What is Intentional Marketing? How Hannah Bargas Uses it To Profit Wildly For Herself and Her Clients

Customer engagement is the heart of any successful business, and marketing is the key element which helps it flourish. Great marketing allows you to maintain long-lasting and ever-present relationships with your audience, and put your best face forward to the world. A lot of us however, lack real strategy or direction – which is where a great marketing coach becomes crucial for success in the ultra competitive environment we live in. A true marketing coach is someone who is able to heavily focus on the strategy to produce a return on investment for their clients, and someone who understands exactly this, is Hannah Bargas.

Hannah Bargas is a marketing coach, who has a lot on her plate for a 23-year old. She also works a full-time job, owns a wedding stationery business, does her coaching/web design and owns a Dallas based magazine,  Something Blue Journal Dallas – which she also uses to help wedding vendors even further. Hannah has been described by her clients as a triple threat – thanks to her incredible marketing, sales, and graphic design abilities.  After doing 45 weddings in just 7 months of starting her business, Hannah rebranded

Writefully Yours into a marketing agency for wedding vendors. Despite things slowing down for most because of covid-19, things for Hannah sped up – landing over $70K in sales since March, including landing a $20k client in just 30 minutes, from her SEO and referral genius. 

Hannah is well versed with many areas of business and marketing, including custom websites, SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing and management and of course her bread and butter – marketing coaching. She works directly with wedding vendors including photographers, planners, videographers and even e-commerce jewellers,  to grow their business to cater to their ideal client. Having achieved a number of incredible results for her clients already, her sole focus moving forward is her marketing coaching, as she is committed to helping others achieve growth like they’ve never seen. This includes an extraordinary feat of spending just $17 in ad spend, for a $3500+ return on investment Google Ads.

How does she do it? Well, Hannah understands that to have a strong marketing campaign for your business, you must be intentional. Hannah is one of the ‘real ones’, who’s not afraid to tell it how it is to her clients, which is certainly a breath of fresh air from your cookie cutter coach who says things like: “oh yeah um, I’m sure that might work”. No fluff. Just real talk and action. 

However, Intentional marketing isn’t quite mainstream yet which Hannah is already capitalising on, and looking to change the narrative with her content and coaching. Through practicing what she preaches, she was able to grow her business from 0 to 45 weddings in just 7 months. Despite this, she is not caught up in the vanity metrics of social media like followers, that don’t mean anything when it comes to sales. “I never got over 300ish followers, even though that is where most of my clients booked with me from, and I didn’t even post every day. But when I did post, I made sure to talk directly to them. Like I knew what their problems were, the trends they wanted for their wedding, as well as showing my personality.” Hannah explains. 

Also teaching her clients about SEO, growing email lists with intentional branding and intentional marketing funnels, and ultimately building trust – giving the vendors’ prospective clients the feeling that they are already best friends. It’s no secret that in order to sell you must be known, liked and trusted. Particularly without the trust factor, you don’t stand a chance. This is what Hannah teaches her clients through her branding expertise, which aims to build trust with their audience and attract their ideal clients. “What I really want to push is that authentic/intentional marketing can grow your brand faster than just being sleazy or inauthentic. Being good at marketing also doesn’t mean you have to overwhelm yourself with all the things these “influencers” are telling you.” Hannah says.


As a marketing coaching for wedding planners, photographers and venues, a no BS approach is a must. Hannah is growing the intentional marketing sector and showing fellow female entrepreneurs and wedding vendors alike that when you have intention behind your marketing approach, success will happen.

If you want to learn more about Hannah and her work, head over to her Instagram or check out her website.  





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