“The Most Important Thing in Life Is Believing It Is Possible,” Says Michael Ferrara, Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur

When Michael Ferrera was a kid, he wanted to be a fashion designer. Though he indulged in other businesses, i.e., managing his father’s music company, offering various door-to-door personalized services, etc., the dream to be a fashion designer stuck with him until it was no more a dream. The journey of his dream reached its destination when he turned 23 and opened a customized clothing business.

To date, Michael has managed up to seven companies, with currently in the driving seat of four. He is an accomplished fashion designer, financial expert, successful business entrepreneur, a dreamer, and above all, a doer. 

A doer because he knows merely relying on raising the bar of one’s dreams doesn’t make anyone successful. It only equates to building tall castles in the air, only to see them tumbling down with a loud thud. 

No doubt, dreaming is paramount to success, but the truth is, it is only the first step in the long road towards achieving something. Michael lives the life of his dream because first, he dared to dream and then dared to believe he could achieve it. Albeit, indeed, it came late, Michael never stopped believing. All the way through his opening a fashion brand of his own, he hustled and never waited for a miracle to accomplish financial freedom.

He stepped into a business when he was only fourteen years old. It was his father’s music company where he assisted in operations and got crucial exposure to the basics of running a business. Four years later, when Michael started studying business economics at the University of California Riverside, he continued to manage his father’s music company along with his studies 

His entrepreneurial pursuits at the college didn’t end with the disc jockey business. Michael’s next initiative was a clothing venture named Maestro Tech. It wasn’t an instant success, but it gave the young dreamer an adequate opportunity to explore his passion for designing his own t-shirts and other casual clothing. It took time but eventually, people loved Michael’s delicately-made shirts and orders started to pour in. 

However, Michael turned his passion into something big at the age of 23 when he opened The Michael Ferrera Brand, now a worldwide popular venture in the fashion industry.

It was a high-level fashion brand named after him. The Michael Ferrera Brand is a customized clothing business that prepares customized suits, shirts, shoes, and other clothing materials. “We have a private personalized process where we visit clients at their home, office, or in our showroom in Beverly Hills,” says Michael, adding an announcement that they are soon launching ready-to-wear clothing for men and women that would be available to purchase on luxury retail stores throughout the world this year. 

The young, spirited entrepreneur Michael’s successful and self-made career reiterates the fact that it all starts with a dream, followed by a strong faith in attaining it and believing in yourself. No one is going to do the labor for you. Dream it, believe it, and do it – period.