Talking marketing with Elijiah Pitman

Recently, I sat down with Elijiah Pitman – social media mogul and founder of many large Instagram pages, to uncover his story, and find out more about how he got into the marketing industry. 

How did you get into marketing?

I began my social media journey with a spark of curiosity and an ambition for new endeavours. Over the past decade that social media, specifically Instagram, has thrived, I had always been amazed by the amount of success and influence large pages carried. Thus, I wanted to see if I could do it myself, and started my first meme page in 2017. Utilising various growth methods I had taught myself through Youtube videos, articles, and constant trial-and-error, I found myself at 100,000 followers within 2 months.

Growing up in a small town, I had  always had a passion for connecting with people and experiencing different cultures and lifestyles. My pages allowed me to do so, fuelling  and motivating the next three years of business growth as I seeked to help other businesses and personalities reach their goals in the ever growing climate of today’s social media. 

Are there any entrepreneurs that you look up to, if so, who, and how have they impacted what you do?

There’s many inspiring and dedicated entrepreneurs in the social media space, however, Elon Musk is absolutely my childhood, and continued, inspiration. Reading and watching him when I was younger definitely helped to structure my business ethic and conscience that I now preach everyday: strong work ethic and conscious effort to take care of, and to better yourself, you can reach whatever goals you set for yourself. 

Were there any moments in your journey that you’d consider the ‘turning points’ and if so could you outline them?

I remember waking up one morning in 2019  in horror, as I opened the Instagram app to an error message “You were logged out”. One of my biggest pages at that time was disabled for an unknown reason. This was the point in which I made a mental note to myself: Instagram is not going to last forever. From that point on, I have strived to branch out onto different platforms and familiarise myself with them, promising myself that I would not restrict myself to one avenue stream ever again. From this, I have a piece of advice to future/current social media entrepreneurs:  Reinvest most of your resources in yourself, Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, Read every day about your passions and business, and always trust your instincts.


Where do you see yourself and your business in a couple years? What’s your dream?

In a few years I hope to continue my Instagram marketing business (cloutmedia.shop), while also expanding my follower network and helping others achieve success on this platform. Although I am constantly learning, I dream and strive to maintain my work ethic and aim for greatness while continuing to practice what I preach: to always have balance in your life.