What Is Noom Diet? Does It Work?

Are you someone who wishes to lose weight but not sure how? While carrying out research about different diet plans, you might have come across the “Noom Diet.” Many people around the world are wondering, what is noom diet? Well look no further as this article will explain this new dieting approach in-depth to ensure all your queries are answered. So, keep on reading.

Unlocking the Noom Diet: A Comprehensive Guide to Healthier Eating Habits

Building a healthy lifestyle is no easy task. A lot of effort goes into preparing meal plans and executing them. Nonetheless, once you develop this habit, there’s no going back. Nowadays, there are innumerable diet plans available online that claim to help you lose weight. While some stay true to their words others don’t.

Moreover, a lot of these diet plans are unhealthy ways of reducing weight and thus, are ineffective in the long run. This is especially true for radical diets such as the 500-calorie diet or liquid diets. Such eating habits are highly unsustainable and can bring about health issues in many people,especially those who already suffer from medical conditions.

This is why it is suggested you choose a diet plan taking into account your body’s ability to withstand change in your eating habits. A diet that worked for your friend won’t necessarily work for you. Hence,rather than following others around you, carry out research and pay attention to how your body reacts to the incorporated changes.

We’ve heard about the Keto diet, we’ve heard about the Atkins diet, but recently, a new type of type known as the Noom diet, is making rounds within the fitness industry.

In this article, we will talk about what is Noom diet. We will discuss the different factors that make it different from other diet plans followed by an in-depth discussion of how and if this diet is effective. So, if you’re someone who has been trying to figure out what noom diet is, you’re in luck. By the time you’re done reading this article, you will know all there is to know about this dieting plan.

What is noom diet?

The Noom diet is a psychology-based weight loss plan that promotes and operates with the core belief that eating a balanced diet can help you become a healthier version of yourself. In other words, this diet plan uses caloric density as the basis of inducing weight loss. It has been developed by registered dietitians and psychologists.

The diet breaks down food into three different categories: yellow,green and red. The green foods as most of us know, are the healthiest, yellow ones are slightly less nutritious while the red foods are the ones packed with a large amount of calories. Ideally speaking, everyone should be consuming a large amount of green foods, fewer yellow foods and a limited amount of red foods.

Simply speaking, Noom diet encourages you to consume foods that have a low caloric density which means foods that have a high percentage of water and a low percentage of calories.

If you haven’t noticed up till now, these three categories present a framework for understanding how you eat rather than setting out any strict guidelines. They act as a portion guide for all your meals. In other words, the Noom diet plan is about building accountability, self-awareness and habits that can help you maintain or lose weight depending on your requirements.

Noom diet: what are green foods?

Food items on the green list are foods that have a low calorie density. Although these foods have fewer amount of calories, they make you and help you feel fuller for a longer period of time. The foods on this list are filled with essential nutrients and unlike what most of you might be thinking, the green list is more than just fruit and vegetables.

This list also includes food items like rolled oats, tofu, whole-grain bread,salsa,shrimp, white fish, quinoa, unsweetened milk, greek yogurt, egg whites and much more.

You can view the green list as a traffic light signal according to which, you’re good to go ahead with consuming a good amount of green listed food items. Green foods are so good that the Noom app does not give you a limit for green foods. In fact, their motto is, “the more green the better.”

Noom diet : what are yellow foods?

Yellow category foods are your second best option. In comparison to the green foods, they have a slightly higher caloric density and fewer nutrients. Nonetheless, these foods are still healthy and can be incorporated within your diet on a daily basis, but just not as much as the green foods.

Yellow food items include lean meat and starches such as grilled chicken, turkey breast, salmon, tuna and lean beef. Other than that, the list consists of vegan-friendly options such as black beans,chickpeas and eggs followed by a few other random items such as avocado, whole-grain  tortillas, popcorn, low-sodium canned soups and instant potatoes.

Noom diet: what are red foods?

Red foods, as most of you might have guessed, are the most calorie-dense and have the least amount of healthy nutrients. According to the Noom diet, you should limit your intake of red foods. The red category consists of oils such as avocado oil, olive oil, seeds due to their high fat content, nut and nut butters, desserts such as pies,cake and cookies and red meat. The red listed food items also include dried fruits, frozen entrees, jerky, crackers, protein powders and bagels.

