Weaving Passion, Purpose, and Travel: Here Is How Carla Virgos Inspires Young Female Entrepreneurs

Despite the recent boom in the socio-political narratives surrounding women’s rights and empowerment, a significant change is yet to come.

A great many thinkers have lamented that the problem is not only collective and social but also personal and requires an individual agency that is often not exercised by women. While these people, who are undoubtedly doing amazing work, urge women to take control in theory, successful entrepreneurs and passionate social workers like Carla Virgos lead by example.

Coming from a family with dual origins, Carla Virgos speaks multiple lan

guages, including French, English, Italian and Spanish. After graduating from the University of Bristol with a major in International business management, she went to work as a broker at a top firm in London. She excelled at her job and quickly climbed up the ranks, but she knew something fundamental was missing from her life. She found that missing piece on a trip to the Maldives. Virgo

s now juggles her time between her job at a global company in London and as a founder of her ocean safari company, Kandu, in the Maldives.

In her own words, she wants to invest in change. Because there are many resources available readily, she wants people to leverage them to educate themselves and do better. She wants to inspire young girls to reach their full potential and know that there is little that can stop them.

Speaking on the matter, Virgos says, “I want to be an example to younger women, showing them that passion paves the way when it comes to anything in life, including business.” In many ways, she is laying the groundwork for women to explore more options and expand their horizons. It is no longer enough to efficiently tread through the corporate structure, which has erstwhile been dominated by men. Women can and should come together and bring about sustainable change and she shows that one need not leave everything behind to do so.

Carla Virgos leads by example. While island hopping in the Maldives, she poignantly identified the dire need for intervention in the way tourism was operating on the islands, with rampant single-use plastic being discarded everywhere and little to no awareness of the consequences. This was when she started her company, Kandu.

With her team of ocean experts, divers, and photographers, she makes sure that the tourists are educated on the needs of the ocean and its marine life. She also leads on sustainability by offering alternatives to single-use plastic, like utensils made of wheat straw fibers and flasks. Seeing a young female entrepreneur make considerable efforts to counter the growing threats to our planet is truly inspiring.

You can check out Carla Virgos Instagram and see how she successfully weaves passion, purpose, and travels to create a more sustainable future.