Tips for creating an Instagram marketing strategy

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms today. It has grown so fast, and now it witnesses over 700 million users every month. And for businesses, it has become a great source of inspiration holding more than 8 million accounts with business profiles.

The mobile-based photo and video social network industries have developed from here. Brands are always looking for fast likes Instagram and other social signals to improve their marketing strategy on Instagram.

No wonder IG likes buy has become so rampant today. The aim is to engage users and drive real social value.

But getting Instagram likes and achieve success for brands, there is more to do than meets the eye. Consider the tips below to put together a strong IG marketing strategy.

Have clear objectives

You must know precisely what you want to achieve on Instagram. Consider what you get on Instagram, who you target and how to use IG with other platforms.

Some of the objectives to use could be:

–    To increase awareness for your brand

–    Show the culture of your company

–    Recruit new talent

–    Drive sales through traffic

–    Achieve great engagement

Objectives serve as a map for you. They are the thin line between a successful marketing strategy and a total failure. With these objectives, you can create an excellent marketing environment using great follower tips like those shared on

Develop a content strategy

It does not matter whether you buy Instagram likes or develop from scratch, content is king.

Many B2B companies focus on team recruitment. It is best, however, if one focuses on showcasing the brand.

You need a plan to deliver high content. Use your objectives, and audience to come up with ideas.

Consider this:

–    Build content theme

–    Determine the medium and ratio of your content

–    Put together a flexible content calendar

–    Leverage on user-generated content

People will join your account to get useful content. Know when to post, how to post and who to target with your content.

Come up with clear guidelines for your team

Brand building relies so much on consistency. Whether you buy Instagram followers or you prefer to build your own, come up with a style, publishing and workflow guidelines. Consider the tips below for a proper style guide in your IG marketing.

–    Consider a brand aesthetic maintenance; review the current visual representations of your brand.

–    Know the composition of your brand

–    Invest in creative tools

–    Captions are great, use them effectively

–    Put some trust in your hashtags

–    Geo-locations; they are powerful as well.

–    Share across networks

–    Gives roles to team members

Encourage engagement and have community management guidelines

It is not just enough to get Instagr am followers. Encourage dialogue and build a community with what you have. How do you do this?

–    Use bio and link optimization

–    Follow influencers

–    Use proper engagement management strategy.

–    Monitor keywords and misspellings on your account

–    Test content using IG stories

–    Get an analysis of your results.

Once the engagement is achieved, getting more IG followers should not be a problem.


Growing a following on Instagram is a great challenge for many companies. Brand awareness is not a joke and demands a proper investment of both time and resources. The idea highlighted above should help you avoid common pitfalls.