The root of all evil – Mike Majlak opens up about his long road to recovery

Drugs are often said to be the “root of all evil.” Drug addiction destroys lives and futures. It strips everything of value from one’s existence, leaving nothing behind but a shell of a body and a troubled mind.

At the age of seventeen, Mike Majlak became an opioid addict. When the world should have been at his feet, he became lost in a cycle of addiction that nearly stole his life. He is now recovered, healthy, and successful. He is the author of a bestselling memoir called The Fifth Vital that is inspiring millions of readers around the world with its story of grit and survival.

Mike, what inspired the name of your book?

 For the entirety of modern history, the health of a human being was measured by four vital signs. In the early 2000s, the fifth vital sign was added in, which was a question to the patient: “How much pain are you in right now?” That single question—that single addition of the fifth vital sign— is a massive contributor to opioid problem that we’ve had in the United States for the past twenty years. Since I was an opioid addict, the title The Fifth Vital

seemed fitting.

What was running through your mind on a day-to-day basis during the years you were an addict? You have a huge social media following! Tell us how you grew that and what kinds of posts you use to engage your followers.

Not to discount all the hard work I’ve put into building my channels, I would be lying if I said that being on Logan Paul’s podcast, being part of his content, and now dating the biggest porn star in the world, Lana Rhoades, has not helped build my audience quickly. With that said, when I started this business over two years ago, I came on the scene with an aura of authenticity, transparency, and relatability that people have said is unique and refreshing, and that’s been my brand ever since. Being 100% real with my audience in every way, from speaking directly to the audience about my truth to being completely raw and honest in my posts, is the reason why this book has become such an absolute success.

What did it feel like once The Fifth Vital was finished and ready for the world

Relieving. After subconsciously carrying the weight of this story for so long, I feel intensely lighter now that the book is done. I feel even better now that is has reached so high on the charts and gotten the insane reviews that it has.

Who are the biggest inspirations in your life? Are there any specific people who helped you when you were at your lowest points?

 For me, it’s my mom. Everybody has something different in their life that they can hopefully go to in their darkest times…at least the lucky ones do. For me, it was my mom, and she never gave up on me. She was there from the beginning and through all my darkest times. The thought of her was constantly in my head when I found myself spiraling toward my own demise. And that’s another big part of my story that’s in my book: I ask people, “What is your light? What is your one thing that keeps you going? Once you find it, hold on to it and never let go of it.”

What’s next for you after The Fifth Vital

? Do you have other projects in the works?

I’m working on the audiobook for The Fifth Vital, there’s a movie deal in the works, and there are definitely other book projects in the future since I love to write. I’m also continuing to put out new digital content for Impaulsive and The Night Shift, as well as on other platforms. Stay tuned!

Lastly, where can readers find you online? Where is the best place to purchase your book, The Fifth Vital?

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Fifth-Vital-Mike-Majlak-ebook/dp/B087BC3L43

Apple Books: https://books.apple.com/us/book/the-fifth-vital/id1510147624

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-fifth-vital

Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-fifth-vital-mike-majlak/1136934334