What kind of drinks can you have on a noom diet?

As you all might have figured out by now, the noom diet wants you to drink as much water as you can. But what about other drinks like tea, coffee, soda or wine? Although it can vary, such drinks usually fall in the yellow or red category. This is because while a juice can be delicious and nutritious, it contains a whole day’s worth of sugar and while the diet does give you the option to incorporate these drinks within your diet, it is suggested that you stay clear of them as much as possible.

What is the noom diet app?

The Noom Diet comes with a Noom Healthy Weight app that allows you to log in your daily food intake. You must start by adding some of your basic information such as your age, height, weight and sex to determine the recommended calolrie intake. You can also log your exercise routine in the app to find out your caloric deficit.

On purchase, you have a one-on-one interaction with a Noom coach who engages with you and offers you encouragement throughout your journey. You also have the option of connecting with your Noom support group coach and assigned group members.

This app, depending on your body specifications and your weight loss goal and your chosen pace, will calculate your daily suggested calorie intake. It combines human coaching,technology and psychology to help you achieve the desired results.

The Noom diet app has more than 30,000 human coaches. Each of these coaches undergo special training and are selected based on their empathy and expertise. While not all of them are not nutrition experts or dietitians, they hold a range of certifications and degrees related to the field which makes them capable of handling each client efficiently.

How much does a noom diet cost?

Once you have answered the demographic questions within the app, you can start using their services on a two-week Noom trial at a nominal cost. However, you will be requested to share your credit card subscription and after the end of your trial period, the subscription fee will automatically be charged on your account.

Since July, 2021, the monthly plan within the app costs $59 while the two month plan costs $99 and the three month plan costs up to $128.Longer plans such as yearly plans are also available. Here’s a rate list of a few other noom diet subscription plans:

  • 4-month auto-recurring plan: $240
  • 5-month auto-recurring plan: $300
  • 6-month auto-recurring plan: $360
  • 7-month auto-recurring plan: $420
  • 8-month auto-recurring plan: $489
  • Annual auto-recurring plan: $199

Furthermore, custom meal plans or workout plans are available as add-ons. The price for a customized meal plan is $49.

How to cancel noom subscription?

You can cancel your subscription with Noom at any time; however, you will still have access to all their subscription services until the end of your billing cycle. Follow the steps mentioned below to cancel your subscription:

  1. Open the Noom app and login to your account.
  2. Tap the chat bubble to speak to one of their support specialists.
  3. Send a message saying you’d like to cancel your account.
  4. They will reply with a link to confirm your cancellation.
  5. Click the link and your account will be canceled.

Discover How the Noom Diet Helps You Achieve Weight Loss Goals

Start by downloading the Noom app and answer questions about your goals, lifestyle, and health. Noom uses this data to create a personalized weight loss timeline.

Instead of giving an immediate diet plan, Noom tracks your eating habits to tailor a meal plan that fits your needs. They emphasize a balanced diet with the “green” category comprising 30% or more of your intake.

The app logs your food and calorie intake, offering real-time feedback to keep you on track. It also tracks your weight progress and provides motivational messages.

You’ll join a support group for discussions on staying active, motivation, and mindful eating tips. Note, however, that detailed macronutrient information isn’t provided; you’ll need to find that elsewhere.

Noom’s approach integrates personal coaching and community support to help you achieve sustainable weight loss effectively.

How easy is it to follow noom?

The answer to this question depends on your dedication to get better. Some people may be more motivated than others to develop a healthier lifestyle. However, since Noom is based on tweaking your personal food choices rather than restricting you from eating certain food items, the chances of following this diet plan in the long term is much higher than many others. Nevertheless, you will have to cut out on certain high-fat and sugary foods to achieve the desired results.

Following the Noom diet is fairly easy and sustainable. The app’s database consists of thousands of food items ranging from whole foods to commercial products based on brand names and menu selections from renowned restaurant chains. The best part is that the app keeps on giving you tips along the way rather than expecting you to take a 180 degree turn on the first day of your journey towards developing a healthy lifestyle.

