Thriving Regardless of the Criticism, Professional Artist Danielle Zirkelbach Explains Her Journey

Getting criticism over something one loves is not a very pleasant experience for anyone. Building on that criticism and creating something meaningful and beautiful is an endeavour few can achieve. Danielle Zirkelbach, a professional artist and an expert surfer, has overcome criticism and emerged triumphant in her journey to create The Art of Danielle Zirk LLC.

Danielle was born in New Haven, Connecticut, and she moved around the east coast with her father and brother. They settled in Flagler Beach, Florida, and her father enrolled her and her brother in several athletic activities. To her surprise, Danielle was proficient in soccer and earned many honours at high school and collegiate levels. She pursued an athletic career in several Florida travel teams. She was so good that she became the most played player in the Olympic development travel and Florida Southern soccer teams.


Unfortunately, Danielle has severe dyslexia that has been crippling throughout her childhood, adolescence, and adult life. Her doctors had given up on the prospect of her ever going to school or college. Still, Danielle worked hard to achieve all her dreams despite the doctor’s opinions on her dyslexia. She made herself strong, and with training and hard work, she earned the prestigious Starts scholarship from the university of women in her high school – Flagler Palm coast high school. She even earned an athletic soccer scholarship to Florida Southern College, where she graduated Summa/Magna cum laude.

After refusing an opportunity to play overseas, Danielle was called a waste of talent by many around her. She still stood her ground and fell in love with graphic design. There were days when she had to do waitressing and suffer the criticism of people around her, but she made it through. After college, she started working on her art and fell in love with surfing sports. In 2010 Danielle decided to move to Hawaii and got truly in touch with herself by concentrating on her art, creating waiting tables, surfing, and helping others.


Regardless of criticism, Danielle’s art depicts her understanding of the world and how she articulates her discoveries in her love language – painting. Her Instagram page is full of her artwork, and she has a website where she sells her artwork worldwide.

To see her latest creations and the process of creating beautiful things, visit her Instagram account by clicking here.