The 90-day Game: A Pathway To Success by Content Creator John Holowaty

How many times have you recited the mantra “I’m going to do something productive today!” You spend day after day working on a project, and if you do not get the result, you give up and waste time scrolling through social media or picking another thing to put effort into, repeating the same cycle. Your ‘learning curve’ never rises.

Learning Curve is an infographic on an individual’s proficiency development with experience. Content creator John Holowaty on Facebook explains the smart way of raising the learning curve through his 90-day game. According to him, the pathway to success is not by switching between professions repeatedly but by being consistent in one profession.

The 90-day game is a fun and exciting way to approach challenges in life. John tends to look at things through an exuberant lens, so he invented this game to improve his learning curve. He firmly believes in personal development and has read many books to gain wisdom about success. One of his favorites, Rich Dad Poor Dad, influenced his philosophy about life.

Being a personal trainer by profession, John always took things lightly. He would train people 80 hours per week but earn only a few pounds, barely covering the gym’s rent. John came across network marketing through an old school friend. Even though his friend was not even part of the business, it was an encounter and a casual conversation that struck up the idea of indulging in network marketing. That day, John went home, researched it, and came across the Juice Plus franchise opportunity, motivating him to join the opportunity to have a career change.

Starting something new takes a lot of courage, but passion wins over it. John knew this was what he wanted to pursue in life and took the leap. He began distributing products, holding events, visiting different countries, attending conventions; anything that could bring customers. During the initial years, John built a small customer base but didn’t have a proper team; this frustrated him, and he distracted himself by wasting time drinking and partying around.

After some time, John realized that whatever effort he put into building his business wasn’t enough; he needed to give his all. Dusting off his disappointments and failures, John got up to start again. Thus, the 90-day game came into existence.

The game has only two rules: Consistency and Growth. You continuously give all your efforts and time for 90 days, and you will see results. It worked wonders for John. He left his old habits, set a goal, and remained consistent for 90 days. Eventually, on day 74, John had a breakthrough, and from then on, his learning curve rose to new heights. However, he didn’t stop after 90 days; he again embarked upon the 90-day game for another goal.

Like John, anyone can break through the industry with the 90-day game. Check out his Facebook video for a detailed explanation and step-by-step guide on the 90-day game. And if you still have the drive and ambition to create a dream life for yourself, check out John’s book Between Fear and Fortune to explore the invaluable network marketing lessons John has accumulated throughout his career.