Unleashing the Power Within: Master the Winning Mindset With Trading Pro David Capablanca

Do you find the stock market intriguing? Or perhaps you’re considering trying out your luck with short selling? From constantly staying updated on the latest market trends to making risky decisions, this is certainly not a business for the light-hearted. Short selling demands mental resilience. So if you’re questioning whether you have the mental capacity for it or not, fear not, for we have an effective solution for you!

Meet David Capablanca, a trading pro with a whopping 90% win rate!

Given short selling is not as common as other types of trading, David has taken the initiative to represent the short-seller community and welcome people into it. He is a verified trader with his own podcast show, The Friendly Bear Podcast. The podcast covers a range of topics, including financial literacy, strategies to use, insights and interviews with some big players in the market.

Now, here’s the secret to his success – mindset! And David affirms its significance. By believing that self-development and trading success go hand in hand, he gives considerable credit to his growth mindset, claiming it is a major contributor to success in the trading world.

If you’re eager to develop a winning mentality, there are valuable insights available from David that can transform your approach.

To begin with, he advises you to explore what works for you. One has got to have persistent mental stamina and confidence in their abilities to survive in the market. Instead of complaining about the market situation, shift your perspective to finding solutions. Remember, by making excuses or criticizing the market, you are only wasting your brain power.

David’s mantra is simple – feed your brain success. Small steps, like making your bed, can lead to significant results. Curate your life by surrounding yourself with positive influences and investing your mental capital wisely. Find role models who will inspire you to strive for improvement. You can manifest a winning mentality by talking to other people. Immerse yourself in conversations that will inspire you. Learn to train your mind to embrace your strengths — know that you can deal with the uncertainties of the business.

However, building a winning mindset alone will not set you up for success in the trading business. You must be vigilant about where you allocate your mental capital and apply it where it makes a difference.

For instance, in his podcasts, David talks about how he is selective about his discords – preserving mental capital for whichever ones are of the most value to him. Doing this sets the stage for becoming accomplished.

While we allocate our mental capital where it’s due, we must also learn to protect it from doubt. Failing to battle second thoughts will bring down your morale and jeopardize your career as a trader. It requires mental strength to stay clear of them. If you ever want to test the implications of the mindset approach, see if your mind often invites doubts.

Remember, traders, it all starts in the head. Therefore, a mind which believes in success will succeed. Having the right mindset and applying your mental capital to what brings you value will elevate your trading skills and set you up for success.

To make it a possibility for you, David has partnered with the renowned mindset coach Sam Daghash  from Dubai who helps people combat mental restrictions and builds their confidence. Together, they aim to help you adopt a winning mindset so you can master the art of short-selling business. They have co-founded the Conscious trading academy

to do exactly that.

They are set to host The Conscious Trading Conference in Los Angeles on the 16th of September 2023 that will cover the foundations for building success in trading and how to tailor your approach to make the most out of it.

Alongside the conference, David will announce his course and membership to help fellow traders excel through his mindset approach. Find more information on the conference here.