Furthermore, Noom shares easy to follow recipes with its users. The app also sends you an instant alert if a certain ingredient will take you above your daily calorie budget. Nutrition information about each recipe is once again limited to the calorie density and does not cover information related to micronutrients.

This diet plan is also sustainable because you have the option to eat out. The database includes meals from over 850 restaurants giving you a wide range of food chains to choose from. Even if you don’t find the exact dish by the restaurant name, you can add the generic name of the dish to find out the number of calories you have consumed.

Somedays, adding each meal to the app may seem time-consuming, but this small effort is indispensable in helping you achieve your desired goal.

How much should you exercise when on noom?

Exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even if you are not planning on losing weight, this activity is essential for keeping your body healthy. And for those looking to lose weight, exercising will help you lose weight faster.

Hence, Noom totally supports you in incorporating exercise within your daily routine. It uses your phone’s in-built motion sensor to track your steps daily. You can also change your step goal and track your other fitness activities such as running, HIIT or strength training.

Pros and cons of noom

In this part of the article, we will discuss the pros and cons associated with the noom diet. Read along to find out if the diet is worth the hype it has managed to create.

Pros of noom diet

Psychological approach

Noom app uses a type of cognitive behavioral therapy to help you develop a healthier relationship with food. It helps you identify your feelings about food,wellness and fitness. It recognizes how these feelings influence your thoughts and how you turn these thoughts into actions.

By recognizing and understanding your relationship with food, you can be motivated to make healthier choices. Moreover, this is a long term change of habit that stays with you for life. Thus,unlike other diet plans, noom diet is here to help you make a long-lasting change and it’s more than just about losing weight, it’s about helping you become a better version of yourself.

Scientifically supported

The approach taken by the Noom diet is scientifically proven to help achieve a healthier lifestyle. In addition, research has proven that Noom has helped people lose weight. According to one study carried out in 2017, out of the 35,000 people using the Noom app, 77% reported weight loss over a period of nine months.


Noom acts as your nutritionist,personal trainer, accountability buddy and health coach all at the same time. This way you can focus your time and effort on one app rather than shifting from one to another again and again. It gives you the kind of support that enables you to choose what is best for you. It even holds you accountable if you fall off track. Hence, it’s one of the best virtual fitness partners available online.

Certified health coaches

All coaches on the Noom app go through a four week long course before they are allowed to handle any clients.The organization ensures that all the coaches have an extensive understanding of the cognitive behavioral therapy in addition to making sure they are empathetic and are capable of fulfilling the needs of all clients. However, not all of these coaches are nutritionists or fitness experts.

Cons of noom diet


While the annual fee is fairly reasonable, the same is not true for other subscription plans. If someone wishes to try out their services for a month, just to make sure they work for them, they will be expected to pay around $6o dollars.This is way more than what most people are willing to pay for a weight loss program.Especially when there are cheaper options available on the market.

Language can be triggering to some

Although the app is designed to motivate people, it can at times come off as derogatory and triggering to some. Phrases such as “conquer your food triggers” are problematic and insensitive for those who actually suffer from food triggers or emotional eating.

The color approach can become problematic

Constantly dividing your food between good, bad or best, isn’t exactly the best way to maintain a healthy relationship with food. In fact, it could result in an eating disorder for many. Moreover,  people end up excluding a lot of food items from their diet because the app suggests that they are calorie dense. This means these individuals may stop eating food they enjoyed and that is not sustainable in the long run.

No face-to-face option

Nothing compares to face-to-face interaction with your health coach. It makes you feel heard and seen along with helping you voice your concerns more effectively. Especially if you are someone who thrives at in-person coaching, this may not be the best option for you. On the Noom app, all communication you carry out is on a chat, you don’t get to meet or video-call your coach which many would not be comfortable with.


Explore Noom’s innovative psychology-based approach to achieving healthier eating habits. Start your 14-day trial today to see if it fits your lifestyle. Cancel anytime if it’s not the right fit for you. Our goal is to support your journey to a healthier self – choose what’s best for you.