The Best Investment To Becoming Recession-Proof with Dean Aguilar

The stock market has been going up and down. With the news reports of the Coronavirus. And seeing the market plunge down to it’s worst numbers since the 2008 financial crisis. 

Many experts are saying we’re headed for a major correction. Some are saying we’re about to have another Great Recession.

Dean Aguilar the CEO of Digital Muse and founder of Dean Aguilar Group came out on top in the last recession. And he wants to share with you the fastest and most bulletproof way to becoming recession-proof. 

To do this, you won’t need a Roth IRA or a 401k. And you don’t need to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to cash-in on this.

Dean says that with this one investment alone, you’ll become recession-proof. In fact, it takes zero startup cost, and all you need is a smartphone.

Once you go all-in on this, it will become the greatest investment you’ll ever make. It will be like buying hundreds of Amazon’s stock when it was at $3 and then cashing in on it today. 


What Dean is talking about is a personal brand.

Having a personal brand will make you recession-proof. 

It’s not connected to the stock or housing market, so you won’t be affected when a recession hits.

Your personal brand is an extension of your reputation. It’s your status. Whether you like it, or not you already have a personal brand. And people are looking at it. Judging you by how big it is.

Investing in your personal brand compounds over time. When you start, it’s gonna be small. Which is how all great things start. Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, and Oprah had to start small too. 

With this compounding effect, your personal brand will let you stand tall in a collapse.

Think of some of the biggest personal brands in the world today:

  • Will Smith, one of the most powerful actors in Hollywood.
  • Ninja, the world’s most famous professional gamer.
  • The Kardashians, the media mogul family.
  • Micheal Jordan, the greatest basketball player to play the game.

All household names. Do you think they’ll be affected by a recession? No.

Why? Because they have the most valuable currency today, attention. This is the new currency we exchange. The more attention you have the bigger and better off you are. With this currency, their brand becomes their personal ATM. Which they can withdraw from as many times as they want. Making them recession-proof. 

Some of the smartest people with degrees and PhDs dedicate their lives to learning how to become recession-proof. Of course, there are a select few that can do this, but they’re unicorns.

Dean says you don’t need to be a unicorn to become recession-proof, All you need is a personal brand, but only when it’s done the right way.

Here are two key things Dean Aguilar says you must focus on when building a recession-proof brand:

  1. Focus On Building Your Brand One Fan At A Time.

The reason why the Kardashian’s have a personal branding powerhouse is because of their fans. Your fans are the life-blood of any personal brand. If you focus on them, you’ll never go hungry. Watch and listen to what they say. They will tell you what they want.

When Steve Aoki, one of the world’s best DJ’s in the world, first started, he had a small group of fans. And he listened to what they wanted and delivered. Which then caused his fan base to grow bigger and bigger. Now he’s performing at sold-out shows across the globe. None of his success would have happened if he didn’t focus on what his fans wanted.

  1. No One Can Copy Your Personal Brand. Be Yourself!!!

The greatest thing about having a personal brand is that no one can copy it. You don’t need to worry about someone coming in and stealing your idea, product, or service. Your personal brand is YOU. And there’s only one of you.

So when you’re creating your personal brand, you need to be authentic. Be yourself. This will be the white-hot knife that separates you from everyone else.


Focusing on these two things will help make your personal brand recession-proof. If you don’t have a personal brand, you need to create one now. 

And if you have a personal brand, and want to take it to the next level. Dean has built a wildly popular agency that specializes in building and scaling personal brands.

This is only available to entrepreneurs and thought-leaders like you who want to use their personal brand to become recession-proof. Go here to get all the details.

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