Unexpected Sporting Events You Should Travel to for the Experience

Picture having tickets for the Super Bowl or World Series. The image probably makes the hairs on the back of your next stand to attention, as it should. The blue riband events of major sports are sought-after for a reason. Still, you know what you’re going to get when you attend a basketball game or an ice hockey match. Part of the experience of watching sports is the unpredictability as you never know what will happen. So, there’s no better way to heighten the tension than to be at sporting occasions you never expected to participate in. The ones below are so good, they’re worth traveling to if you get the opportunity.

The English Greyhound Derby 2022

Towcester Racecourse is the host for one of the more remarkable races in modern sports racing. As the pinnacle of the sport, the English Greyhound Derby encompasses everything popular about the meeting, from featuring the fastest dogs to taking bets on the winner. Live greyhound betting with Betfair

tells you this is the case as the likes of Explosive Boy and Brookside Richie are quoted as the +2000 and +2500 favorite and second favorite, respectively.

But what stands out is the novel nature of the race. Typically, hundreds of thousands of people flock to watch horses compete against one another, yet in the UK, the tradition of greyhound racing is in-demand to this day. Plus, the calendar is action-packed, with 192 greyhounds participating in Round 1, before six make it to the final on July 10th. It’s a grueling journey, and the culmination of it is great fun for spectators.

The National Penny Farthing Championships

Don’t worry if the Tour de France is too much for you because the National Penny Farthing Championships strike the perfect balance between passionate competition and light-hearted fun. Australia turns back the wheels of time during this historical competition, namely the peaceful village of Evandale in Northern Tasmania, featuring a host of Penny Farthing bikes from around Australia and the world.

Also, the National Penny Farthing Championships bring an extra level of fun thanks to the period-themed village fair. In fact, the entire tournament takes you back to Victorian England via transport, clothing, and food. That means this bicycle tour has something for everyone if you like Penny Farthings and retro markets!

The Rock Paper Scissors World Championship

Everyone has played rock paper scissors, but not many get to play and compete for money against other enthusiasts. Well, the RPS World Championship is the event most people have been waiting for their entire life without realizing it. Let’s face it – it’s the ultimate game of luck and psychology. For instance, can confuse their opponents by hinting or announcing what they will throw.

The Rock Paper Scissors World Championship has been around for at least 15 years, with more events scheduled every year. The Worlds are held in Toronto in Canada, but if you can’t make it to the Great White North, there are matches in the US, Europe, and online. As far as unexpected sporting experiences go, watching Rock Paper Scissors professional athletes must be at the top of the list.


Some sports contests command audiences because of their size and reputations. These are smaller and not as well-known. However, that’s what makes them worth traveling for. After all, you’re not likely to experience anything like them in your lifetime.

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