The Founder of Meagan’s Academic Tutorial Center, Here are Dr. Brenda Joseph-Juste’s Goals and Ambitions

Success is contagious; once you tap into and revel in its reality, you wish to earn more while staying grounded and in touch with your roots. Dr. Brenda Joseph-Juste, the president of Meagan’s Academic Tutorial Center, a well-known educationist in Miami, Florida, and a successful entrepreneur, exemplified hard work and dedication through her many achievements. She started her career in education from scratch, and with consistent hard work, she grew and prospered, earning the reputation she has today.

Dr. Juste is recognized as the reading and math doctor helping her community’s students with core subjects and extracurricular activities to make them college-ready.


Over the years, her passion for teaching has only increased, and she has developed a deep love for her profession. Her key areas of expertise are assisting students in reading, writing, and math. Her exceptional teaching methodology enables students to earn grades and exceed average scores. She inculcates determination in her students, motivating them to give their best in order to build promising academic careers.

She has put her heart and soul into building Meagan’s Academic Tutorial Center and foresees a bright future for her business as it continues to foster students’ academic skills. Her main goal is to expand her tutorial center by opening ten more locations with the hope of helping more students. Dr. Juste also aims to establish Meagan’s Academic School of Excellence, upgrading her business and manifesting the same ideas as before. Through her school, she will be able to help students advance in life more practically, leading to significant growth in her professional career.

In her tutorial center, they cater to the needs of every student with their unique and different way of teaching. The expert educationists in the institute utilize their knowledge and employ a holistic approach when teaching students from Kindergarten to High School. Hence, students of any grade can reach out to Meagan’s Academic Tutorial Center and find the best tutoring services to propel them in their academic progress.

Dr. Juste has a great and unique teaching style and practices patience and friendliness with her students. She focuses on their personality growth and motivates them to stand tall in the face of adversaries. Her institute runs on the moral of treating students with respect and ensuring they don’t feel pressured but rather enjoy studying.


Through this, she wants to impact the community and promote a unique teaching style positively. Click here to learn more about Meagan’s Academic Tutorial Center.

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