianetics helps people understand and deal with the not-so-happy stories, called engrams, which can upset or worry us. 

In Scientology, they have special ways, like talking sessions, to help find and handle these engrams. It’s like cleaning up the messy pages in your book of the mind so you can feel better and think more clearly.


Auditing is like having a private conversation with someone who listens to your thoughts and memories. The person you talk to is an auditor, and you are the preclear. While you talk, you hold on to a special device called an E-meter. Scientologists believe this device can measure how you feel spiritually. 

These talks aim to find and face the memories that make you upset or worried, called engrams. By talking about these memories and feelings, Scientologists think you can become free from them and be spiritually enlightened, which they call being clear. It’s like talking about your worries to feel better inside.

Operating Thetan (OT) levels: 

In Scientology, there are special lessons called Operating Thetan levels, or OT levels for short. These lessons help Scientologists learn more about themselves spiritually. They believe they gain special powers as they move up in these levels, like controlling things around them, such as energy and time. 

These teachings are like advanced classes in Scientology that give people a deeper understanding of their beliefs and spirituality. It’s like attending a school to learn more about a subject you’re interested in.

Church of Scientology: 

The Church of Scientology is the main hub for people who follow Scientology. It’s a big organization with places to go (like churches and missions) worldwide. These places are where people can learn about this belief system, have counseling sessions (called auditing), and do activities together. 

The Church of Scientology helps ensure that everyone is learning and following the same practices, no matter where they are. It’s a big community center for people who believe in Scientology.

Sea organization (sea org): 

The Sea Organization is a special group within Scientology with dedicated members. These members promise to serve Scientology for a long time, even for many lifetimes! 

They sign a special contract that lasts a billion years, showing their commitment. The Sea Org members do important jobs like managing it’s places, helping with counseling sessions, and ensuring everyone follows the church’s beliefs. They are like the most devoted helpers in Scientology.

Free zone Scientology: 

Free Zone Scientology is when people practice this system outside the main church. They still follow the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, who created Scientology, but they do it in their own way. These individuals might have their own ideas about how to practice Scientology. 

Instead of being part of a big church, they often do their spiritual activities alone or with a small group of friends. They focus on their personal growth and spirituality in a way that feels right for them without following the formal rules of the official church.

What is the ultimate goal of Scientology? 

Scientology is about people trying to become spiritually enlightened and better understand themselves. They believe in reaching a higher understanding and awareness about who they are. This quest for spiritual enlightenment is the main goal of Scientology. Here are the main goals of Scientology:

ultimate goal of Scientology

  • Achieving clear 
  • Attaining operating thetan (OT) levels 
  • Achieving spiritual freedom and total cause 
  • Contributing to the dynamics 
  • Spiritual awareness and enlightenment 
  • Contributing to the dynamics 
  • Self-realization and self-actualization 

Achieving clear: 

In Scientology, the first big goal is to reach a state called “clear.” This means getting rid of all the bad memories and negative feelings from the past. When someone becomes clear, they are supposed to feel really good mentally and spiritually. It’s like cleaning up your mind and feeling happy and positive, without worries or fears. Scientology followers believe that reaching this state helps people live a better and more free life.

Attaining operating thetan (OT) levels: 

In Scientology, after becoming “clear,” people have even bigger goals. They want to reach Operating Thetan levels, from OT-I to OT-VIII. Each level teaches them more about spirituality and gives them special abilities. The highest level, OT-VIII, means complete spiritual enlightenment and freedom. 

Scientologists believe that by reaching these levels, they can have extraordinary powers like moving things with their minds, talking to others in their thoughts, and controlling energy and time. It’s like becoming a superhero in their own spiritual journey.

Achieving spiritual freedom and total cause: 

In Scientology, the big goal is to be spiritually free and fully in control of your thoughts and feelings. Scientologists think that they can become wise and understand themselves deeply by dealing with past traumas and gaining spiritual knowledge. 

