‘The Brunchxgod’ Rafael Peña Redefines Entrepreneurship through His Levels Management Brand

In a world marked by extreme specialization, there is a tremendous amount of knowledge, theories, tips, and general information on the business, marketing, sales, and profits. One can write a book on these topics by merely going through the literature available, but running a successful business is a different story . Business requires social connections, street smart behavior, and the ability to build on failures and disappointments. Rafael Peña has got just the right mix of personality traits to make him a marketing boss.

Peña started out young, at the age of 14, doing grassroots marketing for record labels. Being out on the streets and exposed to the marketing world and music, Peña learned some very important lessons about business. Later, these lessons came in handy when he started a business consulting company, Levels Management.

No matter which industry, business comes with a fair share of uncertainties. A big chunk of business management refers to knowledge of people, societies, culture, and demographics – knowledge of the world around us. Peña, a business consultant, knows this and treats his clients as such. The fact that he is well acquainted with the formal and the informal side of the market gives him an edge over his competitors.

Peña takes consultancy out of the textbook and out into the real world by connecting his clients with their “people”- the potential customers/buyers. His business, Levels Management, plans out social events, launches, business strategies, advertising campaigns, and everything related to entertainment and business. The goal is to get the message across to the right people at the right time, plugging the loopholes that adversely affect the setup.

Peña, who started himself as an artist, believes in doing what the heart says, but he is experienced enough to be very   about it. He knew early on in his career, the fact that one shouldn’t focus solely on money-making; what we do should put our souls at peace, or it’s not worth it. When you are satisfied and content, you tend to work better and achieve more than when you work for money only.

Feeding the soul is not a separate business, and your professional life is not a different universe. You need to keep your passions alive and yourself happy in order to excel in whatever you choose to do for a living.

Peña is self proclaimed foodie who will try anything once, including traveling to over 15 different countries.  He has not given up on his passions to dedicate his time to money-making; he works as a food critic and travel writer for

while simultaneously managing his consultancy business.

Rafael Peña chose to build a marketing consultancy business because he felt his experience of 20 years in the music industry and what he has learned there can help and guide others. He is constantly redefining marketing consultancy by incorporating informal, social knowledge into the hardcore textbook strategies, and it has worked for him! Find more on him on his Instagram.