TC Chandamany & Mission Earth

What is Mission Earth?

Mission Earth is a web-based, charity-driven referral/reward platform that works by connecting people who want to earn money and win money, while giving to causes that matter most to them.  The mechanism works in which charities get funded while individuals get rewarded for their everyday engagement. The goal of the platform is to bring everyone together as a collective, engage in fun activities and reward those who spread further awareness.

 Can you tell us a bit more about the goals of Mission Earth?

Our goal at Mission Earth is to make saving the world fun, which is why we are creating a unique user experience.  Here’s the thing, we can all donate to a charity, but in most cases, the endpoint of the relationship is when the transaction ends.  Our goal is to go further. The goals are endless and we want to give back to everyone who gets involved, not just charities. The vision isn’t specific to one cause and focuses more on bringing the greatest amount of people together to support all types of charities.


 How does the Mission Earth platform work?

Mission Earth requires a one-time sign-up fee of $9.99.  However, $5.00 of that fee goes to the individual who referred you.  $3.00 then goes to the cause of your choice and $1.99 gets reinvested back into the company to support giveaways to everyone who is part of the platform.  If you sign up without a referral, that portion goes to the cause of your choice in addition to the $3.00.  

 Upon sign-up, you select a cause dearest to your heart – whether that is Earth, Water, People or Animals. Under each cause will be various charity partners that will continuously rotate throughout the year.

 As the platform grows, so does the charitable contribution, as well as the daily rewards.

 Here’s where our motto comes in:  Make money, make a difference

 The difference you’re making is quite clear – we’re bringing the world together to do good.  We are acting as catalysts for positive change, in order to fund charitable platforms at a very small one-time cost.

 Here’s how charities benefit:  Charities will receive funding through the one-time membership fees that individuals pay to join the Mission Earth platform.  Within each cause will be a list of charities and each charity will have a set milestone before they can receive their funding.  At every 25k members on our platform, the cause with the most followers wins that round of money. After that, a poll is set to determine which charity under that cause receives the funding.  After all, causes have received a round of funding, we begin again! On top of that,  we will award random raises and plan “missions” to embark on for a more hands on approach (in which members can win spots to attend)

Here’s how everyday individuals benefit: Individuals have the opportunity to make money.  For every person they refer, they make $5.00. Also, for being a member of the Mission Earth platform, they are eligible and encouraged to participate in everyday giveaways and contests.  Now, the best part – when a cause hits its major milestone, we take 5-10 individuals on a mission with us to work with the charity. This is where the user experience comes in. This gives the individual the opportunity to really connect with their charity, to make a personal difference while working with others and potentially meet some of their favorite social media influencers.  This is the experience we all want, not the set it and forget it. We want these experiences to be memorable and lifelong.


What inspired Mission Earth? 

Initially, my business partner, Cory Magno approached me with the idea of how we can help everyday folks make extra income.  The premise of the platform itself was literally nothing, just a blank slate for people to contribute money and make money – ultimately becoming a platform for people to make money engaging in random, positive things.  It further evolved into how can we help people make money, while making a difference in the world. Incentivizing a platform, coupled with a fun user experience ultimately translated into Mission Earth. My love for space ultimately meshed with our idea, creating the brand identity we have today.



Quick synopsis of our storyline:

Planet Earth has been undergoing a major planetary crisis – with deforestation, global warming – creating fires and melting ice.  There are people around the world living in poverty, while various animals are on the verge of becoming extinct. While coasting around space and monitoring the galaxy, the Mission Earth crew (species from another planet who take on human form) receives a broadcast from someone/something on Earth, pleading for help. This is where our story begins.