They believe they’re free from being born and dying when they reach this high level. Instead, they have an endless and timeless existence as spiritual beings. It’s like reaching a state of eternal wisdom and peace.

Contributing to the dynamics: 

In Scientology, people believe life can be divided into different parts, like yourself, your family, all people, and the whole universe. Scientists think it’s important not just to improve themselves but also to help others and make the world a nicer place. 

So, their goal is to grow spiritually, help everyone around them, and make the world a better and happier place. By doing this, they’re fulfilling their big purpose and improving life for all living things.

Spiritual awareness and enlightenment: 

In Scientology, people aim to become spiritually enlightened, which means they want to understand more about themselves as spiritual beings and feel a deep sense of peace inside. This enlightenment helps them see the world better and brings harmony. It’s like finding a special kind of wisdom that makes them feel happy and at peace with themselves and the world around them.

Contributing to the dynamics: 

In Scientology, people want to improve the world by helping their families, communities, and the environment. They believe that by being kind and helpful to others, they can improve the lives of everyone around them. Scientologists think that doing good things for others makes the world happier and healthier for everyone, including themselves.

Self-realization and self-actualization: 

In Scientology, people focus on understanding themselves well and using their talents and skills to do great things. They want to be successful and happy while helping others and making the world better. This system teaches that by realizing their potential and being their best selves, individuals can achieve personal fulfillment and positively impact the world around them.

What is the scope of Scientology? 

Scientology covers a lot of different things. It’s like a big umbrella that includes many aspects of life and spirituality. People who follow this belief system participate in various practices and teachings that aim to help them spiritually and personally. 

What is the scope of Scientology

  • Religious practice 
  • Spiritual counseling and auditing services 
  • Training and educational programs 
  • Social and community initiatives 
  • Legal and political activities

Religious practice: 

Scientology is a religion that is practiced in different countries. Just like how people go to churches, mosques, or temples to practice their beliefs, Scientologists go to special places called Churches of Scientology. 

These churches have religious services and counseling sessions, which they call auditing. People who follow this system believe in certain teachings and doctrines, and these places provide them a space to worship, learn, and come together as a community.

Spiritual counseling and auditing services: 

In Scientology, there’s something important called auditing, which is like talking to someone to feel better spiritually. Trained people called auditors help you during these sessions. You talk about your past experiences and feelings while holding onto a special device called an E-meter. 

This device helps them understand your spiritual responses. By doing this, they can help you deal with past issues and move forward in your spiritual journey. These auditing sessions are a big part of the Scientology experience and happen in churches and places connected to it.

Training and educational programs: 

In Scientology, people learn a lot through special training programs. These programs teach them about the beliefs and practices of Scientology, as well as how to help others in their spiritual journey. 

People can attend workshops and classes to become auditors (who help others in spiritual sessions), counselors, and ministers. These training sessions cover many different skills and knowledge for personal growth and helping others along their religious path.

Social and community initiatives: 

Scientology is involved in helping communities in different ways. They have programs to help people recover from drug addiction, teach others to read, and raise awareness about human rights. For example, Narconon, a program connected to Scientology, helps people with drug problems. 

It also supports initiatives that promote education and help communities during disasters. These efforts show how Scientology tries to positively impact society and help people in need.

Legal and political activities: 

Scientology groups work to make sure they can practice their religion freely and that their beliefs are respected. Sometimes, they have legal fights to protect their rights as a religion. They also get involved in political activities, like influencing laws or supporting politicians who agree with them. This is all part of their efforts to protect their beliefs and practices.


Scientology is a religion based on the ideas of L. Ron Hubbard. It believes that people are spiritual beings and that past bad experiences affect their spiritual well-being. Scientologists use methods like auditing and training to become “clear,” which means they’re free from these past problems. They also aim to reach higher levels called operating thetan, where they gain spiritual freedom and control over their lives. Essentially, they’re trying to better understand themselves and find spiritual peace.