Top 5 Wedding Food Ideas

Whether you’re a bride still in the initial phase of planning, or on the hunt for the final details like wedding catering, we’re here to help you embrace the wedding season. If you don’t want to follow the status quo and serve the typical hors d’oeuvres, consider serving the crowd-pleasing party food instead.

Celebrating nuptials doesn’t have to come with all the glitz and glam of a conventional black-tie wedding! And not to mention the average cost of a wedding has grown to almost $30K, more than enough to cover the cost of a new car. If you don’t want to wait another decade to get married, consider throwing a casual and intimate wedding. Food stations and long table dinners have been popular options for wedding food, especially for those who want more of a warm and intimate celebration.

You can always put the emphasis on fun by throwing a casual wedding with finger foods like hot chicken or gourmet burgers. Alternatively, consider incorporating some classic fast food into your wedding reception fare. From Nashville Hot Chicken, oversized Barbecue Burgers to pit-smoked hot wings, there are many wedding food ideas out there that break the status quo. If you want to express your fun and laid-back style on your big day, then throw a casual wedding without the stuffiness of a traditional wedding. Read on to check out the list of wedding food ideas and wedding caterers for a casual wedding!


Nashville Hot Chicken

If you’re a proud Nashville native, consider throwing a wedding with all things Nashville! Dubbed as Music City, Nashville is known as the long-time capital of Country Music. You can always inject a dash of fun and sense of humor into your wedding – make it circus fun, shabby chic and turn it into a country music festival with live music. What better way to celebrate Nashville and nuptial than with country music and Nashville Hot Chicken? On the hunt for some succulent Nashville Hot Chicken for your wedding? Available for wedding catering, Trailer Birds offers crispy chicken tenders with crowd-pleasing dips. Even if you don’t have roots in Nashville, Nashville Hot Chicken is a crowd-pleasing party food that never disappoints. It comes with a major kick, so it’s guaranteed to turn the wedding into an adrenaline-pumping party! Trailer Birds Nashville Hot Chicken is not for the faint of heart. Be sure to wash it down with some cold beers and champagne.

Barbecue Chicken Wings

The reception meal is probably the second most important part of the wedding aside from the ceremony itself. Kick off the wedding with a classic ballroom ceremony, then switch up the mood with a casual dinner decorated with a monochrome tent and pendant lamps. And consider having banquet-style reception tables that are perfect for facilitating dialogue – they are rustic, regal and reminiscent of the long table dinner in Harry Potter. Guests can pass along various dishes at those tables, so it makes sense to serve crowd-pleasing finger foods, namely Barbecue Chicken Wings! Wing Boss, a Wing Joint owned by pitmaster Dickey’s, offers barbecue wings with a plethora of flavors like buffalo, spicy Korean, Thai sweet chili, lemon pepper rub, you name it! Available for wedding catering, they slow smoke the wings in a controlled temperature and humidity range, giving those wings a hickory-smoke flavor.

Gourmet Burgers

If you want something more filling than finger foods, then incorporate gourmet burgers into your reception dinner menu. There’s no better way to wrap up a night of dancing and mingling than sinking your teeth into some fast food. When the late-night munchies kick in as the night progresses, burgers are usually what spring to mind. Just because you’re throwing a casual wedding, doesn’t mean you have to settle for the typical carhop burgers with two buns. Try this double cheeseburger

that’s served between two grilled cheese sandwiches, stacked with goodies like sliced tomato, shredded lettuce, pickles and onion. As a virtual brand under Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, Big Deal Burger offers burgers of beastly proportions that are made with barbecue meat smoked in the wood-burning pit. Burgers are known as everyone’s comfort food, and they are perfectly paired with beers and hand-cut fries!