This is How Olivia Nunn Empowers Women in the Military to Come Forward, Heal, and Break the Glass Ceiling

Women’s empowerment is an essential part of the feminist movement, which leads women to speak for their rights and value their participation in different occupations. Empowering women is crucial for the world to move forward because women make up more than half the world’s population – and when they are marginalised, it becomes a problem for the whole populace. In efforts to eradicate this problem, Olivia J.M. Nunn, CEO of Olivia Nunn Communications, is adamant about empowering women in active duty and after the military.

Growing up in Puyallup, WA, Olivia closely saw the technicalities of the army because of her father. Her father being in the military influenced her career choice heavily. Since she was four, she knew she would someday join the US Army. Olivia got her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Radford University, Virginia. She joined the army in 2001 and started her 20-year journey in the military. She eventually retired and held a top strategic position in the Chief of Army Public Affairs office.

Today, Olivia wants to empower the women in the army, predominantly a space for men, to break through the glass ceiling and reach the sky. She has worked hard to break the boundaries of the ranks in the military herself. She is adamant about helping other women get higher ranks in the army with the same chance as men. She has the skills to correctly communicate and educate women around her to curate their path to success.

In an interview with WUSA9, Olivia shows her concerns about inequality women have faced in the past as a part of the army. She says, “I wasn’t able to be a tank commander. I actually wanted to be one, drive the tank, be able to ride in it, and send some bullets down the range, but I couldn’t do it being a woman”. This was twenty years ago, and today there are as many chances for women as there are for men in the army. In the same interview, Olivia continues, “Now women can command tanks, fly helicopters and be the lead in the charge as they kick down doors. There is nothing (women) cannot do today.

Over the course of her career as an officer, Olivia saw a drastic change in the military. According to her, the military she first joined in 2001 has changed and shifted to a more inclusive and accepting one than ever before. According to her, the military is the best place for women to help their country succeed. She is adamant about speaking and communicating with the world and showing her support to all military personnel to help them grow and thrive during and after their military service.

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