The Tech Company Changing the Software Services Industry

As the world inches toward becoming completely digital, the software services industry is gaining more currency – especially with niche-oriented tech and development companies that raise the bar high on all fronts holistically. Hounder, a digital design and development company, has been making waves in the industry with its unparalleled approach to client relationships and talented team of professionals. Joshua Northcott, the CTO and Co-Founder of Hounder along with Justin Hough, shares the company’s triumphant expedition to success.

Joshua, a native of Mira Loma, discovered his passion for programming when he was only nine years old, and wrote basic programs using DOS on a Packard Bell computer. During his college years, Joshua developed a fascination with UI design and front-end web development, particularly during the peak of MySpace’s popularity. He started his entrepreneurial career by creating a theme store where MySpace users could purchase a theme for their pages. After college, Joshua worked for Esri, where he eventually became the Web Department Director.

Seven years ago, when Joshua left his corporate job to establish Hounder alongside his business partner, Justin Hough, their first project involved solving a problem for a large software company: Migrating to a new enterprise web CMS. Hounder helped redesign and rebuild it to support 20 different languages and automated workflows for a 200-person marketing team. The project was successful, and the company has only remained at the top of its game ever since.

Joshua has made a lasting impact on so many other industries, including B2B, e-commerce, medical, nonprofit, education, and the like. Designing unique solutions to various problems these industries face has become a motto for the Hound. Positively impacting not only the software industry but the business world as a whole is something Joshua is adamant about doing, especially with the progressive launching of several state-of-the-art software that helps businesses scale and protect themselves.

Joshua has attributed Hounder’s success to its approach of only taking on a few projects at a time to provide focused effort and deliver the best results on time and on budget, which is almost unheard of in their industry. As a result of their client-driven work, Hounder’s 10-person team has worked with some of the most innovative and renowned technology companies in the world.

With a portfolio that includes companies Everstream

Analytics, Esri ArcGis Hub, and UL, Hounder has earned an unparalleled level of trust and credibility from enterprise organizations, making it a unique and distinguished player in the industry. Not just huge enterprises, Joshua also helps small community businesses like Augie’s Coffee to increase their sales and with the help of Hounder it became the go-to coffee shop in downtown Redlands.

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