This ‘Edgy’ Partnership Is Helping Mid-Market Leaders & CEOs Achieve Revenue Success While Being The #1 Authority In Their Industry

They had known each other for 20 years until someone said, “You guys would make a good partnership!” Jill Stelfox’s husband and Dan Waldschmidt’s wife knew something about their entrepreneur spouses that they both weren’t willing to admit in over two decades. For those who know them, Jill’s 20-year long corporate experience and Dan’s obsession with growth was the perfect recipe for a breakout company. So the two sat down, talked the idea over, and in less than half an hour, Edgy Inc. was born.

As predicted, Dan and Jill have scaled the company to a level from which they command the attention of everyone else in the industry. This success, however, is not accidental. It is like they were both waiting to reach the peak of their individual endeavors before delving into what they do today—helping mid-market leaders and CEOs achieve unprecedented success.


Edgy is Good!

Edgy Inc. is in the business of helping mid-market CEOs dominate their industry with products and services that are expertly positioned. Staying on top of the game, the company focuses on developing time-tested breakthrough strategies.  Before founding Edgy, Dan and Jill already reached high-level achievements individually, and it was naturally time to infect everyone else with their success.

While Dan has authored a book that ‘accidentally’ became a worldwide bestseller, and made a mark in history as the 10th human to run Everest, Jill has ‘miraculously’ turned $50 Million worth of venture capital into $1 Billion for her investors. They both live for the uncomfortable limits required to attain unbounded success. And now, they have joined together, forming a partnership rooted in shared business and personal values accumulated over the course of their lives. 

The Secret Source to a Working Partnership

Jill is very particular when describing the biggest contributors to their partnership’s success. For every union, there must be a uniting factor, which for Dan and Jill is their combined legacies as fast strategy executors. Specifically, Jill Reveals that, contrary to popular opinion, business leaders actually earn more when they come together. By coming together, Jill implies a split in equity for both partners and an unbiased contribution of skills, experience, and resources to the merger. “We’ve been profitably successful by splitting our corporate returns,” she declares. “We always make more together than we could ever make individually,” Jill continues.

Supporting Jill’s position, Dan holds that to move fast and be successful, you need to have someone watching your six, covering you from behind. It is something that partners need to get off the ground, achieve great things, and sustain long-term success. for 

Redefining Hard Work, Discipline and Value  

Success for Edgy’s clients is always guaranteed through hard work, discipline, and value. It is with these three facets of business success that both co-founders have launched the growth of hundreds of companies. While most business leaders claim these three core facets, the Edgy team goes a long way into redefining and proving that if applied, they really do work. Dan insists on hard work over everything else, but he reiterates that by simultaneously adding smart work into the equation, leads to stronger and better outcomes. Then comes value. Only by setting yourself apart as a valuable and distinguished player will you be able to make strides toward success at unimaginable levels.


While it is easy to talk about partnership success, there is much more that goes into registering it than meets the eye. It requires both individual and concerted effort. Jill brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in sales and marketing, and Dan equally contributes unwavering tenacity and fearlessness. “I believe in candor and tough love,” Jill asserts, and with Dan, it is no secret at all that his “controversial business advice” and the resilience he exudes makes all the difference.

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