Tapping into Uncharged Artistic Potential – How Rosalie and Douglas Gale Are Paving the Way for Up-and-Coming Artists Like Never Before

It is no surprise that finding success as an independent artist requires a lot of hard work and dedication in today’s highly competitive world. It certainly does not happen overnight. With modern technology and social media, artists still struggle to garner authentic, organic attention for their work. Given today’s economic status, it becomes difficult for most artists to focus on their art as they have to work jobs that pay to support themselves and their families.

However, some platforms allow independent artists to showcase their talent and vision – introducing Ugly Baby

and Monster. Owned by Rosalie and Douglas Gale, the stores help independent artists by giving them a space where they can not only sell their work but also teach people their skills.

As artists, Rosalie and Douglas are well aware of the struggles people in this profession have faced over the years. Their start-up was humble, and they would go to various fairs and craft shows to sell their art. One of their most popular creations was Shower Art – waterproof art that one can hang in the shower with a suction cup. Since its creation more than 15 years ago, there has certainly been no stopping the two of them from selling their artworks to people who find their work fresh and quirky.

Opening their retail stores was not their initial plan, but now they are the primary source of their income. Ugly Baby was their starting point, where they first started selling their Shower Art, but the store slowly expanded to make space for items based on their most popular Shower Art designs on buttons, tank tops, engraved pencils, drink holders, enamel pins, hoodies, stickers, and other miscellaneous items. In addition to their work, the couple also began to sell stickers, enamel pins, DIY craft kits, and other items made by independent artists in their stores.

While Ugly Baby’s main focus is the Gales’ Shower Art invention, Monster is a different story. Although it features works of over a hundred independent artists, it also acts as a classroom space. Some of the classes offered at Monster include Embroidery

, Pottery, Dyeing, Machine Sewing, Crochet, and many more.

Currently, Rosalie and Douglas feature the work of more than 125 independent artists at the shops. They plan on inviting more artists into their ever-growing circle of creators.

If you want to check out the unique art sold at Ugly Baby and Monster, then visit their official websites.